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The oldest tickets in our queue right now are from 5/8, and many of those are issues that were resubmitted after the original ticket was closed. We are doing our best to decrease the wait time even further, but it will take time.

Additionally, if you are not happy with the way your ticket was answered, please utilize the customer survey that is sent via email once the ticket is closed. This is the best way to give feedback on your customer support experience.
That is correct. EMP is shared between games. The EMP from the Kritika Founders' Packs can be used in Kritika, TERA, AVA, or ZMR.
I can understand your frustration, but please don't use insults to get your point across. Please submit a new ticket, and we will respond to that as soon as possible.
Thanks for sharing your concern. I didn't specify this in my post, but there are some types of tickets that are not being closed. This includes player reports, billing issues, and log in issues. Since these tickets are unlikely to get resolved on their own, it wouldn't make sense for us to close them.
Due to a large backlog of support tickets, the wait time for a support response has become very long (over 2 weeks in some cases). With so many old tickets in queue, we are spending a lot of our time responding to tickets where the issue has already been resolved or the question no longer applies. In order for us to get to new tickets regarding Fifth Anniversary events and new game content in a more reasonable time frame, we have to change our strategy.

Rather than continuing to go through the backlogged tickets individually, we will be closing all tickets that were submitted before May 4, 2017. This will allow us to focus on the newest tickets which are the most likely to still need assistance.

If your support ticket is closed and the issue is still unresolved, please submit a new support ticket. We will reply to new tickets in the order they are received.

Please understand that this is not an approach we like to take. We know that each ticket is important and deserves an individual and timely response. We believe that this is the best way for us to accomplish that going forward.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

- EME Customer Support Team
We had some technical difficulties getting the stream started, but it's now live.
Hello TERA players!

As some of you are aware, responses to customer support tickets are currently taking much longer than usual. We definitely see this as a problem, and we are trying to improve response times as quickly as possible.

What is the current response time?

Our average response time right now is around 5-7 days. However, not all issues will take the same time to receive a response. Depending on the nature of the issue, it could take more or less time to receive a response.

We generally try to prioritize billing problems and issues that would prevent someone from playing the game. Other issues such as item requests and general questions will take longer.

How did we get here?

Along with any game update, event, promotion, sale, or problem, we see an increase in support tickets. The last couple months have been particularly eventful, and the resulting volume of support tickets was larger than anticipated. With a higher volume of incoming tickets and the same number of people answering tickets, we developed a backlog of over 1000 tickets.

What are we doing about it?

Our customer support team has been working overtime to get through the ticket backlog, including working on weekends and company holidays. We are also working on increasing the size of our support team so that we will be able to keep up with this sort of ticket volume in the future.

I wish I could say there is an immediate fix, but unfortunately these things take time. We hope that you will start seeing faster response times in the next few weeks.

Thank you all for your patience during this busy time. We appreciate it!

P.S. If you currently have an open ticket and your issue has already been resolved, please close your ticket. This helps us a lot. Also, please avoid submitting multiple tickets about the same issue.
Sorry for the confusion. We do have maintenance nearly every Tuesday from 7-9 a.m. Pacific. Unfortunately, I didn't get the messaging set up before the holiday weekend, so there were no server announcements this time.

The maintenance is now complete and the servers are available again.
Sorry for the confusion, everyone. We do have maintenance nearly every Tuesday from 7-9 a.m. Pacific. Unfortunately, I didn't get the messaging set up before the holiday weekend, so there were no server announcements this time.

The maintenance is now complete and the servers are available again.
We understand that the US election is something that a lot of people want to talk about. However, discussion about real-life politics is not allowed on the forums. There are plenty of other areas on the internet where this can be discussed.

1) CONTENT: The following sections outline language, expression, and naming of characters, accounts, or guilds, clear or masked, which is not allowed on the TERA official forums.

A. Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Nationality, Language, Life Choices, Religion, and Politics
- Anything that promotes, is recognized as, or alludes to symbols of racial, ethnic, gender, national, life choice, religious, political hatred or slurs, or derogatory content based on spoken language.
- Anything related to real life politics.
- Anything related to real life religion.
It sounds like your elite bar didn't update properly. To the right of the consumable box, you should see the Everful Nostrum and Ghilliglade Scroll. Since it didn't update, you still see the Talisman Trio and Everful Nostrum.

We have seen issues like this in the past when the elite bar is changed. It should correct itself at 5pm PDT when the elite bar resets.
Please see the pinned post on this topic.
Please see the pinned post on this topic.
Please see the pinned post on this topic.
We are currently experiencing connectivity/login issues related to DDoS attacks affecting many US-based web services. For most people, this is resulting in a "User identification is unavailable at this time" error on the TERA Launcher. Some of our websites may also be slow or unresponsive.

Here are a couple news articles with more information about the attacks:



Unfortunately, we do not have an ETA for when this issue will be resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.
There is a way to unhide forums, but it's a bit tricky. You can add "/?ShowAllCategories=true" to the end of the forums URL to make the hidden forum section appear. From there, you can click the gear icon and select unhide the same way you hid them.
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