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Ice Cream! Dope!
Rida wrote: »
There's always next year for Spacys revenge >:3

Can't. Wait.

Anniey wrote: »
Can we get a number when all the donations are accounted for and the bundles are finished to know what we made? I love this event so much. I wish it happened more often. I'd love like a 12 hr stream 4 times a year for different charities. It really brings us all together for a good cause and away form the toxicity that gaming can be. It shows how much love we have.for others. Gg

I announced in my thank-you thread, but it'll take probably another day or so to get everything worked out (might be sooner than that, but at worst a couple days for people to wake back up and get everything figured out) but we SMASHED our initial target and from the raw stuff I'm able to see you guys should be very, very proud of yourselves for how much you raised for Seattle Children's Hospital.

I. Am. Floored.

In any case, the issue with the servers was largely fixed within the hour anyway, and none of the people streaming should be let anywhere near the servers in the first place.


I can barely operate the microwave.
Hey everybody!

I don't want to update everyone prematurely & be wrong; so I've gotta wait for the dust to settle a bit. We'll be officially announcing our fundraising total in the next day or two, but let me tell you first off that from the unrefined stuff I am able to see, that you are all going to be really really excited and have a LOT to brag about out there for a long time to come. So, SO proud of you guys. Amazing!! :)


- DP
You guys.

You Guys.


That was one of the most awesome things I've ever been a part of, and it was all because of you. I woke up yesterday morning (I think? What day is it?) as the newest PM on TERA expecting to hang out and have a good time, play some games, and raise some money for a good cause. But what I feel like happened is we started a movement where we, as members of the En Masse family, proved we can come together and work together to make amazing things happen. That's what I was talking about Friday in my Introduction. That's the thing that makes En Masse such an amazing place to be. The passion behind the scenes, the passion behind the screens, and the passion in your hearts.

What you all did today was extraordinary, and I am so, so, SO happy you let me be a part of this.

Thank you so much. I'll see you guys soon.


Oh Wait!! Hey!! i Just remembered we're not quite done!! It's still Extra Life Weekend 2016 and there's still the EME 2016 Extra Life Bundle in the TERA Store. This bundle has some really cool stuff I'll list below, and 100% of the proceeds go to the Seattle Children's Hospital via Extra Life 2016. You were right there with us, you know how important this is to so, so many people. It's only 495 EMP; so get 'em before they're gone, because at midnight they evaporate into the moonlight like a ghost-wife in the night.

When you buy this Bundle, you receive:
[*] A Winged Band
[*] A pair of Skyblue Pixel Sunglasses
[*] An Exclusive, Only-Available-This-Weekend Buffalo Bill Bear.

(Full details can be found in this post)

This stuff is really, really cool and you can find out all about it, and the awesome time we had hanging out with the TERA community for 25 hours last night on our twitch page in the videos section (right now it's the unedited, uncut, super-hardcore all-night-long edition - it looks like our technical issues broke the video into a few hunks; however we plan on cutting it into smaller bite-sized pieces for your convenience once we recover ;)
Salsychou wrote: »
Welcome!!! <3 I have a pressing question for you..

Do you look like this:
or like this:

I think my Introductory stream yesterday proves that both of these images are more or less accurate :)

Fleett wrote: »
@DonkeyProphet @Spacecats
Both of you better be on the stream today at 3:10pm PST.
(Not saying 3pm cause you're always late >.>)
Is there even going to be a stream today given that Extra Life is tomorrow? (I actually have no idea...)

My understanding is that there will absolutely be a stream today & I'll catch you guys there :)
Moonpelt wrote: »
XD Lol but class is suppose to help teach you things.

For clarification's sake, and all joking aside - Getting a thorough education is extremely important & I am in no way condoning shirking your individual studies in any way. Drink your milk, eat three square meals a day, and always do your homework :)
In my experience, it was way easier to sleep there than in class.
Moonpelt wrote: »
:O Nuuu suspension! It's another word for detention. Thankfully, I'm a good girl so idk what detention is like. ~Moonpelt

I, unfortunately, am no stranger to detention :)
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- @Spacecats


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