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Denommenator (Senior Producer)
The TERA servers will be down for maintenance on 11/14 starting at 8 a.m. PST. Expected downtime is approximately two hours.

During this maintenance, a hotfix will be deployed to further address chat-related vulnerabilities, including disabling most usable HTML tags, the removal of the ability to post images local to the client in chat, and a client crash issue related to item-linking.
We will be running an emergency maintenance on 11/11 at 8 a.m. PST. Expected downtime is approximately two hours.

During this maintenance, we’ll be deploying a hotfix for a chat-related vulnerability that allowed the posting of images external to the TERA client in chat. All chat channels will be re-enabled following this maintenance.
We will be running an emergency maintenance on 11/11 at 8 a.m. PST. Expected downtime is approximately two hours.

During this maintenance, we’ll be deploying a hotfix for a chat-related vulnerability that allowed the posting of images external to the TERA client in chat. All chat channels will be re-enabled following this maintenance.
Chat is disabled currently as a precautionary measure in response to a recent vulnerability that was discovered.
Event needs some tweaks. I posted this in the other thread:

"Given the state of the game right now and the fact that chat is disabled, it's not exactly an ideal time to be running this event. At the same time, it doesn't hurt to keep the event running in it's current form throughout this weekend for those that wish to participate.

Given the circumstances, I want to provide the community some reassurance that we will run this event again in the very near future with some tweaks to make it more rewarding based on the feedback we've received."
Given the state of the game right now and the fact that chat is disabled, it's not exactly an ideal time to be running this event. At the same time, it doesn't hurt to keep the event running in it's current form throughout this weekend for those that wish to participate.

Given the circumstances, I want to provide the community some reassurance that we will run this event again in the very near future with some tweaks to make it more rewarding based on the feedback we've received.
Servers are back up.
Dokibun wrote: »
You need to disable megaphones, that's what screenshots from EU have told us.

Megaphones are disabled in the EME version.
Kimberlyn wrote: »
So based upon the recent actions, will it be safer to play now that the chat is only Guild chat, if you can trust all of your guildmates?

That was our motivation behind leaving guild chat open, we figure players should have relative trust in their guildmates.
Kimberlyn wrote: »
I just wanted to know, and get it out there, if this was real or not. I figured having the community speak on it on something other than disc would help some more.

The chat vulnerability seems real based on the reports we've seen. What's not clear is the extent to which it can be abused towards nefarious ends. We're investigating further and taking precautionary measures until we understand it better or have some fix for the vulnerability in place.
We're going to be taking a maintenance at 5:30 p.m. PST today to apply a change that will prevent all chat EXCEPT guild chat. This is being done as a precautionary measure while En Masse and Bluehole investigate the vulnerability discussed in my previous post further. Expected downtime is about an hour.
We were recently made aware of a potential vulnerability related to in-game chat. We learned about this the same way that many of you did, through our official Discord and a post made to the TERA subreddit yesterday which was promptly removed by the moderators there. We greatly appreciate those community and player council members who took efforts to quickly report this to us.

The developers of TERA were immediately made aware of the vulnerability and they are exploring an appropriate course of action with the highest urgency. While they do so, the team at En Masse is continuing to investigate and assist the developers in any way possible.

There are very serious claims floating around of what this vulnerability potentially allows malicious users to do. We are taking these claims very seriously but, as of this time, we have no evidence that the vulnerability is being exploited in these ways or that any player information has been compromised.

Please remember that posting about 3rd party software, hacks, or exploits is against the forum rules. With your continued support we can help prevent the spread of information that may aid users with malicious intent to exploit this or any other vulnerability or source tools that would facilitate it. If you have any information that may be valuable to our continued investigation of this, please PM our staff on the forums directly.

We will provide further updates on this vulnerability once we have more information.

We have restored those items that were lost directly to player's Item Claims. In the case where you opened a loot box, won an item, and then it was lost, please contact Customer Support (http://support.enmasse.com/tera). They can verify your receipt of the item and issue a new one.

For those stuck in parties, this is a weird recurring bug that we do not have a reliable resolution for. We are working with the developers to try and sort it out.

More to follow, but be aware that a resolution may not be immediate.
Hey all,

We're investigating various issues following this morning's maintenance and subsequent server crashes:

- Player claims of data rollbacks (purchased or acquired items missing)
- Issues with players stuck in party

We'll post back with any progress/findings as we have them.

Thanks for your patience and understanding while we work to sort this out.
StarSprite wrote: »
Can confirm the hat is in the rewards

DarkCroft wrote: »
No sweet dreams hat...thought this was supposed to be in here >.>.

Sweet Dreams Hat is in! FAQ is being updated as we speak.

We're looking at/processing the other feedback. While it's difficult to adjust the potion shack rewards on the fly, we are exploring the inclusion of additional dungeons in the event and considering some of the items suggested in this thread as rewards via other means in the near-term future (calendar rewards, etc.)
Akthanakos wrote: »
yea, what about the tera points? were they forgotten?

They were. We're working furiously to get all the Halloween stuff out tomorrow. The reward points will be added during a future maintenance.
Bumping this thread as we have an update to share:

Following maintenance tomorrow, the following Vanguard Requests will award Metamorphic Tokens as additional rewards:

Complete Thaumetal Refinery = 540 Metaphoric Tokens
Complete Kalivan's Dreadnaught = 540 Metaphoric Tokens
Complete Lilith's Keep = 540 Metaphoric Tokens
Complete RK-9 Kennel = 1350 Metaphoric Tokens
Complete Thaumetal Refinery (Hard) = 1350 Metaphoric Tokens
Complete Lilith's Keep (Hard) = 1350 Metaphoric Tokens
Complete Sky Cruiser Endeavor = 1350 Metaphoric Tokens
Complete the Pit of Petrax = 100 Metaphoric Tokens

These rewards mirror those offered in K-TERA.

Following our upcoming Kyra's Pop-up Potion Shack event, Metaphoric Tokens will also be added as additional rewards to Island of Dawn VGs (they'll award catalysts instead during the event).
TLX wrote: »
One guy on this forums says: beta on December of 2017,release January of 2018. Is there any proof of that??? Where is the source???? Please any info should be wonderful cus i'm waiting to the game on console since the announcement. Thanks.

During PAX West, the message I was sending demo participants home with was:

- Beta before the end of the year
- Full release early 2018

This is still the plan, but it is subject to change. Console development is hard, as it turns out. Myself and the Marketing/Community teams met earlier this week and we worked on a rough communications plan for the next 4-8 weeks, so you can expect to receive some updates regarding the project in that time frame.
The change to the new gear progression necessitated we go back and update all our loot box products. We viewed this as an opportunity to standardize the contents of these boxes and our hope is the enchanting materials contained within them will provide similar, if not increased, utility over the old boxes. I can also confirm, as some have already alluded to, that this transition did not negatively impact the chance to earn the jackpot item from any one loot box. We simply replaced those items that were no longer relevant to include and left the jackpot product untouched. We felt this was only fair to existing owners of these boxes (players that might have existing loot boxes in their inventory or Item Claim).
EllieChu wrote: »
Peachball wrote: »
I personally appreciate the time taken to make my experience more enjoyable. Just saying...

they took down the server because an item sold for 10k gold instead of 1k gold, and dragon scales not being in some vanguards.

We'll sort out vanguard request rewards later, they don't require a server restart.

Servers are now live. Our sincere apologies for the wait.
Babbelsim wrote: »
We'll be up in less than 30 minutes, very likely much sooner than that. Apologies for the lack of communication the three of us on the TERA team were running around, investigating errors, and pushing fixes.

EDIT: And SingleBear too!

@Denommenator will there be a small roll back seeing as people got loads of tokens from the convert error?

Here's what we found as it relates to the dismantling rates of the following items: Talisman of Lakan, Badge of Loyalty, and Lakan's Banner.

It was communicated that these items would dismantle to 400, 240, and 80 Entropic Emblems, respectively. In fact, this is not true and appears to be a mistake in our build notes. Instead, they convert to 4,800, 2,880, and 960 Metaphoric Emblems. This appears to be the intended design based on our analysis of the game files and the (incorrect) documentation we received.
We'll be up in less than 30 minutes, very likely much sooner than that. Apologies for the lack of communication the three of us on the TERA team were running around, investigating errors, and pushing fixes.

EDIT: And SingleBear too!
Obviously, it's Twists Hard.
One more thing, if build versions eventually align and the overall situation is favorable to do so, we will definitely re-evaluate the potential for cross-play. We recognize the upside of it and agree that as an MMO, TERA would generally benefit from more players sharing the same environment.

I don't think anyone can deny that playing on PC then picking up where you left off on a console in your bedroom or at a friend's house is just plain cool and convenient.
I wanted to clear up some inaccuracies in the OP/source as well as clarify a few things:

Content Parity:

The console version will not be up to date with PC and will in fact be several versions back. The exact build we're launching with for console is not yet locked down. The developers will need to pick a version and stick to it in order to refine and polish it ahead of release, as well as iron out any technical issues. This makes it impossible for the console version to be in sync with PC, at least at launch. Our ongoing goal of course is to eventually bring them as close together as possible in terms of content and build version.

Cross-Platform Play:

It is, in part, due to the lack of content of parity detailed above that cross-platform play will not be possible at launch.

Also, as many have alluded to, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One do not play together so even if we were able to offer cross-play we'd need to leave one platform alone on an island. This is not ideal either.

PC Version:

Development on the PC version will continue, as will En Masse's service of the game on PC in North America. There are plenty of updates still coming this year, as well as some exciting stuff in the works for 2018 as well.
It's an unfortunate bug. It usually re-populates if you go to character select and then re-enter the server.

Need I say more? Thank you. I really hope they look into this.

They'll be available tomorrow in the bundle only.
The news post got pushed to tomorrow morning to give the Kritika cross-promotion announcement some breathing room:


(You can earn a free ground version by leveling up in Kritika before August 31.)

The flying versions will go up in the TERA Store tomorrow morning. All three colors will be available in a bundle for 5995 (15% off for elite players). HP/MP regen versions are in three separate loot boxes, separated by color.
Event page is up with a hot new video from Greggle: http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/argon-assault/
FaunBait wrote: »
I think they just like having minor events like these to keep the surprise element. I like the idea and encourage more. Thanks EME. :+1:

Yeah, we're having a bit of fun, seeding out some stuff in-game ahead of major events in the hopes of creating a more dynamic feeling in the game world.

Thanks for the encouraging words.
The maintenance is being conducted to deploy a hotfix that will prevent a specific issue contributing to server crashes. Given the nature of the hotfix, we felt it best to deploy it as soon as we could, which contributed to the decision to conduct a server maintenance outside our usual window.
ElinLove wrote: »
Halrath wrote: »
They have to be manually spawned after server restarts. I'm on top of it. Hang tight.

Would that be because it's an event like thing instead of permanent like VS for example?

That's exactly why.
I'm not sure about the brooch, but this mount is different than the one distributed from the quest (it has a 280 flying speed, as opposed to 270), if I'm not mistaken.
Here ya go:

Costume Smart Boxes

Dyeable Duckie Swimsuit Box - This smart box contains a dyeable duckie swimsuit costume suitable for your race and gender. (Elin characters receive a White-Stockings Maillot costume.)

Dyeable Deep Jammers Box - This smart box contains a dyeable Deep V or dyeable Jammers swimsuit costume suitable for your race and gender. (Elin characters receive a dyeable White-Stockings Maillot costume. Baraka and popori characters receive a dyeable Life Vest costume.)

Rare Summer Fun Swimwear - A smart box containing Mesh Beachwear, Devil-Striped swimsuit, Fruit Suit, or Carnivale torpedo appropriate for your race and gender.

Dyeable Peachstringer Fitted Beach Wear Box - This smart box contains a dyeable Peachstringer or Fitted Beach Wear swimsuit costume suitable for your race and gender. (Elin characters receive a dyeable Sailorsuit costume.)

Dyeable Striped Bikini Leisure Shorts Box - This smart box contains a dyeable Striped Bikini or Lesiure Shorts swimsuit costume suitable for your race and gender. (Elin characters receive a dyeable Striped One-Piece costume.)

2012 Swimsuit 3-Pack - A smart box containing a 3-pack of swimsuits appropriate for your race and gender.

Yellow Duckie Swimsuit Box - This smart box contains a yellow duckie swimsuit costume suitable for your race and gender.

Deep Blue Jammers Box - This smart box contains a Deep Blue V or Blue Jammers swimsuit costume suitable for your race and gender. (Elin characters receive a Blue Frill Bikini costume. Baraka and popori characters receive an Orange Life Vest costume.)

Fast Summer Fun Swimwear - A smart box containing a Rapidos or Carnivale swimsuit appropriate for your race and gender.

Butterfly Plunge Fitted Beach Wear Box - This smart box contains a Butterfly Plunge or Fitted Beach Wear swimsuit costume suitable for your race and gender. (Elin characters receive a Beach Cadet costume.)

Striped Bikini Leisure Shorts Box - This smart box contains a Striped Bikini or Leisure Shorts swimsuit costume suitable for your race and gender. (Elin characters receive a Striped One-Piece costume.)


Mirrored Shades
White Sand Shades
Sanguine Shades
Ocean Blue Shades
Sunset Shades
Golden Dive Helmet
Diving Helmet
Baseball Cap
Deluxe Aqualung
Scuba Tank
Waverider Surfboard
Dolme & Stefanna Sunglasses
Heart Shades
Sundowner Beach Hat
Carnivale Shades
Super Shades
Summer Lei
Wooden Ukulele
Seaside Ukulele
Carnivale Captain's Cap
Woven Sun Hat
Woven Seaside Hat
White Kerchief
Aquacheck Kerchief
Berry Kerchief
Floppy Straw Hat
Butterfly Hairband
Striped Hairband
Butterfly Specs
Sunrise Shades
TLDR: Sky Cruiser Exreme Entry Tickets do not reset entry counts.

Be advised that entry tickets for Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Extreme) can be purchased in excess of your daily entry limit and do not reset your entries upon use. This means that you can use more entry tickets in a day than times you can actually enter the dungeon (eg. you can purchase and use/consume three tickets but you still only have two daily entries into the dungeon).

Please be aware of this when purchasing and consuming entry tickets.
raja15 wrote: »
So... calendar?

Over here: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/august-battleground-calendar
@Denommenator did the maintenance actually do something? The summer event was supposed to be over after it, but the quests on Serpentis Island are still doable, and in Bastion the NPCs are gone while the quest markers are still on the map. What's going on?

The event should be fully disabled as of this writing.
In all honesty, I was hosting some guests from the development team all last week and completely forgot to queue up the change or communicate that, my apologies.
Ves1978 wrote: »
These will be updated to include T11 Feedstock starting August 1 following maintenance.

that's nice, would be great if you did it before i opened 1.5k boxes...

Because they were included in the Summer Festival event, we didn't feel it right to change their contents mid-stream.

Despite what I said earlier, the update to the boxes didn't make today's maintenance. They will be updated instead during next week's maintenance.
Calendar will be posted tomorrow. Talisman is included among the rewards.
Leveling event is in the works, look for an announcement tomorrow.

We have another event cooked up for later this month that you should start to hear some rumblings about SOON TM.
I think he was probably referring to the Sky Cruiser event announced Friday. The other event, we're actually going to announce tomorrow. It's a leveling event with some pretty decent rewards for both new players and alts.
These will be updated to include T11 Feedstock starting August 1 following maintenance.
Teekz wrote: »
they could at least make a statement about it since the last thing they said was "no new info" 2 days ago.

Disabling server transfers is not a decision we take lightly. We understand how disruptive it can be and the decision is always well-considered. In this case, the severity of the issues surrounding pet banks and dual options, as well as the fact that we don't yet have a reliable method to correct the issue for all players that are affected, informed our decision.

The developers have been made aware of the issue and we have stressed urgency surrounding it. We have no updates to report though regarding their progress at this time.

If you'd like a refund of the EMP you purchased, please submit a ticket to our customer support team at http://support.enmasse.com/tera and they'll help you out.

There are no plans to offer these items by another method at this time (during the Summer Festival or immediately afterward).
Kibeh wrote: »
Just cleared VSHM with through IMS. Solo. As well as everyone else being solo. We all asked in the beginning of the run to make sure everyone queue'd solo. And at least one person confirmed that they were a rookie.

They were all really nice people. And clearing went pretty smoothly. But at the end of the run none of the skilled players got rewards.

A disappointing end to an otherwise lovely experience.

Glad to hear it went well. We're trying to reproduce this, I'll report back with our findings. In the meantime, if anyone has success with this, let us know.
We made some adjustments to the event to include BRHM and AIHM. We also increased the rewards some. Updates are here:


We realize the requirement to solo queue is somewhat flawed, but this is the best we could do this go round.
I mentioned this upon initial announcement of the event, but it's worth repeating here:

This event was delivered as-is for us to use if we chose. We can apply it to a specific dungeon and configure specific rewards, but cannot affect the core design.

We're running this largely as a trial run to see how it's received. We'll monitor and collect feedback surrounding this specific iteration of the event and pass it along to the devs. It's possible your feedback might influence some adjustments to the design of this system in the future so please try to provide thoughtful and well-reasoned feedback (instead of insults).
We are still targeting 2017 for release of TERA on console. No announcement of a delay was made during the stream.
We're aware of an issue with dual option unlocks resetting following a server transfer. We are submitting this as a bug to the developer but until it's resolved just be aware of this when transferring between servers.
Kreuziger wrote: »
Would be nice to see brhm added too. :+1:

Depending how this goes, we can run an event in this style for other dungeons in the future.
To provide a peek behind the scenes on this event, we're using an out-of-box system to run the event and it applies only to IMS, so we unfortunately don't have any flexibility in that regard.
We didn't make any adjustments to the Claret and Medallion token shops as they were delivered to us except for the addition of the Summer Festival Loot Box.

We just checked their contents and they contain only Slaughter gear and Gate/Vain accessories.

Were SES in the shops in previous years? It's possible these shop's contents were changed...
Thanks for the heads up. We're aware and working on a fix.
Must be a mistake, LOL EME!
Both Claret and Temple Medallions can be exchanged for something good.
LesbianVi wrote: »
If you are removing some stuff from my pockets, you better put something else there instead or else >:)

Let's just say, I think summer festival tokens will be in higher demand during this year's event than in previous years...
TERA Community,

I wanted to give you some advance warning that we will be removing the following items from player inventories during maintenance this Tuesday:

Temple Medallion
Claret Medallion
Apprentice’s Catalyst Box
Student’s Catalyst Box
Journeyman’s Catalyst Box
Adept’s Catalyst Box
Mixologist’s Catlayst Box
Potionmaster’s Catalyst Box

The catalyst boxes were intended to be removed following the latest iteration of the potion shack event but were not.

The summer festival tokens are being removed ahead of this event’s forthcoming return. The removal of the tokens was necessary given the event’s revised reward structure. I think you’ll be happy with the changes we’ve made for this year’s event.
For an event of this nature, I think it's reasonable for us to provide more notice upfront (2-3 days as people have said). Thanks for the feedback! In the future, we may extend this to discount promotions in general. The truth is though, there will always be players who enchanted or purchased some time shortly prior to the announcement.

For events like strongbox jackpots, we announce the day before quite intentionally for a variety of reasons (eg. require a maintenance/testing, business reasons, etc.)

But, whats the diference between Ktera's loot https://www.essentialmana.com/harrowhold-20/ And our loot?. Bc it seems like u just wrote every posible loot that u can get that didnt appear on the patchnotes, instead of actually changing the loot table.
Minilee wrote: »
Will the oblit essence be bankable like behemot essence... or are you gonna stick to what ktera did?

( i vote for bankable plz <3 )

Our loot is the same as K-TERA, we did not make any adjustments.
The loot rewards listed on the update page were a bit...lacking upon initial release. They've been updated: http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/dragonsires-revenge
Page is updated here: http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/dragonsires-revenge
We're going to flesh out the rewards from HH on that page a bit; they should be up shortly. I'll post back when they're up.
The possible loot for Harrowhold incorrectly omitted Deathwrack. This has been corrected on the page, thanks for pointing it out!

Now some more for you.

Forest jewlery hasn't been in game for...gosh...nearing years?..

This one will require a bit more digging into as it is on our list of loot for the dungeon. Perhaps the loot tables we received were not properly updated...

We'll look into it and report back.
The possible loot for Harrowhold incorrectly omitted Deathwrack. This has been corrected on the page, thanks for pointing it out!
The timing for our regular weekly server maintenance has been adjusted permanently to run from 8 to 10 a.m. Pacific.

During extended an maintenance or a maintenance during which we're deploying a build, we may start the maintenance earlier (likely 7 a.m. Pacific) in order to get back up earlier in the day.

All maintenance times will be announced on our website, the forums, our social media pages, the game launcher, and in-game.
66ECX7NAN7 wrote: »
They'll probably just reset dungeon entries for the day, lolz

We have reset instances on all servers.
Mawile wrote: »
Yea I'm usually one to white knight but these outages are becoming a lot more frequent. :o
PS. I sure would appreciate an appearance change voucher like they did in KTera for outages~! ;)
I want to point out that asking for appearance changer for today's issue is unreasonable. Don't get me wrong-- I'd like to have it as well, but I'll explain why.

I appreciate your post and I'd like to elaborate on it a bit.

Issuing an appearance change voucher as compensation in the event of server crashes isn't exactly appropriate for a few reasons:

1) An appearance change voucher as compensation isn't appropriate relative to the nature of the outage. Compensation, in general, should correspond directly with the affected system or service.
2) The level of support we provide surrounding certain account service items like race and appearance change vouchers is different from other regions. To grant a large number of these items at one time would inundate our customer support team further with what are very time-consuming requests.
3) It sets a precedent. I know server outages have been frequent as of late so the call for compensation is warranted but we also can't reinforce the expectation that downtime will result in compensation equivalent to a certain value every single time.
There is nothing that will compensate better than having any form of long-term stability.
Margarethe wrote: »
Could give a couple of days of free elite status.
After all, that's all we're losing. Aside from our time and patience.

Agreed. We are currently investigating the cause of the crashes this morning and we may consider some form of compensation once the entirety of the outage is better understood. Preparing and issuing compensation takes some time to plan and execute too.
Is this still occuring? Is it that the your instances need to be reset or you cannot enter the dungeon at all?
As many of noticed, we've adjusted the rewards once more. We feel we've hit a middle-ground in response to player feedback (badges vs. banners, etc.)

No further adjustments will be made to this event.
Cathelina wrote: »
Yay! We are really happy! One thing though, Nynke is my real life name, I'm actually Kathelina on Tempest Reach :pleased:

Fixed this in the news post as well.

Thanks everyone for your submissions! There were a TON of great ones and they were all really touching to read. They warmed even my cold heart.
Crashes appear to have been caused by a massive inbound traffic flood to one of our ISPs. We have switched over to an alternate and things appear to be leveling out. We'll have the servers up shortly; our Ops team is all over it.
The recent increase in gameplay-affecting lag spikes have been truly frustrating for players and the TERA staff at EME alike. We have been working with our technology partners and the game’s developers to identify possible root causes since the issues began in May. Though we’ve not yet identified a root cause, we do have some hypotheses as to what might be causing the recent issues.

To help support our investigation and build a case that we can escalate to the appropriate parties, we continue to require supporting data from players. If you experience a gameplay-disrupting lag spike, we ask that you please submit to us the following information in an email to “diag@enmasse.com”:

Internally, our Operations team is collating the data you provide and corroborating it with their own monitoring tools to get a better sense of what’s happening in the TERA server environment at the time these lag spikes occur. While our monitoring hasn't revealed any corresponding network events surrounding recent reports of lag spikes, identifying any impact on the server environment when lag spikes occur will be essential to finding the cause and ultimately arriving at a solution.

It’s important to note that you will not receive a direct response when submitting the information above. We are not using this data to address player-specific issues on a case-by-case basis. Instead, we are looking at the aggregated data to help identify the larger root cause of the recent issues.

The Product and Community teams at En Masse recognize the severity of these issues and remain diligent in monitoring community reports of them. We have established a regular meeting internally to review community reports and raise awareness around the current volume and severity of community reports involving network stability.

I know this is not the update many of you were hoping for, but I wanted to provide the community some transparency into our current efforts and encourage you to continue providing the above information to “diag@enmasse.com”. It truly is helpful to our ongoing investigation of these issues. We appreciate your continued patience and support.
Fleett wrote: »
If you guys have the power to change it back can you do it? I mean, if there are more event icons I'm pretty sure we all can move them manually..

We can't affect their positioning currently, to my knowledge.
Pretty sure it's not glitched, the space in between is for extra icons (like we just had last weekend).

You're right. Differents events, while active, will fill in the gaps.
Haggard86 wrote: »
Makes it annoying

I agree, it's not the best design.
I don't know how to say it but...i get it twice a day. 1 item claim and 2 after reset immediately as it should be.
Why so?

Because they don't know who's not getting the boxes the normal way (like OP), so they're sending them to every elite player just to make sure.

This is correct, we're doing it as a make-good for those players who are experiencing the reset issue.

We deployed a change to the reset time today that is communicated in the patch notes here: http://tera.enmasse.com/news-page/patch-notes

Over the next few days, we'll collect some anecdotal information from players to verify if the fix worked or not and report our findings in the stickied thread.
I'll be posting a separate thread either later today or tomorrow (working on the draft now). The truth is, we don't know the source of these issues and are actively investigating them.

I know it's frustrating, it is for us too. I'll say more in the standalone thread (which will replace the current stickied thread on the topic of lag).
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We've fixed the issue so that players who receive the strongbox keys going forward will receive the correct, functional versions.

Those players that received the broken ones will have them replaced during maintenance on 06/20. Apologies for the inconvenience, we really should have caught this.
Volturi wrote: »
@Denommenator just a quick question... if you crash by reason beyond your control (aka, your servers being trash like they have been) does the daily timer resets back to 0?

They shouldn't. During our testing, the time retained across logins.
Yeah, we sorted it out. Thanks for your patience.
It's only working on Fey Forest right now. We're investigating why it's not working on the other servers. I'll post back with more info as we have it.
SakuSugoii wrote: »
Is the event on right now? @Denommenator

It's noon PDT but I am not seeing the UI for the rewards. Restarted launcher as well to be sure.

We're verifying ourselves right now. It's active on Fey Forest from what I can tell. What server are you on?
TWMagimay wrote: »
TWMagimay wrote: »
When the daily timer resets, would we have to relog or does the next day timer start on its own?

Your daily timer will reset back to 0 hr 0 min played for that day. Once you log back in, it will begin to tick up as long as you are in game until the next reset.

So, you mean, the timer will reset to 0 but won't start counting for the new day until a relog? I'm suddenly very glad I have a clock on my keyboard....

The time at which the daily counter resets is fixed. It's at 4 a.m. PDT.

Your personal counter ticks only when you're in the game on a server.

I think this will all be much clearer once the event starts in about 90 minutes and you get a look at the interface.
We have confirmed and are actively investigating an issue relating to elite hotbar reset times. We understand this issue has, regrettably, plagued some players for an extended length of time (but not everyone, which makes this particular issue hard to pin down). While we work towards a permanent solution we've decided to roll out the following item grants.

Elite players upon first-time login to the launcher from now until June 14 at 11:59 p.m. PDT will receive:

- 10x Elite Consumable Boxes
- 10x Elite Gift Boxes

Each day elite players log in to the launcher between now and June 14 at 11:59 p.m. PDT, they will also receive one each of the above boxes. The reset time for this daily delivery is at 4 p.m. PDT (the same as the daily EMP grant).

We're hoping to have this solved by next week's maintenance, but if it extends beyond that we may extend the above deliveries accordingly.

Thanks to all the players that have been working with us directly to help investigate this issue.
Hey there,

You'll receive reward credits when you spend the EMP in-game or in the web store. Reward credits are not granted with the initial purchase of EMP itself.
No date for the console beta has yet been announced nor have any email been sent. Don't worry, you didn't miss anything!
This is now fixed. Make sure to close the TERA Launcher entirely and then re-log to receive them.
Catservant wrote: »
YES! Thank you so much for finding time to put them in the dressing room, too!

I stealth added them to the dressing room towards the end of the day yesterday; not sure anyone noticed.
No changes were made to the current event/dungeon highlight rewards.
We received a second hotfix this morning (in addition to the one deploying tomorrow) that we're currently setting up internally for testing. It is intended to fix the issues surrounding server transfers, so we should be able to re-enable them following its deploy. I can't say for sure when that hotfix will get pushed but we're working to get it out ASAP.
Hey all! Matt Denomme here, Product Manager on the TERA Console project. In response to your questions:
Killstyle wrote: »

1) Do any of you have direct or indirect with BHS at all? (phone calls, text message, instant message, e-mail, etc.)

I'm doing 2-3 nightly meetings a week with a specific team at Bluehole. We're working on the project schedule, build development, business strategy, localization, certification, marketing...the works! We talk over video conference, email, and right now a lot of Kakao Talk.
Killstyle wrote: »

2) How often do you communicate with BHS? (Is it daily, weekly, monthly or just whenever BHS feels they want to contact you?)

I communicate with Bluehole daily via email and 3-4 times a week over video conference or on the phone (or Kakao).
Killstyle wrote: »

3) Does BHS ever make you feel like what you conveyed to them was understood and that BHS would try to make it happen, whether in a minor or major way? (i.e. minor = "We might be able to do something like that but not all of it" or major = "[filtered] yeah we can do that. Great idea!")

The cooperation level between En Masse and Bluehole on my project is very high. We are very much approaching the console project as partners and we exchange a lot of opinions, feedback, requests, and creative solutions on a daily basis.
Killstyle wrote: »

4) Is Enmasse allowed to alter the game at all? (i.e. Content, armor skins, weapon skins, mounts, etc.)

We don't typically alter the game art, though we've influenced the design of some cosmetic items in the past and contributed feedback to the design of some gameplay systems.
Killstyle wrote: »

5) Does Enmasse make their own events or does BHS have a say?

Potion shack is entirely an En Masse creation. We conceived the idea, developed the tech, created the art, configured the event, and deployed it.

I personally designed last year's "Velik's Grand Hunt" event (not my best work) as well as the Secrets & Shadows letter event. Along with the team, I designed the events, configured them within the client, tested them, promoted them, and ultimately maintained them while they were live.

Beyond those two in-game events, I've contributed to many store promotions (Golden Gift Box, Black Friday, etc.)
We've been discussing highlighting specific dungeons on weekends with increased drops as an "event".

Your complaints regarding Ruinous Manor HM are well taken.

What do you think would represent a worthy buff to the rewards?
We've identified the source of the issue and expect things to be resolved shortly (15 to 30 minutes by our estimation).
S1eep wrote: »
Meningitis wrote: »
I like how the forum banner about the issue went from blue to red. Servers are down sound the alarmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

and now its yellow

They should turn it back to red. White text on yellow is terrible.

Color was changed simply so it would stand out more. I agree the color combo is not the best.
There appears to be a DNS issue impacting our data center. Our Operations team is working with our service provider on the issue.

The servers are currently live, but connections may be unstable. Log in to the game via the launcher is extremely spotty as you're well aware.
There is the Wintera Snowfield battleground event in case you missed it:

There are no events planned beyond the Wintera Snowfield battleground. We looked into re-enabling Fat and Tiny Santas, but it appears to be no longer be supported (at least from what we could tell).
Yes, you can send them to anyone, even the same person repeatedly.
RIP Denommenator.

But seriously, Noesis has proven to be extremely capable in his short time here thus far. I am confident that TERA is in good hands.

We'll be shipping a build together early next year, after which I'll hand off the reins.
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