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Meningitis on 04/21/2016, 08:28 AM - view
Hi! Just some simple questions (Sorry if these were asked previously, 7 pages is a lot to read through and the text colors hurts my eyes to read huge paragraphs lol)

1: Will we ever get the Alice Dress in NA? I know it was previously unreleased due to a graphical error in the skirt animation.

2: Will any of the older weapon skins be eventually implemented for newer classes? I know this answer is probably no, but I remember Brawler getting a rogue skin. Going back and making weapon skins for all of the previously released skins DOES sound like a lot of work though...but greatly appreciated work. Ex: Celestial Spirit weapon skin in reward store is great, but not for players who main reaper/gunner/brawler/soon to be ninjas. I'm sure people would love for the older skins to be available to new classes. :D

3: Will any old events such as Banquet of Blood make a return? I never got to experience it but it sounded like a lot of fun.

Thanks for your time with the community, you're really working hard reading through all of these questions.

1) this was asked previously, and currently the dress is bugged, and i do not have a timeline on when it would be fixed or released.
2) unfortunately no. going back and making these weapon skins, would require additional work, where as their focus is on creating new weapon skins for more classes. (the rogue skin was already created with a brawler weapon, and was just turned on after the brawler was released)

3) quite possibly, I have no heard of it either, but who wouldn't want to join a Banquet of Blood.
Espena on 04/21/2016, 08:08 AM - view
Do you mind that topic: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Tera-in-android-What-a-great-idea

If so, my opinion is same, why the hell they are doing mobile game, with upgraded version of unreal engine, while desktop version is bad as [filtered], if we speak about optimization. Also there are my few posts in that topic, mostly about optimization, that in beta this game was super smooth, comparing to what they did after release.

@Lawllipop - maybe BHS and/or EME don't realize that, but this game would get much more players if they actually can run this game without constant FPS issues. Any new content can't change anything, if we actually can't run this game, with even decent PC's, because this game can't take advantage of hardware which we got now. If you don't want to stop new content to be released, then hire new developers, which will take care about optimization of this game. Right now lots of players can't play without some tweaks, or breaking EULA by changing in ingame files/folders. This is just ridiculous, that you selling broken product, and you telling us that there are some "plans" to fix the game, but mostly BHS will just create new content, because this isn't something important or even necessary.

Now just look on those search result:
- "tera online new class" (2150 results) - https://www.google.com/#safe=off&q=%22tera+online+new+class%22
- "tera online fps" (2590 results) - https://www.google.com/#safe=off&q=%22tera+online+fps%22

Now lets look on trends: http://www.google.com/trends/explore#q=tera%20online%20new%20class%2C%20tera%20online%20fps&cmpt=q&tz=Etc%2FGMT-2

The trends are showing that players actually care more about FPS issues, than new class (aka new content), because they don't care about new class which they can't play anyway, because of how this game is horrible working.

first of all, amazing graph correlation. I do love me some graphs.

second, as mentioned before our current status is that we are working on improving our hardware itself, but also about optimizing the game.

and i know it is like another "we'll see" or "soon" i will get back to you with an answer, whatever it may be.
Derpty on 04/21/2016, 03:42 AM - view
I'm not going to sift through old posts for hours or more just to pick the details as i'm here not to prove anything to anyone but comment on things. But, essentially, everybody who was at forums when talent system was being finished and deployed in Korea remembers the story, it went something like that:.- First it was supposed to be the next best thing after sliced bread.
- Then it was supposed to be the next best thing after sliced bread SOON to be available in other regions going to fix all the big problems.
- Then it was next big thing yada yada, SOON delayed.
- Then there were some bugs to be fixed. SOON twice delayed.
- Mean while Korean community reported on bugs that should be fixable in an evening but weren't
- Then in some weird slips and "over"communication (can i put it that way?) it was revealed the system development is "finished" and there won't be any change or additions.
- Then it was said new classes (after ninja, or was it brawler? One unrevealed class forward anyway at that point) won't get talents as it's not "possible" to add it.
- Meanwhile none of the bugs were being fixed.
- Then we were told nobody but ktera gets the system because it was now "discontinued"
- And now we're being told we didn't get the system because it was unsatisfactory and insignificant anyway.
There was more to it and in multiple threads again and again different people were making the same conclusion "oh look, looks like somebody coded the system, left - and now there's nobody to work with it". I think there was also something more direct but like i said, i'm not going to spend hours looking through posts, that's not the point. The point is i'm not buying what you're saying.

While in the news the game was often quoted to go F2P it wasn't really marketed as such. It was marketed mostly as Freemium which differs from F2P. The ideology behind Freemium is that you're free to play the game for free but you acknowledge you're in inferior position to premium users.On the flip side, once you pay you're equal to others. Freemium model is a response to the fact that most if not all F2P games are free in name only. The idea was that you can try the game for free and manage quite well for a couple moths till you hit level cap, after that you'd have to pay or accept being straight out handicapped. At that point another feature comes in to play: once you make a commitment and purchase the game/single sub with real money you can start using other players chronoscrolls. It's a feature BHS took from CCP's EVE PLEXes which allows one to buy premium time with in game money. While it allows for some gold buying it allows users to stay premium without spending money. But those are not "free" users in anyway as the use of chronoscrolls was limited to players who payed at least once. So, once you reached gold production peak at level cap you could buy your time in game. That way each and every player would pay for himself or drive in game economy and make somebody pay for him.
Since Freemium didn't sound as good as F2P at that time and because TERAs Freemium model didn't employ standard straight forward tactics like trade chat blocking and broker blocking (still limited but it's not the same) it became easy to fool people in to thinking the game's F2P. With time, more and more vanity items were added. Soon "free" cosmetics were removed altogether (templates anyone?) in favor in paid cosmetics. The breakthrough came with (afair) underwear, first pay2win cosmetic. It was quickly added to some events to counter the backlash but it was and in fact still remains a P2W feature. Soon (tm) more and more items (alkahest, enigmatics etc. yada yada) followed suit. (Are the t9 enigmatics dropping anywhere already? or are they still bought with real money only?)

No i do not have the link that i was talking about, like i said i'm not going to sift through posts. But i think those from first page of google search for "tera mobile" are good enough:
I think some of those are from early reports. The are gameplay videos already if you look for them and it apparently looks and plays better on a **** smartphone than on my (and most people, tera doesn't care if you run riva tnt or sli titans) desktop.

Ps. Would you kindly add (vertical) stretching to reply window? (Or will i have to inject it by hand each time i want to write a longer post (or is it the point?) ?).

Hey Derpy,

that is totally understandable, and you do not have to believe anything i say on the forums. I am not trying to convert you into a follower, and i know actions obviously speak louder than words, but as it stands right now, the Talent System is not planned for NA.

Will i talk to the developers about it again? Yes, but I can't make a promise that it would change.

as for the difference between freemium vs f2p, i think your definition and mine are a little different. From my perspective freemium would be a free version of the game which allows you to play the extent of a game, and then a paid version which unlocks additional content, while f2p at the root of it, is can a user experience all the content a game has to offer, even if the payment options are removed.

for example, a freemium game would be a game that lets you create a character and level to 10, but at level 10 you would now have to pay lets say 20 bucks to now let you level to 65.
f2p would be, if TERA were to remove the cash shop, and all of the items from it, would a player still be able to level to max level, play through all the dungeons etc. While the answer is yes, the items in the store do provide that extra for players who prefer time over money.

but regardless of the fact, I am not quite sure what the concern with what kind of option TERA has for you. is it because it has a cash shop? or players who dont spend money seem inferior to people who do spend? or how we need to balance out players who spend vs players who dont spend in battlegrounds or something?

as for the mobile version of the game, this actually does not have anything to do with our development team. Since it is for mobile, it is most likely that it is a separate team, and would not actually impact our current production.

I know we are currently working on our new forums. we have finished with the development on it, and now working on the categories and design, but i will ask spacecats if these new forums has vertical stretching.
kedros on 04/21/2016, 01:39 AM - view
I had liked to know who is in charge of maintaining the crusades in NA Tera? Who decides which dungeons come in the leagues, and why isnt it the current endgame dungeons. We'd expect at least KD and FI in the pve league, and 3's and FWC in the pvp league, but thats not the case...

Hi kedros,

this was addressed to us, and for the next season of the Crusade, we are looking on what we can do to address these issues. as far as who is in charge, it is a collaborative effort between us, and our developers.
Blueflam3s on 04/20/2016, 10:50 PM - view
Thank you for the response, Lawllipops!

I have only one issue and it's more directed toward BHS. As you know, TERA is by no means a new game; it's been around for 5 years and has been fairly successful. It baffles me that in all the time it has been around there has been no real side content whatsoever. Based on how you said "adding side content wouldn't be something that would be able to be done quickly", it seems implied that no side content, to your knowledge, is being worked on currently, either. I feel as if BHS either doesn't realize the potential the game has, or rather they don't care and have an extreme mentality of "minimal effort, maximum profit."

I hope this doesn't come off as rude, but in response to "making sure that is actually NEW and EXCITING", I must say players very frequently give feedback on what they want to see implemented. If BHS had indeed taken any of said feedback seriously, I feel as though we would have some new content by now, even something small. I can't imagine ALL the feedback they've received throughout the years has been not worthwhile or impossible to implement. Whether it's "new and exciting" or not, players have given the feedback on things they want implemented repeatedly and I'd hope BHS might someday listen to at least a couple of them.

But, as I said, this really is an issue with BHS. Unfortunately, I don't speak Korean so I'll put my soapbox away for now. Thank you for your time and sorry about the rant!

Hey Blueflam3s,

your point is very well taken, and I can understand the frustration of having empty promises. you are right to assume as of right now there is no insight for me on any new "side content" but what I can promise is that I talk to them about it, discuss a timeframe for it, and weigh its desire and feasibility.

Whether the answer is no, yes, or next year, i do wish to give you an update and keep things transparent, and know my intention isnt mean to try and dangle something in front of you and keep saying almost there.
Petta on 04/20/2016, 06:26 PM - view
My questions seem trivial compared to some of these other ones, but I'll appreciate answers all the same.

1) Why have we not gotten certain cosmetic items such as the cat-ear headphones and the Alice dress?

2) Will they ever be released here?

3) Would EME ever consider holding another community design contest? The last one was rather awesome, and it might be equally splendid to let NA users design more of the stuff that gets put into the game *cough* weapon skins *cough*

not at all. if you are curious for an answer, go ahead an ask, i just dont know if i will have an answer for you.

1) that is a good question. I know there is a reason, I will probably have to follow up with Treeshark, since I was not around during the time of their release.

2) probably same as #1

3) YES having more community involvement is definitely something we want to be more proactive about. Weapon skins eh? thats an interesting thought.
Aulon on 04/20/2016, 06:25 PM - view
I am going to go way back to the days where GMs used to post a Global notice such as "I SHALL REIGN CHAOS UPON YOU" then mass Dracoliths spawned from the sky. This was amazing as it was a complete surprise and fun. For each one you helped kill you got a silly box in the maill, nothing much but some mats. This would be amazing to bring back, have the boxes give little things like Titan Embers, Master Alk or a very rare Ancient Wish.Do not announce when it will happen, just do it. It doesn't have to be hundreds to the point lag gets so bad peoples comps cry out ether, just a few OP World Bosses every now and then that take a large party to kill and every one helping gets something.

To add to this long ago on CH during the Vanarch Days the GMs of most guilds where invited to come together. In which we would chat about organizing Nexus parties, who was running for which region to ensure all of them where covered, who is hosting the rolling after event for Nexus, what other event ideas do people have, ect ect ect. During one of these a GM dropped Dracoliths on us, this moment I will always remember.

That sounds fun! i will poke Spacecats to track this event down and see if this is something we can revitalize.
StarSprite on 04/20/2016, 06:00 PM - view
Thank you for answering! I know it's probably something you may not know the answer to but some of the community feedback would require assistance from BHS to make those changes. Are they/would they be willing to make the adjustments people want?

I look forward to it! I don't have the original post of the user who made these but they'll give you an idea of what to expect in the battleground. :D

My priest has had a lot of names since I started on TR but ended up moving to MT after a little over a year. I'm an older member of the community and I happen to have/had a lot of names on multiple servers.

Someone contacted me about a name I had on a server I hadn't leveled on yet and offered me a list of names they had on MT. I happened to be looking for a new name for my priest since it was named something random at the time. Pez stood out to me the most because when I think of pez I think of the cartoon looking dispensers that pop out candy. It'd be more fitting as a mystic name since I've heard people call motes candy before so I saw a bit of humor in using it for my priest.

Not a terribly exciting story but that's how it came to be!

Since having it I've learned some interesting things. Pez candy doesn't have an expiration date (I wish my priest could survive that long in battlegrounds) and the Spanish speakers of the community tell me it's their word for fish.

Hi StarSprite,

to be perfectly honest, they are willing to LISTEN to adjustments people make, which we do send over to them, but they also work with other regions, as well as their own region to see how it would affect these regions.

A lot of times we do make compromises, and we do our best to implement what the majority of players want, that will positively impact the game, because there are some instances where players say, we need harder bosses, or other players saying we need easier bosses, we would need to take a step back and see not who is right or wrong, but what would be best for the overall experience.

not to say we have been perfect in our execution, but we do make the effort and try to iterate on these initiatives.

haha I also enjoy Pez. i used to collect the dispensers, and they were fun.

Did you know the word pez comes from the German word for peppermint, PfeffErminZ
CosmicCricket on 04/20/2016, 05:20 PM
I remember someone from EME talking about plans to make Awakening enchanting not so terrible. Does the TERA Rewards system represent the full extent of the planned changes to Awakening, or will there be more?

Hi CosmicCricket,

I am not 100% sure which part you are talking about, but if you are asking if there are going to be Awakening Enchantment scrolls for the TERA Rewards, then that is not going to happen. Since that just means people would just need to spend money and can Awaken their gear to +15 right away.

Currently what we do have is at different tiers of the TERA Rewards will offer a % increase of success rate for Enchantment, which includes Awakening.

As far as making any changes on that system, that is to be determined, because we are going back and taking a look at TERA Rewards itself and see what changes we need for the whole system, which may include that.
what kind of characters do you like? ranged? melee? maybe make all 3!!!
Derpty on 04/20/2016, 02:08 PM - view
Don't lie/make up things on the spot.
BHS found bugs after release and apparently whoever was responsible for the system quit/got fired and the was nobody competent enough to go through the code and fix it.

You clearly have no idea what "our" purpose was when it was put in place around 3 years ago. Most likely because you weren't "here" at that time, perhaps didn't even know about the game altogether.

AKA there are absolutely no optimizations coming from BHS. Perhaps they're busier optimizing it for tablets and phones if that news some time ago was true.

I did not know that BHS fired or the person who made that system quit, and decided to destroy his codes to a point that now no one could decipher it to make improvements. I would love to get more information on that, if you had any more details.

but whether it gets added or not, the directive that was given to me (from the people still at the developer) was that it was not planned for other regions.

I actually was around when the game launched, I started it early on, but you are right I did not stay the entire time, I would come back and forth to this game, but I do not understand the point you are trying to make with me not being here, and understanding the direction of the company.

I do not know how yes it is being looked into meant that there is no optimizations, but if that is the case, should i say no, ther eis no one looking into it to make you believe that someone will actually look into it. Which news of tablet and phones some time ago? do you happen to have a link, because if thats true I need to go back to the devs and tell them to stop focusing on tablet and phone and work on the optimization.
kubitoidOne on 04/20/2016, 01:13 AM - view
i have no questions anymore. you are too late and so slow on delivering something interesting that i've completely lost my interest in this game and i think only miracle can reanimate it. maybe if guyz who in charge of creating outfits could remove immersion breaking crap and start making proper costumes, especially for amani.... but it will never happen.

im sorry you dont have any questions for me, i would of tried to have given you an answer. :(
StarSprite on 04/19/2016, 11:43 PM - view
I have a few questions

1. What brought on the need to stop people from rebinding costumes and gear by switching servers? To most of the community rebinding items seems harmless and was something that people have done over their years of playing tera. Are more people abusing it now than before or was there some other reason for doing this?

2. I read in your post saying that "well that is something that may take longer, we are trying to do what we can now to address the concern, but in the long run, we need to take a step back and look at the system and see what changes would have the best impact to the system. " while talking about future battleground changes. Is there any way that we can get some transparency on what changes you're considering and if there are certain changes the community has asked for that are simply not possible?

3. Will you queue fraywind with me?

1) so the reason for this, was a fix we implemented. while there were people using it to "rebind" their items to a new character, there were also users who were transferring servers without realizing they had other items they didn't mean to bring.

2) For the changes we have been making we are planning on being more transparent. Some of the changes we added this week were mainly from feedback we have received from our users. This is something we wish to continue, but within scale as we need to make sure we can do said suggestions from the community.

3) unfortunately, I am only level 62 mystic. I will hurry to 65 and Sure I will queue with you!

my questions: how did you make the character name Pez?
[quote name='Blueflam3s' at='04/19/2016, 11:24 PM']For me personally, it's the lack of content that often makes me ask myself "why am I still playing this game?" The game is beautiful and has a wonderful combat system, but what's the point in sticking around if there's nothing to do? I don't eagerly await patches anymore because I know they will just include the same things as the patches before them: new dungeons, new gear, new class.

I may be in the minority, but I don't feel "new" dungeons are new content. A dungeon is a dungeon; you grind for the "new" gear and when you're done, you're done. What is the gear for? To more efficiently run the dungeon you just ran 100 times to get it? Why? In my opinion, this game is severely lacking in side content. Everything revolves around combat which, once you reach endgame, revolves around dungeons and, to a lesser extent, battlegrounds. If you aren't fighting, you're doing nothing.

I feel the reason most players who left for other games left was the promise of new content. We'll use BDO as an example. I remember many players both in-game and the forums talking about how excited they were for BDO. What were they excited for? Fishing, player housing, etc.; side content. Some of the players who left have returned, but judging by the ghost town servers, not very many. Why would they want to come back to a game with vastly less content? To run more dungeons again? To grind for the next set of gear again?

In case I haven't driven my point home, we need side content. Personally, I'd really like to see player housing and the addition of skills like farming, fishing, cooking, etc. I'd like the RPG part of MMORPG to be a little more pronounced. I want to feel like my character actually lives in this world and isn't just a Federation soldier 24/7.

I've talked a bit about this before so I'll link you to the thread here: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Extra-open-world-activities?page=2#post-1463539[/quote]

Hi Blueflam3s,

those are good points, and I do agree. right now even I get frustrated by crafting, because it seems the same as grinding levels, but even though i can craft gear, there doesn't seem that much of an incentive for me to sit down and level it up.

As mentioned you are right side content would be great, know that adding side content wouldn't be something that would be able to be done quickly, not because of the lack of desire or commitment, but making sure that is actually NEW and EXCITING.
Aulon on 04/19/2016, 09:37 PM - view
When TERA released one of the biggest selling points was the shear beauty of the game. For myself I could tell there was a lot of passion and work put into the armor templates. This how ever has died off in the last several years and now when we get new content we get recycled templates. Is there any plans to bring back the artistic appeal of TERA back then?

TERA has moved away from those little essential nonsense items that help keep peoples interest between patches, little things such as crafting meaning something, the older template system, as well as the promise of housing back during BETA. Is there plans to add items that give people something more to do?

Is there a release date for a Castanic only Necro class?

another good question, and one I wish i had a good answer for. As for the original art vs the art now, I could not give you an honest answer as why that may be. It could be that the person in charge of armor has changed or the focus has shifted to another point.

I can say that you are right one of the biggest things about TERA is how beautiful the game looks, and it is unfortunate that you feel the artistic appeal has gone down. I can't make any promises, but I do feel I should follow up on, and see what has changed.

As for something for players to do to keep people's interest, that is something we are constantly thinking about, what else can we bring to provide entertainment while we get new content. are there any previous events you had fun with?
F4ngDragon on 04/19/2016, 08:52 PM - view
About lore (if you can answer them):

1.- Do you know about TERA´s lore on a more detailed scheme of things? Can you tell us what are the pictures on Yana´s Timescape once you fight him? (the 3 pictures found on the walls)

About the game:

1.- I know we aren´t getting talents, but can that option change in the near future? And will NA and other regions strive to ever have a system similar or equal to koreas so all clients can be treated in the same manner with no major issues?
2.- Are there any plans in order to expand what we currently see of Northern Arun, thereby increasing the level cap?

Hi F4ngDragon,

so your first question might go better towards our writing team (Hey Spacecats! maybe one of these Q&A's be directed to one of them)

As for the Talent system, as mentioned in previous post, currently the is no plan to implement the talent system, but since it has been discussed, I will follow up with our developers on if we can get it, and if not what reason would there be.

oh yes, there is plans to expand to Northern Arun, but not in the Ninja update, if you are wondering about that.
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Ludwahr on 04/19/2016, 07:19 PM
May not be that important but, are there chances on we getting the original models on old elin armors?

Last ones weren't censored with those poorly done shorts, so seems there are no problem with that anymore?

And this has been asked a lot since forever.

So to be perfectly frank with you, the chances are highly unlikely. Sorry. But possibly it might be something we discuss in the future.

just to note, we do not make these changes in order to deter players, but more so to make sure it doesn't offend people as well.
Yamanagi on 04/19/2016, 06:23 PM - view
Most of the questions that I have in mind have already been asked and answered so... I just wanna tell you that you're awesome! \o/

PS: I love playing ARAM on League too :>


IllusionX on 04/19/2016, 05:26 PM - view
Hi Lawlipops. I'm a PvP streamer who used to play Tera, still do occasionally.
I would like to know why we can't get up to date pvp balances. On brawler release, it was known that it would be overpowered. In KTERA, they fixed a lot of the issues gradually, but in NA Tera we had the nerfs dangled in our face, knowing that they were there yet not receiving them. Is there a way to increase the rate of class changes?

Also on a side note, I will answer your query for you. Ninja is too strong right now because of the excessive amount of Area of Effect damage it provides, similar to the past three classes with how much aoe damage they can put out. In KTERA, they received a nerf on March 24;

▣ Combo Attack
◈ Decreased damage on first 6 hits of the skill by 30%.
▣ Spin Slash
◈ Decreased damage by 20%
◈ Increased Noctenium consumption to 2.
▣ Flamestrike
◈ Decreased PvP damage for consecutive hit.
◈ Removed KnockDown on first and second hit on players.

On a side note, lets go even deeper. I have a question to ask BHS:

Do you guys truly even know how to balance PVP? Many changes have come and gone and it shows or what it looks like to the community is that they clearly cannot balance PVP correctly. Many PVE changes directed towards helping PVE based damage is inadvertently tipping the scale over for PVP players. Two examples that have plagued the TERA pvp community are Reapers and warriors. Reapers were what I assumed to be High mobility, large damage, but extremely squishy damage dealers. Over time, BHS started to boost the reaper defenses, giving them little to no weaknesses. Why is that so? Are classes not supposed to have inherent weaknesses? It seems that all the new classes have absurd damage, absurd utility, and an extreme lack of counterplay.

With warrior, right now I could give you a video of a warrior backstabbing and taking a healer down from full health full buff to zero health. Is there simply no way to actually give some form of feedback to BHS so that they realize that they are inept at balancing the game correctly?

I play slayer, one of the lower tiered classes. I was glad when talents weren't coming to NA, because that would mean other classes wouldn't get the talents that would push them over the top. There are plenty of things wrong with pvp that just are left there to rot, which I don't understand. Tera is all about the combat system, and PVP lets you experience it to the fullest.

Also as a last part, what is prioritized when making a class? Enjoyment? Balance? Shiny new stuff? At the end of creation, are the others even looked at? On release reaper was undertuned, but gunner and brawler were overtuned to the point of game breaking.

Hey IllusionX,

wow, a lot of good points, and thank you for your feedback regarding the Ninja Class.

So lets dive right into this one. First let me start by saying, I am not a developer, and I do not know the work or effort that the development team makes for PvP.

so do I feel that the developers do not know how to balance the game, and the answer i feel is no, they do know how to balance PvP.

and from there if they know, why are there so many issues with balance then, and to that point my honest answer is I do not know yet. But i will definitely try and learn why.

I know that is not the answer you are looking for, but as of right now, this is the initiative and its up to us to do the diligence and follow up on it, which I am sure everyone in the community will be gladly be willing to keep reminding us :P
Squishies on 04/19/2016, 04:28 PM - view
Yo mang, I like your taste.

Maxog on 04/19/2016, 10:17 AM - view
Hey Lawllipops,

Just one kinda big question everyone wants to know in the TERA community:

What kind of in game metrics do you guys have the capability of tracking or viewing from the production side? (i.e. total server gold, number of 65 characters, unique accounts, ratios of 65's to lowbies, etc. [List them ALL]) It's really disheartening to see things from a player POV such as the lowbie count continually decline due to other game choices, and it would be nice to know exactly what you guys are using and can see to monitor the health of TERA as a whole.

Hi Maxog,
thanks for the questions, and simply put, we do have a lot of insight on our metrics, and things we have to dig a little deeper. from a high level we can see gold amount, character levels, unique accounts, etc. and we do go through these metrics to figure what strategies we can implement to bring players to our amazing game.

with that being said, issue with new users leaving for new games, too confusing, or not having fun are all things we would want to identify, but the harder question is usually why. why do they go to another game, why was it confusing, why was it not fun? and it takes collaborating metrics across different boards to see if there are any impact.

So we are looking into data, and we are working on ways to show TERA is the game to play, and to get our players playing and having fun.
Blerg on 04/19/2016, 10:09 AM - view
While its true that almost all of the talents are pretty much useless (6% damage on poison blade...whee) or stupid (chance to reset Retaliate), there are a few that make a huge difference in the damage output or rotation of their respective classes. As a Warrior main, there are no talents I'm too bummed about missing for my class, but a couple other classes are missing out on some significant things:

1. Slayer getting lots of skills to affect the cd of other skills. While these were nerfed a bit in ktera recently, they still make slayer rotation smoother, which many people would appreciate.

2. Lancer gets additional crit power on shield counter, a skill which always crits. Less crit power is available overall when attacking from the front, and Lancers need all the help they can get when competing with Brawlers, so this is pretty significant.

3. Ninja gets greatly increased Chakra/Chi building on her basic attack, which is why so many videos of ktera ninjas feature so much basic attacking. Ninja also gets a cdr talent for Air Step Strike/Tri Slash/Whatever you wanna call the 3-hit skill with 9 sec cooldown. Without this the cooldown gap between the skill and its chain lead-in skill is huge, because the lead-in skill gets a cdr glyph and tri slash does not, which the talent makes up for. Granted Ninja will be very strong at launch, but if the basic abilities keep getting nerfed in ktera (which keeps happenIng) and we never get anything to make up for these talents, Ninja could end up unexpectedly weak here by the end of the nerfs.

Are there any plans to make changes in these very few specific cases where talents actually matter quite a bit?

That is good to know, and something I will discuss with our devs.
Kirine on 04/19/2016, 09:59 AM - view
Hey Lawllipops!

- Tea or coffee? How many do you drink for example on a hard (I guess patch?) day?
- Favourite anime characters? (Male, Female, Animal/Other) *don't slack on this one please! Answer all! :D
- What languages do you speak?
- Do you like/read/watch player created contents to improve your gameplay in TERA?
- Do you play other games beside Tera?

Hello Kirine,

- Tea is my drink of choice, but I understand the necessity of coffee. I am not a big fan of coffee nor could i honestly tell you what makes a good brew of coffee or anything like that. (i drink my coffee black, so no sugar or cream) and the reason is i feel it then takes away from the coffee, and at that point is it really the coffee i like, or the sugar and cream.

- My favorite Anime Characters are:
(Male) - Luffy. He is my favorite character because he cares about the people around him, oppose to the social norm of whatever greed the main protagonist is on
(Female) - Asuka Langley Soryu from Neon Genesis (this was a hard one because there are a lot of characters who are worthy), but my reasoning for her is that she is guarded, and vulnerable, because she wants to shield herself from her pain, which gives her a toxic personality in order to drive away those close to her so she doesnt build that connection, but she will still put on that suit and fight for them. maybe i over think her character, but i like how she is draws her strengths from her vulnerability.
(Animal/Other) - Ein from Cowboy Bebop, as if you need a reason.

- I speak English, and some Korean. I was born and raised in California, so there is a pretty big Korean population, but to be honest I didn't really embrace it until college, so my pronunciation sounds like a 5th grader, but I can understand most Korean conversations.

- I do, I am learned to play the mystic, so one of the first things i did was go on youtube and type in TERA mystic to look at guides. for me i am more a visual learner, so watching videos or seeing gameplay helps me more than reading walkthrough or strats.

- I do play other games besides TERA. gaming is my passion, which is why I joined this industry. to give you a brief rundown. on PS4 i am playing Uncharted 2 (trying to catch up, but dont think i will finish all the games before 4 comes out), NBA2K, One Piece Pirate Warrior 3 (although I kinda stopped playing that too)
on PC i play TERA, sometimes when i have time some Overwatch, um..and some League when i just want to get in a quick aram game.
On mobile, I play Kingdom Hearts, One Finger Death Punch, Clash Royale, Miitomo, and Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
I dont own an xbox anymore, and i only play party games on my Wii, like mario party and stuff.

I wish i had more time to play games but alas, only so many hours in a day.
Mobius1 on 04/19/2016, 09:16 AM - view

I'm so excited about the new PvP changes, which is seriously the best change to Tera ever made! Thanks for that.

I don't so much have a question, but a request:

Can you give BHS some pressure to design more "in genre" type costumes? I look at all the costumes for sale, and I feel like it's a prop bucket at a wedding photo booth. It's filled with silly gag items, and very little that appeals to me, who wants a more serious, and more fitting type of costume.

The fashion coupon system is the one place I can get what I'm looking for, but it's so old and unupdated now, I seriously have nothing to spend emp on, when I otherwise probably would.

And for the love of God, no more cars!!!!

Hi Mobius1,

apparently you do not like to be too fast or too furious (terrible car type reference) but I see your point, and i understand your question, I would like to ask you, what do you mean as more "in genre" type costumes?

Maybe the discussion is around what kind of look and feel you are trying to get out of TERA, which is something I am interested in knowing!....so....let me know!
Haffezoo on 04/19/2016, 09:16 AM - view
My question would be:
Why the new classes have better development (Tank, DPS) chain more quickly?
When it appeared the reaper everyone who created it, he had high points in CS (many kills), when Gunner appeared was the same and could even run a dungeon on themself, when it appeared the Brawler became the best tank than a Lancer . Will the new ninja class will be the same?

Hi Haffezoo,

Just to be clear, from my understanding the question you have is, why are the new classes so OP, and will the Ninja class be the same.

I think i touched on this point in previous posts, but directly to your point, I don't know if the Ninja class will be overpowered at launch. I know its current stats, but as we are currently testing the class, and making any tweaks to the class, whether it is enough or not has yet to be seen.
Haynsworth on 04/19/2016, 08:12 AM - view
Hi Lawli,

Just want to thank you for doing this, and to say I love Nujabes and Monkey Island and still play it. :D

My question is regarding the Fashion Coupon shop;

Will we be getting any more items added to it? and is it possible to get some of the NPC exclusive costumes (as they some of them are really pretty, and they dress better than us! D:)

“Look behind you, a Three-Headed Monkey!”

First of all, there was no Three-Headed Monkey, how dare you trick me!

and two, Nujabes - luv(sic) songs are my go to relaxing chill music.

This questions is one that I, tbh, haven't not even thought about, but yeah that is something I will look into. I am not sure about NPC outfits, but seeing about adding more items

Veldoran on 04/19/2016, 07:32 AM - view
Hello Loliconpops.

With regards to +15 enchantments pretty much destroying the PvP zones such as FWC (to clear up what I mean people quit queuing because they just couldn't afford to keep up). What are Bluehole doing to combat the problem?

Are there upcoming adjustments to tera which will in general make the game run better?

Hey Veldoran,

Let me reiterate your question again just to make sure I am answering your questions correctly. You are wondering if there are any upcoming adjustments to TERA which will make it run better (i.e. Make PvP better)?

please let me know if that is correct, and if so, well boy do I have a story for you. We are working on more updates and more changes. One thing we have is that we improved the rewards to the PvP Store as far as reward goes. Okay so not as an exciting story.

But it is a small step, and a small step we are working toward in getting it in the right direction. We have seen all the people who do care about PvP and coming from a game like TERA where it is a different combat system, I can understand that appeal. With that being said, whats next? well that is something that may take longer, we are trying to do what we can now to address the concern, but in the long run, we need to take a step back and look at the system and see what changes would have the best impact to the system.
Espena on 04/19/2016, 03:39 AM - view
Q: Do you think that there is a chance to upgrade tera UI engine, to handle all those optimization issues with UI?

Q: Which ingame video preset are you using, and why is not preset 6, while your PC specs are 4x better than recommended: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/can-i-run-tera-system-requirements

Q: You said that you guys already know that brawler is OP, is there any topic about OP reaper in PVP?

Q: You play as a mystic, what do you think about mystic healing himself?

1) I do think there is an opportunity to optimize TERA, and something that is being discussed and worked on. for some UI upgrades those are also being worked on as well.
2) I am assuming you are talking about when we are streaming on Twitch? and for that I look at Spacecat and poke him. *Poke* *Poke*
3) While we are aware of players sentiment on Brawler being OP, we are also aware of the player feedback regarding not just the reaper, but the gunner as well.
4) you mean healing himself by pooping out a bubble and picking it up? right now my biggest problem is that I am playing my mystic like he is a tank, and running in popping bubbles and then dying because a boss punches me in the face. I feel i need to learn positioning a bit better, but I will say I enjoy the mystic. I think it would be cool if the skill like Contagion could be applied during PvE and returned x amount of health per second. (I don't know why but i feel this mystic is like a Necromancer/Shadow Priest/Shaman type of character)
CSalv on 04/18/2016, 11:27 PM - view
What do you like on your Subway? Bread? Toppings? Condiments?

I usually will get a spicy italian, or a meatball sub, but i get the whole wheat or the italian herb and cheese, with pepper jack or swiss, with oil and vinegar with some salt and pepper.
CaittlynnJr on 04/18/2016, 09:22 PM - view
Hello Lawlipops! I love a good lasagna too :D
A few things i want to ask

1. Will we get 15% Archer PVE Crit buff alongside the Ninja patch?
2.Will EME release the broken version of ninja? Or the more balanced one? (after few class balancing)
3.Did EME miss out on removing the blocks from brawler's skills? (GroundPound, Counterpunch, Grounding Roundhouse glyph)
4.Is the new forum coming? Or is it gone with the wind?

Thats all questions that i can think of anyway. Also i noticed quite a few bugs in the game:
1. The disappearance of one of the debuffs right after taking it @ DS floor 22

2.Brawler's Powerlinked Counter is not displaying the correct tooltip

isnt it supposed to be
Missed out on the 30% chance of triggering it

3.Corruption Ring's skill icon doesnt change to Infusion Ring after hitting the enemy


Hey CaittlynnJr

Who doesn't love a good lasagna!

1) will archers get a 15% PvE Crit Buff.
- I don't know. As we are still testing the Ninja Patch, to say it will go in with 100% confidence, I can't say not because it may be broken, but because I have not personal seen the skill change where i can say Archers got a 15% PvE Crit buff.
2) will EME release the broken version of Ninja
- Maybe? As mention previously, we are aware of the concern with an unbalanced new class, and how we can address that. And our goal is to make each new class fun to play, but at the same time not demoralizing for other classes, but unfortunately that will probably take tweaks for us to get right. So while we don't want a completely broken class, we also dont want a completely useless class.
3) Did EME miss out on removing the blocks from brawler's skills?
- I don't know? but in my previous comment, it was taking a step back and looking at what makes the brawler OP, and it very well may be these skills, but I do know there are some changes coming to the Brawler.
4) Is the New forums coming? Yes is it gone with the wind? Never, Scarlett! (assuming you are making a gone with the wind reference)

and thanks for the bugs, have you by chance submitted them to the bug section?

Torchide on 04/18/2016, 09:05 PM - view
Hi, Lawlli,

Thank you for taking the time to address the questions raised in the thread.

I am aware that this was before your time, but have you ever been directed to this thread? Although a lot of the issues discussed in this thread have been recently addressed (welcome back, Treeshark), there are still a number that raise concerns.

Namely, what is being done to reduce the gap between NA TERA and kTERA patches? Case studies include the Titan's Ember supply and class balance.

We understand that while localization may take time, localization does not take 8 months.

kTERA already established that the Brawler (and Gunner) were completely broken on release. kTERA had since applied a number of fixes to these classes. However, the broken version of these classes was still presented to us despite the fact that fixes were already in existence.

Then came the FIHM patch where multiple kTERA patches were wrapped up and delivered to us together, but presented in a way that well... if you haven't seen the producer letter, the number of downvotes is a pretty good indicator.

What is preventing us from getting class release patches bundled with the corresponding class balance patches, so we don't end up with a broken class that ruins the game (particularly PVP) for everybody else until it is fixed? Let me tell you, it was particularly demoralizing to be a Lancer main during those days.

Essentially, I'm asking what steps EME is taking to reduce this lead time for the NA region. Although this will not solve all concerns, it would go a long way towards alleviating many issues raised by players, particularly those who follow kTERA's progression.

(I also recommend reading through that thread I mentioned - it contains some quality discussion throughout its 10 pages, that were never directly responded to, except to prune out some posts which violated the forum rules.)

*crack* okay so first question of the day, and boy what a doozy.
I will apologize in advance Torchide, because I probably don't have all the answers you are looking for, but lets dive right into it.

1) Reducing the time between NA and KTERA. This is a tricky thing, and not because of the localization, but because of the small details that build up the bigger aspect of the game.

while KTERA does release content ahead of NA TERA, KTERA and NA TERA are in a sense two different types of games.

let me explain. The foundation of KTERA and NATERA is pretty much the same, they run the game TERA, but how it is build is different, what is released in KTERA may not be released in NA TERA, one things might be sold in KTERA, but given as a prize in NA TERA, etc. This unfortunately cuts into our time, as we also needs to verify that when we get an update from the developers, that it works with our version of the game, with the changes here and there, because lets be honest, KTERA players and NA TERA players are two different type of gamers, so it would not make sense, in my opinion, to have the same type of game.

I hope that answers the question regarding the gap between TERA patches, or at least gives a little bit of insight, if not, please feel free to make another post and I will try and give more clarity.

as for the broken classes, and will we release a broken version of Ninja, and about the fixes for the previous classes.

I will start by giving an answer, but it may be only one answer for now, but there may be other variables included. Since KTERA already has the Ninja update, they are on a version ahead of us. Unfortunately if they start making fixes for previous classes, since its tied to the new version, we would not be able to get these fixes until we get onto the same version KTERA is on. for example, if we are on game version 1 and korea is on game version 2, and the fixes were done as game version 2.1 then we would not be able to apply that game version 2.1 to our version 1.

now lets say, we are on game version 1 and korea made fixes on game version 1.1, and then released game version 2. Then that is something I would need to discuss with our developers on getting a time line. again I apologize if I did not answer your questions directly, but please feel free to message again.

also, what are we going to do about the class released being imbalanced, and I can tell you that is something we are concerned about, and something we want to address, but to be perfectly honest with you, whatever changes we make, may still not be enough, and may need additional updates to get it to a point we are content with.

and to answer your final questions, what are we planning on doing to reduce our lead time for the NA region. right now its communication. One thing we are planning to work with our developers are is to continually grow our relationship, and understand how we do some things, and how they do other things, and improve our system. While we have been working together for many years, there is always opportunities to develop a stronger bond.

Zoknahal on 04/18/2016, 06:38 PM - view
Hey Lawlipops! I wanted to know something: Since you are the Producer, alongside with Treeshark, what are the direct areas and aspects of the game that you can tweak, change or have a direct say on without having to go through a long process of back and fort with BHS? It seems lately that while EME is going in the right direction, BHS is taking some steps back, focusing solely on the Korean and Japanese market, leaving aside the NA market, which is probably bigger than both Korean and Japanese markets together.

Hey Zohnahal,

While i wish I could say we have control of everything, the problem is, not so much of can we, but more of should we, and the reason being is, we are not developers.

We do make minor tweaks here and there, but since this game is developed in Korea, we also have to make these changes known, so that when we get new updates, we don't break any of the tweaks we make, as well as making sure that other regions don't break with any changes.

So while we do have some control, we try to limit ourselves into making sure we are making controlled changes.

As far as the developers go, you are right that they do focus on Korea and Japan, but that does not mean they do also focus here for NA.
JinxyKat39 on 04/18/2016, 06:16 PM - view
Hey guys! Will there ever be a return to non gender-locked classes? I could complain that femani were the only females passed over for an exclusive *cough cough*, but i won't. I think a lot of people would just like BHS to do away with gender exclusive classes altogether. Also, any plans for a new race? It would be fun to see something different running around. (there's a bunch of other stuff i want to ask but my brain melted from exhaustion) Great job with the recent updates, by the way!

Hi JinxyKat39,
my short answer is I don't know. I know its not the answer you were looking for, but unfortunately it is the only one i have right now. I can tell you that female is not the only gender class we plan for, but as for an entire class for all genders, and races, that is probably a discuss I will have to have with developers, since we know its been asked a lot,, and we will have to see when if we could fit it in.
Magraal on 04/18/2016, 06:09 PM - view
I'd like to ask: How much does the feedback and general community feeling towards issues in the game influence your decisions regarding EME-controlled updates? A lot of the time in the past it has seemed like the community has been ignored when it came to requests for simple/meaningful fixes (i.e. Titan Ember/Ease availability). Are the producers aware of these requests, or is there any discussion among EME regarding how to go about changing/fixing issues raised by the community?

In a similar vein, are you able to share how much impact the NAtera community's feedback has on BHS? Whether it is passed on and/or whether or not BHS discusses major changes with EME before implementing them. For instance there was a major thread recently with proposed class balance changes on EME's forums, and we can see BHS focusing heavily on bringing older classes in line with the new ones this month- do you know if BHS has any plans to implement any of the changes suggested by NA players?

Hi Magraal,

It has been my experience that communities wonder how much influence they have in a game, and to give you the simple answer, A LOT!

with that being said, I am sure your next response would be along the lines of BULLS**T!

But let me explain.

When we have updates, and releases, our team will look through the forums for issues and feedback, not just Spacecats, but people from other teams, and we will go in and make any fixes we can on those fronts, but for the bigger picture, thats when things start to get a little grey.

Lets take your old class balance into question. We recognize that some classes are stronger thank others *cough* Brawler *cough*, but to give you some insight I will go through a quick thought process of how we can address this.

Brawler is OP. Okay well what does that mean. We would need to look into the character and figure is her stats too good? is her stats paired with this armor that makes her invincible? etc...Which you, the community, has been great to point out to us and share your feedback and pain points. so up to here great! we can discuss about it see what we need to change awesome.

We would then openly discuss with our developers, and there may seen a notion that they just don't listen to anything we say, but I will put it in another perspective.

While our game is live and running and we are collecting our feedback, our developers are working along planning the next new exciting thing for TERA, and now we come along and tell them Brawler is broken, it's too strong, fix it.

I think the common assumption players may have is that is where the developers just say no, and that isn't the case.

In fact it is the opposite. We discuss how can it be fixed, but at the same time understanding our limitations, we may have a new update in a month we can add the fix to, or we have this new dungeon in 3 months that we can add more fixes too, but would need to test and make changes, but at the same time they need to juggle making fixes, when they can make those fixes by, if its possible to make any fixes, is the fixes worth having or is it a one time thing and we can focus on something else that is a better system, or is there other thing in plan that are currently being worked on.

So while my answer is A LOT, and from a player may say there isn't really much that comes out of the feedback we give, without it, it wouldn't lead to anything.
BALLGASS on 04/18/2016, 05:55 PM - view
Hello, thank you for doing this Lawllipops and nice to know some stuff about you as a person besides the professional things.

Also thank you Spacecats for your great work in the community.

Well my main question has to be how will balance be handeled on NA since we won't be getting the talent system ?

Related qustion how come BHS decided to keep the talent system only on KTera since is broken or something like that why not remove it completly ? Any plans to add it in other regions ?

The Nostrum/Crit Scroll and Charms for elite are great but any plans for improving elite ? Since the gold and xp boost are pretty much useless... And the elite gift box that nugget pet oh i miss felicity and also i miss the elite monthly gift and when the consumables were tradeable..

PvP seems to be on the right track hope this keeps up.

One other question is what about game optimization ? I know this has been asked so many times but any plans for it ?

Oh and please tell me you watch JoJo's Bizare's Adventures ? (I can recommend more anime :D) And the naruto fillers will end when One Piece ends that's the treasure on the final island :)

Thank you.

Hey Ballgass (how did you get that name?) a lot of great questions here, and I want to provide as much feedback as i have knowledge on (since I am still learning)

1) how will balance be handled, since we won't be getting the talent system?
- So to give you a better understanding, is that the talent system was developed to add in new opportunities for max level characters, unfortunately, that was not how it came out, and the benefits from it was small. With that in mind was that it won't be released in other regions, because we will be instead focusing on the core mechanics of the game. (not utilizing the talent system to balance characters, but the characters themselves)

With that in mind, there is no discussion right now about adding in the talent system right now, because it would not bring an entirely new element to the game, that would make it worth having, and instead focusing on the characters themselves to balance them out.

2) Elite Revamp
- As you mentioned the Nostrum/Crit Scroll and Charms are good for elite, but what else? And that is a very good question. Our purpose of Elite was the reward our players who subscribe to our game, but at the same time not making it a pay to win option, but a convenience options. "I don't have a mount so I have to run to the next location, Elite would solve that problem, got to get across the continent but don't have any teleports, Elite would help with that, but the question is, what is there that can HELP our players, without hurting our other players, because as mentioned we want to reward our players but at the same time we dont want to hurt our players who decide to opt out of Elite.

So to make a long answer short, Yes we are looking at Elite Revamps :D

3) Game Optimization.
- Yes it is being looked into. As far as the specifics I do not know. We are looking at server improvements on our end, and discuss with our developers on what game optimization we can provide as well.

4) yes I have seen some episodes of JoJo, but it was too Bizarre :P, it reminded me a lot of the show Toriko which i really liked. And youre right, i still enjoy watching one piece, but not so much the naruto fillers.
Hey Guys!

I just got back from Korea last night. I'm still here, I am just a little bit jetlagged though.

I went to go visit my fiance's family in Korea. You know, say hi, tell them I'm marrying their daughter, you know.

And yes I do play a brawler, but I actually just started a mystic. I am only level 62 though, and probably the worse mystic ever.

if you are ever in a party with a mystic that is terrible and dropping bubbles...my bad.
kirsch on 03/15/2016, 08:24 AM - view
"man the new guy hasn't posted since Favorable I hope we didn't scare him away" *new guy responds to every relevant post*

well played, well played

although I don't expect you to affect any significant changes in this regard, I STRONGLY suggest playing mystic instead of priest. priest outclasses mystic rather thoroughly in most aspects of the game, and if you want to understand the class balance problems in TERA, mystic vs priest healing is one that has existed since the start of the game and is still going on today. specifically recommending the underpowered class is weird maybe, but for someone who works on the game to only play the OP tank and the OP healer... I think you should try to get more perspective on the struggles of the weaker classes.

good point. I was thinking of playing the priest after what Akuarine initially said, but I am now leaning towards the mystic. I do like a challenge. AND its no fun to heal without some work.

I mean if i decided to let my party die, I can't blame other people if I am a priest, since I should be an automatic heal. :P
Derpty on 03/15/2016, 05:57 AM - view
I bet your brawler is an elin.

it's a human
DBij on 03/14/2016, 05:37 PM - view
Are you going to be looking at the endgame of Tera? Currently there is actually no incentive to do anything in this game.

Endgame PvP battlegrounds are pointless because the BC and KS shops do not sell anything useful and being top ranked on the ladder doesn't mean anything or yield any rewards.

Endgame PvE is also equally unrewarding. Clearing FIHM is pretty pointless since Heartbeats can be obtained via Dreadspire lower floors which anyone in Schisma can clear due to it not being scaled for new gear levels. Clearing Dreadspire upper floors takes around two hours on average and after double digit runs it actually doesn't drop anything but Desolarus Tokens and the occasional diamond which is split between five people. It would be more profitable it to just do Ghillieglades and Island of Dawn quests which begs the question of why even play this game? Just farm dailies and keep farming gear that is not needed for anything?

i am interested in all aspects of TERA, but thats good insight. What would you say would be something worthwhile?
Akuarine on 03/14/2016, 05:15 PM - view
Hello well there is alot of diferences on priest and mystic but it depends do u want more survavility and more healing power? Or you want a class that can support wih less healinv power but wih powerful auras and buffs? It all depends i love both classes priest is easy to play hard to lvl up but its worth it in the end in my opinion is the best class for me i do main mystic as well but i dont love my mystic as much as i love my priest.

thats good to know...i may start a priest afterwards then and see how it goes. thanks for the feedback.
Aetona on 03/14/2016, 03:54 PM - view
Don't listen to him. You can main whatever you want. Brawler is a class in the game afterall.

with that being said how do you like the Priest class? How would you say it compares to the Mystic?
AugustoC on 03/13/2016, 02:28 PM - view
"We want staff members who actually play the game and know our struggles!"

~Tera NA playerbase

"We introduce to you our new staff member, he mains a level 65 brawler"

...the cringe is real

i guess playing a class in the game doesn't count as someone who actually plays the game. And I can understand the "struggle" with the new class it does not mean I am not going to be only playing that class.

i mean i got to start from somewhere don't I?
Derpty on 03/13/2016, 11:08 AM - view
So, EME now officially supports pedophilia.

I don't know how you put two and two together? do only kids like candy?
Kensama on 03/12/2016, 08:06 PM - view
How do you work for the "Community" and not know how the forums work ?
Why are we stuck with people that don't know anything about the game making all the decisions. It's so frustrating.

I actually work WITH the Community team, but I did get my start IN Community. While I would love to know everything in the world, it has been my experience that a lot of games and companies setup their forums, and website according to their own personal style.

And you are right that currently I do not know a lot about the game, and willing and eager to learn, but if it helps set your mind at rest, I don't make all the decisions. ;)
Kirine on 03/12/2016, 11:00 AM - view
Hi! And welcome in the team.

And please try to play some other class to max level too.
Enough of the brawlers, all in EME are playing Brawlers (even if they have other classes too, all they play are Brawlers)... little more diversity please, we have 11 classes.

You are right, but currently since it is my highest level, I am playing it so i can get to know the game content first hand. of course I will go and play the other classes when I can. Probably the Gunner, but I am open to any suggestions.
counterpoint on 03/12/2016, 09:35 AM - view
He mentioned before that he is now working on another project inside EME, and still was helping with TERA. I assume the arrival of Lawllipops means the transition is completing.

He is still around, actually hovering over my shoulder as i write this making sure I write only "good" things.
Lyem on 03/12/2016, 07:13 AM - view

Hey don't be transparent, let me call your attention to this topic.

There are a few missing things, like pictures of you, your desk, cats and dogs (but cats > dogs) and alot of other things!

Don't be shy, show yourself.

I am not shy, and of course I want to be transparent. unfortunately my desk is still bare since I am still moving (not a Seattle native), and I beg to differ dogs > cats. I have an all white dog and her name is Mollah (means "I don't know" in Korean) and my fiance also has an all black cat name "Justin" (its actually name means "Just" in Korean) I will get some pictures of them up when I can.
msoltyspl on 03/12/2016, 06:06 AM - view
Welcome to the "production" of semi dead game with a bunch of cancers eating it alive (particularly those post-2013 ones). Guess enjoy your stay.

What happened to Treeshark out of curiosity ?

thanks, but TERA is FAR from dead. As long as there are still people who love playing it, then I will be there to still provide more stuff to do!
OrionLoic on 03/11/2016, 06:42 PM - view
Are you lawllipops from lake of tears? I had a friend with that name when I played in LoT like 2 years ago o.o

Sadly I am not. And now I need to hunt down, i mean look, LOOK for this person with my name
kirsch on 03/11/2016, 05:54 PM - view
you are myyy herooo

I wish you much honour and glory in all of your future battles

are you ever going to level a good class, like lancer or mystic?

I have thought about a lancer, but I feel I already have a tanky character. I am thinking of doing a Priest, I do usually play a tank or a healer.
DaniMoore on 03/11/2016, 04:09 PM - view
Welcome! So you have a brawler, is that your main or do you have others? But nonetheless, I hope to see you in game some time soon!

right now I have a brawler, but I also made a gunner and a reaper. Im trying to get my brawler geared up and running the higher level dungeons right now, my gear level is only 368 so trying to level it up.
That I will Favorable!~
Greetings Community!

My name is Lawllipops and I am a new Producer here at En Masse. I am excited to be working on TERA and getting to know the community, and working to keep making TERA great and strive to make it even better! I got my start actually working for Community but eventually transitioned to Production.

I try to be as transparent as I can, and strive to work on the games I am on not just from a publishing point of view, but a gamer as well.

I have a level 65 Brawler, but still slowly learning the game and the classes, and look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions.

I will see you in the World of TERA!
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