Diver has it exactly right--at this point in the story, "Manahan" is just a name to us. It's a name you'll hear a lot more in upcoming content. No spoilers, but let's put it this way: Kaia isn't the sort to get "all doom and gloom" about anything other than actual, full-fledged doom.

For reference, here's what Kaia says about Manahan during the "An End to War" quest:

"Manahan, you created something so heartless. No wonder Arun and Shara locked you up."

And later...

"Manahan is an ancient name, Kawika (or whomever)...a name best forgotten."

Any sort of episodic storytelling is going to have these cliffhanger moments--it's both a benefit and a weakness to the structure.

We've got big plans for Manahan. And perhaps more to the point, Manahan has big plans for all of us...

David Noonan
Lead Writer, TERA