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CobaltDragon (CS Specialist)
As requested, moving the Thread into the Game Suggestion section. ;)
Just as a heads up, we are looking into this now, but those should have been included in the removal process as well.

I believe these specific ones become unclaimable after being purchased from Trade Broker, so to the players who decided to purchase one directly following maintenance, I'd suggest submitting a Support Ticket (providing character name / server) and request that the Catalyst be removed, otherwise it may lead to an issue (such as a Server Transfer) later down the road.
Most likely Security Software preventing the required connection.

If you're unable to resolve by removing Security Software, please feel free to make a Support Ticket with an included EME Diagnostic : ( http://support.enmasse.com/tera/resolve-technical-issues-with-the-diagnostic-tool )
Emiyu wrote: »
I dont know if i should make a different thread, but there seems to be an issue with loading screen too, im stuck at 100%.

The Loading Screen after selecting a Character to log into, or while already in-game and switching between Zones ?
Our Operations Team will continue to monitor the situation, but at the moment, they believe the overall issue preventing Launcher Login / Website Login should now be resolved.
The brooch from the 30 man raid is currently tradeable I believe this was fixed as of 01/03/2017 @Spacecats @Denommenator @CobaltDragon @StarSprite @Malrok

Could you grab a screenshot of the Brooch being placed into a Trade Window ?

I believe the description had always stated "Untradeable" , but the properties weren't configured correctly until the Tuesday Maintenance we just had.
I have been trying to log in and I keep receiving this error on the launcher. Has anyone else had this problem?
CiberLugo wrote: »

Thanks everyone for bring this to our attention.

We're looking into this now.

It's the issue hasn't been resolved after uninstalling / reinstalling, then it's most likely Security Software related, and should be resolved after you uninstall the software, followed by restarting your computer.

If you'd like to make sure before proceeding with that action, please feel free to submit a Support Ticket and include the text file that is created while running our EME Diagnostic : ( http://support.enmasse.com/tera/resolve-technical-issues-with-the-diagnostic-tool )
Closing this Forum Thread, since there is already a Forum Thread created about the recent connection issues.

- Also, we just restarted our Live Services, which is most likely why you were just kicked off -

( https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/10579/cant-login-anyone-else )
I believe our Operations Team has made some headway while looking into the issue, and we are about to restart our Live Services.
Closing this Forum Thread, since there is already a Thread created for the issue.

( https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/10579/cant-login-anyone-else )
We're looking into this now.
@Fulzoid - ( https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/17/forum-rules-guidelines )

G. Discussion of Moderator Action
- Excessive or direct reference to past, present, or future moderator action on the official TERA forums.
@Fulzoid - The overall situation has been dealt with, and these posts all contained a video that did breach our Forums Rules.

This needs to be reported via Support Ticket, as "Call-Outs" are a violation in the Forum's Rules.
Just as a friendly reminder, the discussion of Modding TERA, and more specifically, how to go about using Mods, is against the Forum's Rules.

If possible, please feel free to record a short video example of a player you suspect is using Exploits, Mods, or a Packet Injection and provide that example as a Link in a Support Ticket, and our Support Team and Security Team will be happy to review it.

If there is a confirmed Terms of Service or Rules of Conduct violation, we'll proceed to take the appropriate action.
sams wrote: »
spacecats said there "will be a stream but he will not be in it"

Possibly a miscommunication or maybe just a wrong choice in wording on Spacecat's part...

I can confirm there won't be a Stream today.
Selenya wrote: »
I have the same problem, I deleted it and it's ok now, but anyone have the same mod who is good ? I can't find it now :(

Just a reminder that discussions of Mods in TERA goes against the Forum's Rules.
FaunBait wrote: »
What we need is a flying part-mechanical chroma unicorn mount to match this new weapon skin. My life would be complete for my male castanic mystic.

Scythera wrote: »
@CobaltDragon Are you sure that's how it's supposed to function? It wasn't like that previously and doesn't seem fair you should be punished if your team either sucks or doesn't/can't res you

Doesn't make sense to get kicked from a match for this reason, that's why the snowman used to kill afk players at base (does this still happen?) to stop afking

I did specifically ask our QA Team if the change was intentional, and they confirmed that it was.

As for the snowman, I believe the mechanic for killing players who remain on the starting platform is still there and works.
Based on what you're describing, it sounds like the second part I mentioned with something limiting the required connection.

You'll most likely want to make a Support Ticket, and attach the text file that is created while running our EME Diagnostic : ( http://support.enmasse.com/tera/resolve-technical-issues-with-the-diagnostic-tool )
Maltherii wrote: »
Can something be done with the bug in wintera snowfield that get u system kicked from the match when u stay dead for too long during the game? @Spacecats @CobaltDragon

I believe the intended function to prevent getting kicked while dead in Wintera is to have a nearby player assist in resurrecting your character.

Obviously this isn't ideal in a lot of situations ( like when your character dies at the very beginning of a round ), but if your team communicates well and can dedicate a player to help you up, the dropout can be avoided.
Is TERA crashing before Server Selection Screen, on Character Selection Screen, or while loading your character ?

Is it only happening while loading into the Wintera Battleground ?

Is it just a single character effected, or all characters ?

It might be something as simple as needing to run the Repair in your TERA Launcher's Tool menu to resolve a small file corruption that occurred, but it could something limiting the connection to the server, and the connection cannot be re-established fast enough to prevent a crash from happening.
For the most part, we see this when there is conflicting software that restricts the needed connection to the Launcher / Game Client.
You might need to temporarily remove some Security Software you have installed on the PC, or perhaps lower some Security Settings on Windows Firewall / Windows Defender, then restart the computer and check to see if the Launcher functions as intended.

If still no luck, please feel free to submit a Support Ticket and our Agents will be happy to assist. :)
This is a Known Issue that has already been reported to Bluehole Inc.

If they haven't already done so, it should be reviewed in the very near future and then changed so that it can continue to increase the count each time a dungeon is completed through Instance Matching, and when the requirement has been completed, the Achievement is obtained.
Breetizm wrote: »
Thanks for noticing this. I went ahead and mentioned it to Denommenator , so it should have the "This loot box also comes in a stack of three." removed shortly.
Might also want to mention to @Denommenator that the Castanic Snowbelle lootbox also has a chance on dropping an Amani one :P

"It's a Trap!" :o
Haha, thanks catching this as well.

Thanks for noticing this. I went ahead and mentioned it to Denommenator , so it should have the "This loot box also comes in a stack of three." removed shortly.
Dhrizzit wrote: »
where its the man of the 30 raids?


The teleportal to Harrowhold is located at the airship dock in the Velika Outskirts.
Players cannot enter Harrowhold via instance matching.
Thanks for reporting this. It's a good catch.
The one shown in the top image is the Celestial Spirit Weapon Skin, I believe.
Koikoi wrote: »
Are you saying EME has a weekend staff?!? Since when?
kknaex wrote: »
Antler wrote: »
LesbianVi wrote: »
if its not there, you can fill a ticket for it, sometimes u gotta reset launcher and it comes later.

i'll try that, thx. hope they reply me within a week

I just purchased 12000emp from eme website and I got nothing yet.

When it comes to having more than one TERA Game Account on your En Masse Account, I believe you will need to manually choose which Game Account it gets delivered to.

If you are still logged into our Web Site, go into your Account Settings, then check in the lower-right for an "Unredeemed Codes" section, and it have you choose TERA or TERA 2.
yeahh....scrolls are not dropping. Liars!

It's not quite 11a.m. PST yet. I believe it will start in around 16 more minutes.
meomeo26 wrote: »
Just wondering.

There is going to be a News Post about it very shortly. ;)
GetSnyped wrote: »
servers already up

Looks like we didn't need the full 30 minutes extra, and servers are now up. :)
Looks like things are running just a little bit longer than our original projected time frame, so wanted to provide a heads up that the Servers should be back up in around another half hour ( 11:30 am PST ).

OP has requested the Thread be Locked.
7FELM9FY9A wrote: »
I've seen server going down quite often but I often couldn't find any information on Facebook or Twitter or in Forum. I know you guys are busy fixing it but it would be nice to have a "Server Status" category in Forum Home where people can be informed of server issue, reason, estimate of fix etc. Just to know that you guys are aware and fixing it would be helpful

It was being discussed in a different thread: ( https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/8673/server-down-xd/p1 )
StarSprite wrote: »
Looks like it's fixed o:

Yep, just received word that the issue preventing logins has now been resolved.
Just an FYI, that this is being looked into right now.

Servers are up, but there is something preventing access.
I'm not entirely sure if the "Indefatigable" Skill was meant to be removed without providing a replacement Racial Trait Passive Skill.
I went ahead and reported it for review.
Vinyltails wrote: »
Spacecats did say on stream that "You will know something about dragons next week"

It's still technically the weekend right now. :awesome:
RKC wrote: »
Nope it doesnt say we get 4 bank slots for free. It just said we get max bank slots for free with founder.

I can try to get more information about this, but will point out the Bank Tab info that is stated here :
( http://http://support.enmasse.com/tera/tera-game-account-types"]http://support.enmasse.com/tera/tera-game-account-types )
"The account will be upgraded to 4 total bank tabs and 8 total character slots per server, regardless of previous individual upgrades on the account."
Desusky wrote: »
  1. Nobody @ eme "actually" plays the game. We use to have GM's who were part of the early development game testers that actually kept playing the game. Now they all left or was fired from the company.

6. People at EME actually do play the game but it'll never be at the level people wish for. (If you work all day on a certain game, you're probably not going to go home and spend all your time playing that same game hardcore... or even gaming at all. People need a mental break.) And even then, people just assume that if they'd play the game more all these problems would magically go away, but the issues aren't from not knowing what the problems are.

I still play TERA on a near daily basis, and know that there are still many others within our office that play on at least a weekly basis.

I cannot claim to be "Best (Insert Class Name) NA", since I don't quite have as much time as I would like to invest, but I do have 13 level 65 characters, one of which is in full Conflate, another that is starting to get Imperator gear, and others that I have back-burnered, but still plan to come back at some point.
I didn't get all the info, but I believe this Maintenance is mainly meant to address some issues that came up on Tuesday, but also taking the time to put in some seasonal things that will get announced shortly.
Derpybowl wrote: »
why did you take out my ode to you @CobaltDragon

Although funny, it just wasn't appropriate for this type of thread's discussion.
Derpybowl wrote: »
Please look into this for us, it has to be done before Friday.

I did already report the issue.
musetwo wrote: »
http://tera.enmasse.com/server-status in other news on the page the shoot stuff with a spaceship seems to have some potential malware....

It's a Banner Ad, and thanks, I went ahead and reported it.
This is a breach in the Terms of Service, and would highly suggestion that you choose not to proceed before anything were to happen on your Account.
PGRKY33AMX wrote: »
I've had to take a quest to Velika and Every time I attempt to move or do anything it crashes, it has only done this there. Can someone help!?

You'll probably want to make a Support Ticket so that we can help assist, if it is one character specifically that is effected.

If it's happening on all character, still go ahead and make a Ticket and attach the text file from running our EME Diagnostic, and we'll be happy to look into it for you.
Ketoth wrote: »

We are aware. ETA = As soon as possible.
I believe some adjustment was made on that page now, so if you right-click on the grey box that says Popori, Castanic, Pumpkinhead, or Ovalith, it will actually allow you to "Save Link As" and be able to download the file.

Left-Clicking the boxes can still have intermittent issues, and result in a "404: Oops! That page doesn't exist. Mr. Snuggles was a bad kitty."
Ketoth wrote: »
* Spoilers * :awesome:


"Return to this page every Thursday morning at 11 a.m. PDT in the lead-up to release for new information about this expansive update!"

since you are here, can eme change the gear names?

Not my call, however I did pass along the Thread where players are providing feedback / suggestions.
* Spoilers * :awesome:
I went ahead and let the appropriate people know. :)
I put in a request to see if the links could be update. :)
Zoknahal wrote: »
As much as i would enjoy a Legacy/Vanilla server, like the times before Reaper and all of the new BS classes came to overshadow the original ones and etc etc, I would rather live on the present and look forward to the future. Clinging to the past is no good. There are many things of course from the past that can be brought back to the present, like the weapon skins that we are STILL waiting for in the fashion coupons, but overall, i look at the past, and i look at the present, theres good and bad things in both of them. One must learn to move forward without letting the glory of the past be an obstacle.

Jace21 wrote: »
@Vysse I am a lancer and I am almost out of resolve :cry:

It can be dangerous to go alone, so I'll throw down an Iron Will, Guardian Shout, and a Pledge of Protection, then Stand Fast next to you. ;)
jrtseven wrote: »
Magraal wrote: »
The Civil Unrest schedule has not changed. It will still be run at the same time each week. This week however they are planning to run it at 5pm PST Tuesday AS A TEST to find out why it has not been working for the last two weeks. In order to ensure they find the actual problem, they're running this test on the live servers, which means people will be able to participate, IF it works- which is why they have announced it to everyone.

Correct, however they have yet to officially announce their plans for testing. Spacecats wrote that we should expect a forum thread detailing their announcement, however it seems they can't be bothered to even give us an update.

As far as I have been informed, the details are still being finalized as we speak, so Spacecats should have new information to post very soon.
Your best bet is to make a Support Ticket, and state the exact moment your Game Client is crashing.

If you can make it all the way to character selection before the crash occurs, go ahead and include the characters you have tried logging into, like is it only effecting one specifically, or all characters...

Also, providing the text file that is created while running our EME Diagnostic (http://support.enmasse.com/tera/resolve-technical-issues-with-the-diagnostic-tool) certainly helps speed things along.
You bring up a lot of good points in this thread.
Haruuuu wrote: »
why do i get the feeling that the tera forum is full of eme/bhs staffs secretly replying as a user?

Loveberri wrote: »
Even after whatever patch and a server maint these issues still persist on day 6 for me. I'm guessing over at EME you since you guys see nothing on your end, you all are probably hoping like we are hoping that it will just 'fix itself' in time but its just frustrating because people in guild, and myself have dramatically reduced activity because this is unplayable in anything besides "i can't possibly die" content, like cw or kc. Just like consumers would have to call up their respective ISPs for major issues, I think you all should probably consider getting some kind of investigation or support from your provider or zayo or what have you, that can possibly at least give a reason.

You can feel free to contact our Support Team and provide an EME Diagnostic (If you have not already done so).

Most commonly, it ends up being some Security Software or conflicting installed program that restricts but doesn't fully block the required connection between your computer and our servers.

Other times, it can be the specific path your connection is taking to our servers, which can be caused by an unforeseen Internet Data Center Outage along that path.
It's already been reported by several players through Support Tickets as well as through the Forums.

I assume the report that was filed for it is still in the review process.
Tirani wrote: »
@CobaltDragon can we get some patch notes for todays maintence pls..

I don't believe there are any official Patch Notes for today's Maintenance.

It was a combination weekly Maintenance along with a Hotfix that is meant to address the issue with Civil Unrest that caused all servers to crash on Saturday.

In addition to those, there was also a change to Guild Quest Timers to make them more North American Server appropriate, Level 60 Scrolls can once again be used on a Ninja, and modifications made to the Goldfinger Box.
I believe there is a fix to the Goldfinger Boxes happening today during Maintenance.
KGTDHM6X6J wrote: »
I found out the hard way you only have 1 free transfer to AV form FF

You should be able to transfer multiple characters, as long as you have the Character Slot(s) available on Ascension Valley to do so.

If you're seeing any error after the first character, feel free to post a screenshot of what is preventing the transfer, or make a Support Ticket.
Pro Tip - If you saved the 4 free Character Slot Vouchers that you got from logging into the Fey Forest server, and you transfer them in the Inventory of the character you moved over first to Ascension Valley, you will have that many more character slots available to utilize. :pleased:
@Nishina - Another reason that the "Unable to Unzip Manifest" error can show up in the Launcher, is when you have a slightly older version of the launcher and it can't update properly... (Either recently reinstalling from another computer's older files, or installing through TERA's physical install cd's)

If either of those two situations occurred, I'd recommend removing that recent installation, and instead trying the Direct Full Download ( http://tera.enmasse.com/download )

If still no luck, please go ahead and make a Support Ticket (if you haven't already), and we'll be happy to help further. :awesome:
Is there any chance that your current hard drive that TERA is installed to lacks around 4 gbs of free space ?
Apparently this issue happens when the Web Browser has Opted-In to auto-fill in some specific personal information, and on the Billing Information page in particular, it currently won't show the "State" as a separate box to input information into, until after you have specifically typed in your city and then press the tab button.

Once the tab button has been pressed, it should automatically go down to the Country/State dropdown selection box.

Go ahead and select the Country, and then a new "State" box should appear above the Country/State dropdown.

Once you put that information into the newer State box, it should resolve the Error Code : 119
I mentioned this to both Spacecats and our Lead Producers this morning, so hopefully there will be additional rewards added very soon. :chuffed:
Tatakiwaru likes to play jokes. :awesome: Notice how he typed before each one of these "notifications".
Is anyone still seeing the same issue as what was reported by the OP ? If yes, what is your geographical location ?
I'm having another department look into this, and will hopefully have more information to provide once they get back to me.
Closing this thread, since you moved your post into the other Thread. :awesome:
Stargods wrote: »
Wunzigan wrote: »
Still having the 500 internal server error. RIP, despite servers being up.

Same here .-.

Can you please check again and let me know if you're still seeing it ?
Going to go ahead and close these extra Threads.

Feel free to post in this one : http://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/4920/todays-server-maintenance#latest
I am going to go ahead and close these extra threads.

Feel free to post into this one : http://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/4920/todays-server-maintenance#latest
Going to close these extra threads and direct everyone's post into the above mentioned Thread.
Servers seems up, I was able to log in.
Eiiji wrote: »
I still get 500 Internal Server Error after clicking login button.

Speaking with another department, apparently the Maintenance finished a lot faster than expected, so all the Servers have been brought back Online, but there will still be some additional back-end work being done, and some of our players may still experience intermittent issues with the Launcher.

If you do still see the 500 Internal Server Error, feel free to try to just restart the TERA Launcher, and see if you're able to login and press the "Play" button.

Maintenance should be complete around 9:00 am PDT, as long as everything goes smoothly.

will the login problem will be fixed? and is maint happened for server merge? :confounded:

The Login issues being discussed in this Thread will be resolved once access has been restored to all of our back-end stuff.

No, this maintenance is not the Server Merge that we are currently taking Feedback on in the other two Threads.
Sorry Alex, but Petitions are against the Forum Rules. :(
Maintenance should be complete around 9:00 am PDT, as long as everything goes smoothly.
Are you ready? I am ready. :awesome:
Closing this Thread, since this topic was already being discussed in this Thread : ( http://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/3998/free-wardrobe-expansion-items#latest )
It might be possible that it was dragged off-screen...

If that's the case, going into your Options Menu and then into the User Interface tab, you can click on Reset UI Positions or click the Reset all button, and see if that allows the TERA Rewards Window to be opened.
howrang44 wrote: »
well sorry but....it dose not work for me.....

If you can't resolve it from your end, go ahead and submit a Support Ticket, as explained in the above posts.
Thanks for letting me know it has now been resolved. :awesome:

If you did already make a Support Ticket, feel free to go ahead and set it to "Closed / Resolved" if you didn't have any further questions or issues.
As I mentioned in my first post in this Thread, if you're unable to resolve the Launcher issue from your end, it may be best to submit the Support Ticket now (with the attached Diagnostic text file).

You can certainly feel free to re-install TERA while waiting for your Support Ticket to be responded to, and then if there is any progress or changes after the re-install has completed, you can provide an update in that Ticket.
Closing a duplicate thread, since it was already being discussed here : ( http://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/3981/dreadspire-ticket#latest )
There are too many to provide a full list in this Thread, but common Security Software that we see our players using would be AVG, Norton 360 Security, Avast, Kaspersky Internet Security, McAfee Internet Security, Etc...

It can also be caused be having Settings set too high in Window Defender / Windows Firewall.
It might be Security Software related.

If you're not able to figure it out from your end, please feel free to create a Support Ticket and attach the text file that is created while running our EME Diagnostic : ( http://support.enmasse.com/tera/resolve-technical-issues-with-the-diagnostic-tool )
Did you Right-Click on them in your Inventory and actually see them being consumed, then attempt to go make a character ?
I will try to have this looked into as soon as possible.
If I was a GM Genie, I would grant my characters their own voice acting and also restore the Template / Remodel system in TERA, as well as quite a few other the above mentioned "wishes". :awesome:
After having another department look into the cause of this issue, they confirmed that the issue is actually on Steams end of things, and possibly due to the high volume of traffic Steam is experiencing from the recently announced Summer Sale.

The best advice I can provide at them moment is to wait a while, and then try again during a non-peak time to see if it's still happening.
Are you able to use this URL in the in-game Steam Overlay : https://store.enmasse.com/tera/steam-emp
I am able to confirm what the rest of these players have said is true. If you go that route, you're choosing to take an action that is in violation of the Terms of Service / Rules of Conduct.
Can you put this into your Web Address bar :


Then, navigate to the one you hid and click the little gear icon, then click "Unhide".
Do you mean this Section : http://forums.enmasse.com/tera/categories/news-announcements ?
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