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This was something Suggested pretty early on, so we have put in the request for a "Glyph Pre-sets" system, that allows you to have more than one Glyph setup that can be toggled through.
Efalikas wrote: »
I linked my account, but didn't get the mount still. Where do I find it?
If done correctly, the Terminus Mount should have been delivered to your Item Claim, and can then be claimed by a single character of your choosing.
I am going to tag @CobaltDragon in this, because it might be a better chance he may see your post and pop in with an official answer. According to the main announcement page "... when you hit certain level breakpoints with lancer and brawler characters, you’ll receive special leveling rewards..." I can't find anything that specifies whether it is only for new characters, or if the event includes existing characters. Because of that, I would "guess" that probably any Lancer or Brawler who is not yet level 64 can get the rewards, new or old.

If you have an existing Brawler or Lancer, then I just recommend you try to go up a few levels and just see if you get some rewards in your Parcel Post, for that new level. There are rewards every 4 to 7 levels (depending on which level you are), so it shouldn't take very long just to hit one level with rewards, to see if you get them. If you get rewards, then I STRONGLY RECOMMEND going on and getting the other rewards. This event is great, and the free rewards are amazing. I actually created a Lancer and a Brawler on my main gamertag, and got them both to level 65. I had so much fun, I actually created a Lancer and Brawler on my alt gamertag and got both of them to level 64. I will go back get those two up to 65 later, but 64 gave me all of the rewards from the event, so I took a break for now. :)

If you want to just try your existing character, then check this list for all of the rewards, at which levels. https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/29664/tank-leveling-event-for-lancers-and-brawlers Just look at the next level up from your character's current level, and shoot for that level. When you hit that level, you will get rewards in your Parcel Post, if the event applies to existing characters. You can only do it for ONE Brawler and ONE Lancer per server, so be sure you don't plan on creating that same type of character for the event, if you start leveling up an existing character for the event. Whether you want to try leveling a current character (to see if it works), or if you want to create a new character, be sure to do it soon. The event ends on Friday (23 November).

This is accurate. :)
Sounds like you might have needed to download the Deathwrack update in order to access it.
As far as I know, no current items available for purchase in the TERA Store will result in needing to do a separate download, as long as your TERA Game App is up-to-date.
No, there was not a Maintenance planned for today.
There was a unexpected Server crash on Meldita & Akasha today, and some reports of character disconnection on Lakan.
GJJ6PX43LW wrote: »
when does the consel get the brawler class for elin ?
Most like it will be a ways off, since that is a Race/Gender that was just added for Brawlers on TERA PC.
groovenik wrote: »
revamping some of the older weapon skin boxes (like Elleon's) that have a skin for each class except for Valkerie would be a great/easier start than something like the Steam Powered skins that only support the Original Eight classes

I'd like to see all of the premium skin boxes receive updates to include all in-game character classes, similar to how Brawler was added to the Rogue's Gallery skins in both rare/Shadowlaced and standard trim.

This was actually something we've been asking for, and it's been a bit slow, but some progress was made.
Those changes have yet to come over to Console, but Bluehole has started to go back through older Weapon Skin sets and made versions available for Classes beyond the original eight.

We attempted to include one of those changes during the release of Ninja on Console, specifically the Bloodshadow Weapon Skins, but there was a miscommunication that had occurred, and we later found out the intended skins wouldn't be available until a future game build version on Console.
66P6YL9MH3 wrote: »
Now, that brawlers can be elin's, I bought a race changer, however, it excludes: brawlers, ninjas, reapers or valkyries. Shouldn't we be able to race change our brawlers to elins?
Normally, when an update occurs that brings with it a new Race/Gender for an existing Class, there is usually a few weeks restriction on changing that Class to the new Race, in this case a Human Female or Human Male Brawler changing into an Elin.
I see players are now able to log back in.
Thank you for your patience.
Thanks for the report.
The appropriate Team is already looking into it, and will hopefully have Velika back Online shortly.
@GuardianAngelGG - I am happy to hear that the Leveling Event has been so enjoyable.

Also, if you have any feedback on areas of opportunities, I'll gladly take them.
This was something that I've already sent in a request for.
I'd also find it very useful, so hopefully the same system (or an improved system) can be brought over to Console.
SinfulSinz wrote: »
Three of the items in the fashion coupons is 1500 fashion coupons. It is in the Metal category.
That's an intentional change, as those items were types that were rewarded from previous (or current) Events.
The alternative to the raised cost in Fashion Coupons, would have been not offering them in the Fashion Coupon Shop at all, so this felt like the better option to go with.
In this situation, I would recommend that she choose to go the route of making a Support Ticket, without logging in.

1.) https://support.enmasse.com/tera

2.) Click on "I can't login"

3.) At the bottom of that page, click the " contact support for assistance." link.

4.) Go the route of choosing the drop down options like you just forgot your password
( TERA - Account Support - I can't log into my account - I forgot my password )

5.) Then click the "Submit a Ticket" button after it turns blue ( sometimes takes a few seconds )

She can then input any Message you want, and also provide both the Account's current Email, as well as the new Email that she'd want to receive a reply back to.

Also, she may want to proactively answer these specific questions within the message she sends :

1.) Public Nickname ? ( the Forum Identity on her Account, if she had set one ).
2.) Date of Birth ?
3.) Account Creation Date (or approximate guess) ?
4.) What was her Game Account Edition Type, or can she provide a physical Retail Activation Code # ?
(The types of Game Accounts are as follows : Free Standard version / Paid Retail Standard version with Founders Status / Paid Retail Collector's Edition version with Founders Status)
5.) Can she provide a list of her Character Names and the Servers she had created them on ?
6.) Physical geographical location the Account was created in ( City, State/Province, Country ) ?
Jackdantex wrote: »
Hello game on ps4 I have created several account and none of them give me the mount and pet , why does this happen?
PS4 NA or PS4 EU, and are you referring to the Lancer & Brawler Leveling Event, or are you referring to a promotional Mount gained from Account Linking ?
10/30 Deathwrack Update - Patch Notes

( French and German to be added )

English :

Added New Dungeons
  • The Abscess (7-Person)
  • Bathysmal Rise
  • Kalivan’s Dreadnaught
  • Velik’s Hold (normal)
  • Pit of Petrax (Solo Instance) - Accessed through "Karmok" in Highwatch

Removed Dungeons
  • Lilith’s Keep (normal/hard)
  • Ruinous Manor (normal/hard)
  • Shadow Sanguinary (normal/hard)
  • Skycruiser Endeavor Hard Mode

Rebalanced Dungeons
  • Demokron Factory is rebalanced to item level 417.

Added Features
  • Added Misery and Deathwrack gear sets.
  • Open World Rally BAMs will now appear at random times, notifying players 10 minutes beforehand.
  • New achievement season.
  • Looking for Group lets players customize requests for teammates to run through dungeons with.

Guild Improvements
  • Guild vs. Guild battles are now available (PVP servers only)

Warrior Improvements
  • Warrior skills have been updated and rebalanced.
  • Warriors no longer share Edge with other warriors in the same group.

Brawler Improvements
  • Brawler Growing Fury cooldown has been removed. Stat bonuses have been increased to 45 Power, 50 Crit Factor.
  • Rage Consumption reduced from 300 Rage per second to 250 Rage per second.
  • Glyph for Threatening Growing Fury (Increases aggro by 20%) has replaced Energetic Growing Fury.

Ninja Improvements
  • Focus no longer resets upon taking damage. Focus now resets when knocked down.

Reaper Improvements
Soul Reversal no longer teleports target to your location. Instead, it teleports you behind your target similar to Ninja's Decoy Jutsu.

Misc. Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • Can now upgrade gear that’s currently equipped.
  • Crystal tooltips now show the correct recommended classes.
  • Eliminated an issue where fusing crystals sometimes didn’t work properly.
  • The bottom half of the Crystal Fusion UI now displays correctly.
  • Toggling the Archer’s Sniper’s Eye no longer causes the animations to play thrice.
  • Sorcerer’s Mana Boost II effect now applies correctly.
  • Brawlers can now use Quick Dash twice.
  • When Brawlers use Counter as a chained skill following punch, the skill hits in the direction of the control stick
  • Players can now join parties, even if located in a different province.
  • The Guild UI will no longer display text in German on clients using English or French.
  • Parcel mail no longer says “Loading…” in the Sender section.
  • Holding down the skill button for Burst Fire now allows continuous firing in a skill chain.
  • Receive Reward buttons now activate after earning a daily or weekly bonus.
  • Dungeon difficulties are now localized consistently for Vanguard Requests.
  • Fixed some textures on cosmetic items.
  • Gridiron’s landmine guide now displays the text and background image correctly.

Known Issues
  • Reset times of Vanguard Missions, Dungeon Entries, and Elite Status cooldowns was changed to 2pm UTC ( which is 7am PDT).
  • Attempting to fight some Island of Dawn BAMs result in the TERA Game App crashing.
  • Players may experience issues with customized skill chains working intermittently or skipping certain skills. Bluehole is aware of this issue and is working to resolve it.
  • Escape skills now move reapers and priests in the direction the character faces, rather than the control stick. These should be fixed in a maintenance on 11/8.
  • LFG Publicize message shows up as a configuration number rather than the intended message.
  • Elite Instance Reset Scrolls are not resetting Dungeons, with the exception of some Solo Dungeons.
  • In Baracos' Trial after resetting the number of entries, the third and fourth run seem to not be dropping Tokens.
  • Text from chat channels (like Area, Guild, and Global Chat) show a text bubble in white font color above your character, rather than the corresponding channel color.
  • The Priest skill "Kaia’s shield" currently overrides the Mystic skill "Warding Totem".
  • In the Crafting Menu, all of the Weapons and Armors are only displaying the base level, instead of showing both the base and max level, like they had previously ( They now show levels like 435/435, 381/381, 369/369, etc.)

In an effort to identify additional new issues that have have been included with the Deathwrack update as soon as possible, please use this Forum Thread to bring them to our attention, so that we can review and pass the information along to the Developer.
In an effort to identify new issues that have have been included in with the Deathwrack update as soon as possible, please use this Thread to discuss them.

We will continue to update this Thread with Known Issues that have been confirmed and sent on to the Developer.
Here is the full list of items received as you level up on a Lancer / Brawler.

Level 2 (Contains the following) :
50% XP Boost (1 Hour) x1
Minor Recovery Potable x20
Minor Replenishment Potable x20

Level 6 (Contains the following) :
Amethyst x1
Tier 1 Feedstock x100
Tier 1 Alkahest x100

Level 10 (Contains the following) :
Pearl x1
Tier 1 Feedstock x500
Tier 1 Alkahest x500

Level 16 (Contains the following) :
50% XP Boost (1 Hour) x2
Mirrored Shades
Goddess' Blessing x10
Riding Skill: Noble Tempermare (Permanent Mount)

Level 22 (Contains the following) :
Expedition Healing Potion x30
Expedition Mana Potion x30
XXII Token x8

Level 27 (Contains the following) :
Ruby x1
50% XP Boost (5 Hours) x1
Bravery Potion x50
XXVII Token x8
Care and Use of Your Pet Viridette (Permanent Pet)

Level 34 (Contains the following) :
Fine Pounding Pentant x4
Fine Hardy Pentant x4
Fine Threatening Pentant x2
Goddess' Blessing x5
Divine Infusion x40
XXXIV Token x8
Tier 2 Feedstock x300
Tier 2 Alkahest x300

Level 38 (Contains the following) :
Sapphire x4
Fashion Coupon x400
100% XP Boost (1 Hour) x1
Goddess' Blessing x10
Traditional Bleakfields BBQ x15
XXXVIII Token x8

Level 45 (Contains the following) :
Experience Points (Level 40) x2
Major Recovery Potable x50
Major Replenishment Potable x50
XLIV Token x8
Tier 2 Feedstock x400
Tier 2 Alkahest x400
Goddess' Blessing x5
Experience Points (Level 45) x2
100% XP Boost (5 Hours) x1
Traditional Bleakfields BBQ x15
Swirled Sweets x15
Complete Crystalbinds x40

Level 50 (Contains the following) :
Emerald x1
Tier 3 Feedstock x400
Tier 3 Alkahest x400
L Token x8
Goddess' Blessing x10
Experience Points (Level 50) x3
100% XP Boost (1 Day) x1
Traditional Bleakfields BBQ x15
Lamb Bulgogi x15
Prime Battle Solution x15

Level 55 (Contains the following) :
Emerald x3
Fine Hardy Crux x4
Fine Pounding Crux x4
Fine Threatening Crux x2
LV Token x8
LVIII Token x8
Tier 3 Feedstock x300
Tier 3 Alkahest x300
Goddess' Blessing x10
Experience Points (Level 50) x2
100% XP Boost (1 Day) x3
Traditional Bleakfields BBQ x15
Lamb Bulgogi x15
Prime Battle Solution x15

Level 60 (Contains the following) :
Emerald x5
Fine Hardy Crux x4
Fine Pounding Crux x4
Fine Threatening Crux x4
Tier 4 Feedstock x300
Tier 4 Alkahest x300
Simple Threatening Brooch
LX, LXIII Token x8
Goddess' Blessing x10
Instance Reset Scroll x3
100% XP Boost (7 Days) x1
Traditional Bleakfields BBQ x15
Lamb Bulgogi x30
Prime Battle Solution x30
Lancer Specific :
Lancer Bellicarium Glyph Box x10
Brawler Specific :
Brawler Bellicarium Glyph Box x10

Level 62 (Contains the following) :
Diamond x1
LX, LXIII Token x14
Instance Reset Scroll x5
Smart Dyad Structure x4
Lancer Specific :
Garden-Variety Lance (Permanent Weapon Skin) and Dyeable Guile Mail (Permanent Costume)
Brawler Specific :
Silver Powerpulse Fists (Permanent Weapon Skin) and Ornamental Hauberk (Permanent Costume)

Level 64 (Contains the following) :
Lancer Specific :
Nobblespike (Guile Weapon) and Artfyll Mail (Guile Chest)
Brawler Specific :
Unsubtle Hands (Guile Weapon) and Ragefyll Mail(Guile Chest)
Plodsnappers (Guile Gloves)
Smootstomps (Guile Boots)
Guile Belt
Estate Necklace
Estateguest Earring
Estateborne Earring
Estateguest Ring
Estateborne Ring
Undercede Token x80
Intercede Token x500
Fine Hardy Niveot x4
Fine Pounding Niveot x4
Fine Threatening Niveot x4
Threatening Vyrsk
Tier 9 Feedstock x200
Tier 9 Alkahest x200
Tier 10 Feedstock x500
Tier 10 Alkahest x500
Master Enigmatic Scroll x50
Spellbind x300
Semi-Enigmatic Scroll x10
Goddess' Blessing x15
Prime Recovery Potable x50
Prime Replenishment Potable x50
Noctenium Infusion x1,000 Crate x2
I'd probably recommend temporarily deleting at least 5 characters (Probably the ones you plan to keep, unless they are currently in a Guild), which will allow you to log back into the 5 remaining, then go and claim anything you want to save from those characters.

Once you have everything of worth removed, you can set those to be deleted, and then open a Support Ticket and specify that you would like your original 5 characters restored.

The alternative, would be still temporarily deleting at least 5 character, but then logging in and adding 5 Additional Character Slot Vouchers, then requesting our Support restore the 5 characters you had to delete to log in.
This issue has already been reported, and is considered a Known Issue.

There is a simple workaround, which is usually just waiting a few extra seconds (or up to a minute) after it displays the Server Selection Screen.

This allows everything on that screen to finish loading, and then when you go to select your Server, it will continue on successfully and show you your Character Selection Screen.
Sorry to hear that it wasn't taken care of during the first reply on the Ticket.

I'd probably just update the Support Ticket with clarification on your request (as there may have been a misunderstanding), and then wait a bit for the next reply by the Agent.
You can try opening a Support Ticket.
As mentioned in our EME Discord Channel when this same question was asked, the Deathwrack Promotional Page has dates listed, but that is the date that new Information is revealed on that specific Promotional Page, it is not the date of when these updates are actually being added in on TERA Console.

Just to clarify, the updates are coming very soon, and an Official Release Date will be announced.
MajHavok1 wrote: »
I had a perma jade dragon taken
Damn you're right, my permanent Jadehearts are also gone

Have either of you opened a Ticket already ?

Would you be willing to confirm the Character Name / Server Name of where a Permanent version of a Riding Skill: Jadeheart had been removed ? ( it sounds like it did not effect an already learned Jadeheart Mount )

As far as I know, the Jadeheart was not intended to be removed at all, and the only reports of it that I am seeing, is here within this Thread.
For those that may have not seen it, we added a new Thread within our "Console - News & Announcements" section.

You can check out that new Thread HERE.
Bluehole has asked EME to gather some very specific information, and provide examples of short video clips that highlight performance issues on TERA Console that players are currently experiencing.

If you would like to contribute to the on-going effort to improve performance, please provide a short video clip (or link), as well as the following information in this Format :

Server :
Character Name :

Description: ( What were you trying to do? What went wrong? )

Regional Time and Date that this occurred :

If applicable, which Channel were you located in :

For the short Video Clip (or link), Bluehole is looking for examples that show a less than ideal performance in a specific area or Zone ( Such as inside a Battleground, in a Dungeon, navigating around in any Major City, etc.) or while using any Features ( Such as moving between portions of the User Interface Menus, Interacting with NPC's, etc.)

It is very helpful if you include a time-stamp within the description, stating where within the video clip that it's the most noticeable.
( Example : 02:37 into the video, you can see how the screen froze up, and I was unable to move my character for 6 seconds, the screen then unfroze and I was able to regain control of my character. )

To be a bit more transparent, the types of video clips we are requesting should highlight moments of terrible performance, whether that be several seconds where the screen lags and you're unable to control your character, or perhaps a moment where it takes several seconds for an NPC to display it's dialog or offer you a quest.

Thank you to all that choose to contribute the above information with a video clip
@TLX - I believe you were looking at a News Post that announced a Leveling Event specific to TERA PC.

On Console, we currently have a leveling Event going for the Ninja Class, and will explore the idea of holding similar Events for other Classes in the near future.
I've removed multiple Forum "Personal Attacks" from within the Forum Thread.
Continued Forum Violations will see additional action taken.
groovenik wrote: »
My only gripe was the 90 minutes of server maintenance that occurred DURING the tail-end of the leveling event. Which, AFAIK, will NOT be added to or compensated for in any way.

This is not accurate, just as an FYI...
Xbox NA, Xbox EU, and PS4 NA were all given a bit of additional time to account for the second maintenance on 9/19.
PS4 EU finished their 24 hour window before that maintenance, so they were not affected.
Looks like your Support Ticket was responded to already. ;)
9/17 Maintenance – Patch Notes

English :

Added the Ninja Class
    New characters can choose to be an elin ninja.

Added Titles and Achievements for the Ninja Launch:
  • Cutting Edge – Awarded to the first ninja to reach level 65 on that server.
  • Jounin – Awarded to ninjas who reach level 65 within the first 24 hours of the leveling event. *
  • Chuunin – Awarded to ninjas who reach level 60 within the first 24 hours of the leveling event. *
  • Genin – Awarded to ninjas who reach level 58 within the first 24 hours of the leveling event. *
  • Quick Ninja – Awarded to ninjas who reach level 30 within the first 24 hours of the leveling event. *

    * Jounin, Chuunin, Genin, and Quick Ninja will be awarded to eligible players at a later date during a maintenance.

Added Guild Features
  • Guild quests: Allows members to work together, earning guild experience and guild funds.
  • Guild skills: Earned by leveling the guild, these can enhance member skills, movement speed, and mounted speed.
  • Guild funds: These funds can be distributed equally guild members once a week

Guild Improvements
  • The guild logo now displays in all interfaces.
  • Guild member lists now display correctly after adding a new member.
  • Joining a guild no longer causes a client crash.
  • Inviting an offline character to a guild now displays a system message.
  • Newly-created guilds now appear in the list of existing guilds.
  • Guild member list now scrolls correctly.
  • Pending guild applications now display consistently.
  • Longer guild names no longer get cut off in the guild search UI.

Audio Improvements
  • Players can now mute microphones.
  • Game sound volume no longer gets set to the microphone volume where it could not be changed.
  • Voice chat now consistently reduces game sound when speaking.

Misc. Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • The current tab is now selected when items are removed from a temporary bank tab, rather than the first bank tab.
  • Group UI now displays consistently.
  • Divider no longer improperly appears on a temporary bank tab.
  • Skill UI now opens correctly via instructor NPC interaction.
  • Distances now display properly on the crosshairs.
  • Radial UI no longer remains on screen after a selection is made.
  • Bleak Wings consumable now consistently applies its effect to members of the group.
  • Archer’s Snare skill properly displayed and consumed MP.
  • Lancer's skill prompts no longer stay on screen.
  • Players can now cancel resurrection scrolls.
  • Item level of available rewards in Instance Matching UI no longer displays as 0.
  • Brawler's rage gauge no longer flickers.
  • Arcane Pulse no longer displays as fully charged while changing from first to second charge.
  • Refreshing the Friends UI no longer causes a "Data loading" message if one had no registered friends.
  • When Focus is fully stacked and the player is Focused, the duration of Focused now refreshes correctly.
  • On Xbox One, the B button no longer stops working after selecting a disabled menu.
  • Fixed the commander’s interface in Fraywind Canyon.
  • In Balder’s Temple, firing the siege weapon no longer causes the ceiling to flicker.
  • In Balder’s Temple, the siege weapon’s targeting effect now displays properly.

Notes de mise à jour - Français:

Nouvelle classe Ninja
    Les nouveaux personnages peuvent maintenant être des Élins ninjas.

Nouveaux titres et épreuves pour le lancement du ninja :
  • Ninja de pointe – décerné au premier ninja à atteindre le niveau 65 sur ce serveur.
  • Un cran au-dessus – décerné aux ninjas qui atteignent le niveau 65 au cours des premières 24 heures de l'événement qui permet de gagner des niveaux. *
  • Ninja fondatrice – décerné aux ninjas qui atteignent le niveau 60 au cours des premières 24 heures de l'événement qui permet de gagner des niveaux. *
  • Genin – décerné aux ninjas qui atteignent le niveau 58 au cours des premières 24 heures de l'événement qui permet de gagner des niveaux. *
  • Meilleure Ninja – décerné aux ninjas qui atteignent le niveau 30 au cours des premières 24 heures de l'événement qui permet de gagner des niveaux. *

    * Les titres Un cran au-dessus, Ninja fondatrice, Genin et Meilleure Ninja seront décernés aux joueurs éligibles lors d'une maintenance à une date ultérieure.

Nouvelles fonctionnalités de guilde
  • Quêtes de guilde : Permet aux membres de travailler ensemble pour gagner de l'expérience de guilde et de l'or de guilde.
  • Compétences de guilde : Obtenues en faisant passer la guilde à un niveau supérieur, elles peuvent améliorer les compétences des membres, ainsi que la vitesse de déplacement au sol et sur les montures.
  • Or de guilde : Cet or peut être distribué équitablement entre les membres de la guilde une fois par semaine.

Amélioration des guildes
  • Le logo de la guilde s'affiche maintenant sur toutes les interfaces.
  • La liste des membres de la guilde s'affiche maintenant correctement après avoir ajouté un nouveau membre.
  • Rejoindre une guilde ne cause plus un crash du client.
  • Inviter un personnage hors-ligne à rejoindre une guilde fait maintenant apparaître un message système.
  • Les guildes récemment créées apparaîtront désormais dans la liste des guildes existantes.
  • La liste des membres de la guilde défile maintenant correctement.
  • Les applications en attente de la guilde s'affichent maintenant systématiquement.
  • Les longs noms de guilde ne seront plus coupés dans l'IU de recherche de guilde.

Améliorations audios
  • Les joueurs peuvent maintenant désactiver leur micro.
  • Le volume du jeu n'est plus défini en fonction du volume du micro, ce qui faisait qu'il ne pouvait pas être modifié.
  • Avec le chat vocal, le volume du jeu est maintenant automatiquement réduit lorsqu'un joueur parle.

Divers Améliorations et corrections de bogues
  • L'onglet actuel est maintenant sélectionné lorsque vous enlevez des objets d'un onglet de banque temporaire, au lieu du premier onglet de banque.
  • L'IU Groupe s'affiche maintenant de manière constante.
  • Une séparation ne s'affiche plus par erreur dans les onglets de banque temporaires.
  • L'IU Compétence s'affiche maintenant correctement lors d'une interaction avec un PNJ.
  • Les distances s'affichent maintenant correctement dans les lunettes de visée.
  • L'IU Radial ne reste plus à l'écran quand une sélection est faite.
  • Le consommable Ailes lugubres applique maintenant systématiquement ses effets aux membres du groupe.
  • La compétence d'archer Piège entravant et les PM consommés s'affichent maintenant correctement.
  • Les informations de la compétence de lancier ne restent plus sur l'écran.
  • Les joueurs peuvent maintenant annuler les parchemins de résurrection.
  • Le niveau des récompenses disponibles dans l'IU Recherche d'instances n'affiche plus 0.
  • La jauge de rage des Tempétueuses ne clignote plus.
  • L'impulsion arcanique n'apparait plus comme étant complètement chargée en passant de la première à la deuxième charge.
  • Actualiser l'IU Amis n'affiche plus le message « Données en cours de chargement » si le joueur n'a aucun ami enregistré.
  • Quand la Concentration est complètement chargée et que le joueur est Concentré, la durée de l'effet Concentré s'actualise maintenant correctement.
  • Sur Xbox One, le bouton B continue maintenant de fonctionner après avoir sélectionné un menu désactivé.
  • L'interface du commandant est réparée dans la Gorge de Venteguerre.
  • Dans le Temple de Balder, tirer avec l'arme de siège ne fait plus clignoter le plafond.
  • Dans le Temple de Balder, l'effet de ciblage de l'arme de siège s'affiche maintenant correctement.

Patch-Hinweise - Deutsch

Neue Ninja-Klasse
    Neue Charaktere können jetzt als Elin-Ninja erstellt werden.

Neue Titel und Erfolge für den Ninja-Start:
  • Höchst-Ninja: Für die erste Ninja auf dem jeweiligen Server, die Stufe 65 erreicht.
  • Aufsteiger: Für Ninjas, die innerhalb der ersten 24 Stunden des Stufenaufstiegs-Events Stufe 65 erreichen. *
  • Meisterninja: Für Ninjas, die innerhalb der ersten 24 Stunden des Stufenaufstiegs-Events Stufe 60 erreichen. *
  • Genin: Für Ninjas, die innerhalb der ersten 24 Stunden des Stufenaufstiegs-Events Stufe 58 erreichen. *
  • Führende Ninja: Für Ninjas, die innerhalb der ersten 24 Stunden des Stufenaufstiegs-Events Stufe 30 erreichen. *

    * Die Titel Aufsteiger, Meisterninja, Genin und Führende Ninja werden den entsprechenden Spielern zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt während einer Wartung verliehen.

Neue Gildenfunktionen
  • Gildenquests: Mitglieder können zusammenarbeiten, Gildenerfahrung sammeln und Gildengold verdienen.
  • Gildenfertigkeiten: Werden durch Stufenaufstiege der Gilde verdient und dienen dem Verbessern der Fertigkeiten der Mitglieder, der Bewegungsgeschwindigkeit und der Reittiergeschwindigkeit.
  • Gildengold: Das Gold kann einmal wöchentlich gleichmäßig unter den Mitgliedern verteilt werden.

  • Das Gildenlogo wird jetzt in allen Benutzeroberflächen angezeigt.
  • Gildenmitgliederlisten werden jetzt korrekt angezeigt, wenn ein neues Mitglied hinzugefügt wurde.
  • Gildenbeitritte führen jetzt nicht mehr zum Absturz des Clients.
  • Beim Einladen eines Charakters, der offline ist, in eine Gilde wird jetzt eine Systemnachricht angezeigt.
  • Neu erstellte Gilden werden jetzt in der Liste vorhandener Gilden angezeigt.
  • Gildenmitgliederlisten können jetzt korrekt gescrollt werden.
  • Ausstehende Gildenbewerbungen werden jetzt konsistent angezeigt.
  • Längere Gildennamen werden im Gildensuchfenster nicht mehr abgeschnitten.

  • Spieler können Mikrofone jetzt stummschalten.
  • Die Spiellautstärke wird nicht mehr automatisch auf die Mikrofonlautstärke eingestellt, wenn sie nicht geändert werden kann.
  • Im Voice-Chat wird jetzt beim Sprechen die Spiellautstärke konsistent verringert.

Verschiedenes Verbesserungen und Fehlerbehebungen
  • Statt dem ersten Bank-Reiter ist jetzt der aktuelle Reiter ausgewählt, wenn Gegenstände aus einem temporären Bank-Reiter entfernt werden.
  • Das Gruppen-UI wird jetzt konsistent angezeigt.
  • Auf temporären Bank-Reitern wird der Teiler jetzt nicht mehr falsch dargestellt.
  • Das Fertigkeiten-UI wird jetzt bei Interaktion mit Ausbilder-NPC korrekt geöffnet.
  • Im Fadenkreuz werden die Entfernungen jetzt korrekt angezeigt.
  • Das Radial-UI bleibt jetzt nicht mehr eingeblendet, nachdem die Auswahl getroffen wurde.
  • Düsterflügelfilet-Verbrauchsgegenstand wirkt jetzt konsistent auf die Gruppenmitglieder.
  • Die Fertigkeit "Einschnürfalle" von Bogenschützen wird jetzt korrekt angezeigt, MP werden korrekt verbraucht.
  • Lanzer-Fertigkeit-Dialogfenster bleiben nicht mehr auf dem Bildschirm.
  • Spieler können die Wirkung von Schriftrollen der Wiederbelebung jetzt entfernen.
  • Die Gegenstandsstufe verfügbarer Belohnungen wird bei der Instanzgruppensuche nicht mehr mit 0 angezeigt.
  • Die Wutanzeige von Sturmfurien flimmert nicht mehr.
  • Der Arkanimpuls wird nicht mehr als voll aufgeladen angezeigt, wenn von der ersten zur zweiten Ladung gewechselt wird.
  • Beim Neuladen von Freunde-UIs wird die Meldung "Daten werden geladen" nicht mehr angezeigt, wenn keine Freunde registriert sind.
  • Wenn die Vorbereitung zur Konzentration voll akkumuliert und der Spieler konzentriert ist, wird die Konzentrationsdauer jetzt korrekt aktualisiert.
  • Auf Xbox One wird die B-Taste nicht mehr deaktiviert, wenn ein deaktiviertes Menü ausgewählt wurde.
  • Die Benutzeroberfläche des Kommandanten im Canyon der Ehre wurde repariert.
  • In Balders Tempel kommt es beim Abfeuern der Belagerungswaffe nicht mehr zum Flimmern der Decke.
  • In Balders Tempel wird der Zieleffekt der Belagerungswaffe jetzt korrekt angezeigt.
Here is a list of all rewards obtainable from the Ninja Leveling Event Boxes

Level 10 Ninja Box (Contains the following) :
  • Amethyst x1
  • 50% XP Boost (1 Hour) x1
  • Minor Recovery Potable x20
  • Minor Replenishment Potable x20
  • Tier 1 Feedstock x200
  • Tier 1 Alkahest x200
  • Level 20 Ninja Box x1

Level 20 Ninja Box (Contains the following) :
  • Pearl x1
  • Goddess' Blessing x1
  • 50% XP Boost (1 Hour) x2
  • Expedition Healing Potion x30
  • Expedition Mana Potion x30
  • Tier 1 Feedstock x300
  • Tier 1 Alkahest x300
  • XXII Token x8
  • XXVII Token x8
  • Level 30 Ninja Box x1

Level 30 Ninja Box (Contains the following) :
  • Ruby x1
  • Goddess' Blessing x5
  • 50% XP Boost (5 Hours) x1
  • Bravery Potion x50
  • Divine Infusion x40
  • Tier 2 Enchantment Materials Box x1
  • XXXIV Token x8
  • XXXVIII Token x8
  • Level 40 Ninja Box x1

Level 40 Ninja Box (Contains the following) :
  • Sapphire x1
  • Goddess' Blessing x5
  • Experience Points (Level 40) x2
  • Fine Hardy Pentant x4
  • 100% XP Boost (1 Hour) x1
  • Major Recovery Potable x50
  • Major Replenishment Potable x50
  • Tier 2 Enchantment Materials Box x1
  • XLIV Token x8
  • Level 45 Ninja Box x1

Level 45 Ninja Box (Contains the following) :
  • Sapphire x3
  • Fine Relentless Pentant x4
  • Level 45 Consumable Box x1
  • Fashion Coupon x400
  • Tier 2 Enchantment Materials Box x1
  • Level 50 Ninja Box x1

Level 50 Ninja Box (Contains the following) :
  • Emerald x1
  • Fine Carving Pentant x4
  • Level 50 Consumable Box x1
  • L Token x8
  • Tier 3 Feedstock x300
  • Tier 3 Alkahest x300
  • Level 55 Ninja Box x1

Level 55 Ninja Box (Contains the following) :
  • Emerald x3
  • Fine Hardy Pentant x4
  • Fine Relentless Pentant x4
  • Fine Carving Pentant x4
  • Level 55 Consumable Box x1
  • LV Token x8
  • LVIII Token x8
  • Tier 3 Feedstock x300
  • Tier 3 Alkahest x300
  • Level 60 Ninja Box x1

Level 60 Ninja Box (Contains the following) :
  • Emerald x5
  • Fine Hardy Crux x4
  • Fine Relentless Crux x4
  • Fine Carving Crux x4
  • Level 60 Consumable Box x1
  • Tier 4 Feedstock x300
  • Tier 4 Alkahest 300
  • LX Token x20
  • Level 65 Ninja Box x1

Level 65 Ninja Box (Contains the following) :
  • Diamond x1
  • Instance Reset Scroll x5
  • Smart Dyad Structure x4
  • Undercede Token x80
  • Intercede Token x500
  • Kunoichi Robe x1
  • Butterfly Shuriken x1
  • Level 65 Enchantment Box x1
  • Level 65 Consumable Box x1
  • Level 65 Niveot Box x1

Extra information about the additional Boxes provided within the above leveling boxes :

Tier 2 Enchantment Materials Box (Contains the following) :
  • Tier 2 Feedstock x300
  • Tier 2 Alkahest x300

Level 45 Consumable Box (Contains the following) :
  • Goddess' Blessing x5
  • Experience Points (Level 45) x2
  • 100% XP Boost (5 Hours) x1
  • Traditional Bleakfields BBQ x15
  • Swirled Sweets x15
  • Complete Crystalbinds x40

Level 50 Consumable Box (Contains the following) :
  • Goddess' Blessing x10
  • Experience Points (Level 50) x2
  • 100% XP Boost (1 Day) x1
  • Traditional Bleakfields BBQ x15
  • Lamb Bulgogi x15
  • Prime Battle Solution x15

Level 55 Consumable Box (Contains the following) :
  • Goddess' Blessing x10
  • Experience Points (Level 50) x2
  • 100% XP Boost (1 Day) x3
  • Traditional Bleakfields BBQ x15
  • Lamb Bulgogi x15
  • Prime Battle Solution x15

Level 60 Consumable Box (Contains the following) :
  • Goddess' Blessing x10
  • Instance Reset Scroll x3
  • 100% XP Boost (7 Days) x1
  • Traditional Bleakfields BBQ x15
  • Lamb Bulgogi x30
  • Prime Battle Solution x30

Level 65 Enchantment Box (Contains the following) :
  • Tier 9 Feedstock x200
  • Tier 9 Alkahest x200
  • Master Enigmatic Scroll x50
  • Spellbind x300
  • Semi-Enigmatic Scroll x10

Level 65 Consumable Box (Contains the following) :
  • Goddess' Blessing x15
  • Prime Recovery Potable x50
  • Prime Replenishment Potable x50
  • Noctenium Infusion x1,000 Crate x2

Level 65 Niveot Box (Contains the following) :
  • Hardy Niveot x4
  • Relentless Niveot x4
  • Carving Niveot x4
For some context, there was some confusions between PC and Console players, where they would refer to the News and Announcement section, thinking an Event should be active on their specific Platform that they are playing on, but in actuality, it might have been an Event that is running on a Platform that was different than the type they are using.

Due to that, we felt it best to make sure each Platform has it's own News and Announcement section, and also reformatted the sections slightly, so that it is more clearly defined if you're browsing in the TERA PC section or within the TERA Console section.

There will be some information that is eventually added into "Console - News & Announcements" , but as pointed out by TGWolf, the Console Announcements are primarily distributed in News Post form at this time.
Can we buy stuff from En Masse Store for tera and put it on ps4 version somehow?
No, Web Store Purchases are not delivered to Console Accounts.
AHY9GLNMYG wrote: »
So I took a break from Tera and came back today. I have spent money on the game in the past and because I didn't know about the server merge I didn't do any of the things I needed to. I spent money on the game before the merge to get more characters and cosmetics. I dont remember what items were on what characters (both paid for and just good items) so I dont want to just delete some. I was wondering what I could do? I enjoy the game and dont want to have spite towards it because I lost money and progress.
If you submit a Support Ticket , our Agents can help you identify which costumes are bound to each of your characters, which should hopefully help you identify the character's you'd be willing to delete.
It was on our list to complete during Maintenance, however there was a complication that occurred, so I believe we'll plan to remove the Temple / Claret Medallions during the next Maintenance.
English Patch Notes for 50.04 :
Bug Fixes
  • We fixed a bug in the resurrection interaction popup window that caused it to briefly display a 10-second remaining time (instead of the actual remaining time) when the window is changed to a normal popup window.
  • The non-mobile siege weapon in the fourth boss area of Balder's Temple now properly displays the projectile and explosion effects.
  • Deleting a stored entry in the Travel Journal no longer deletes the entry at the top of the list.
  • Achievements related to dungeon matching between servers can now be completed properly.

  • We corrected an issue in the Guild Finder UI that only allowed “Search” to work when all the Guild Attributes fields were selected for the search.
  • Clicking rapidly multiple times on the Unstuck menu in the Options UI no longer causes the button to malfunction.
  • Opening Enigmatic Reset in the Enchanting UI no longer causes the client to crash.
  • The text in the Enchanting UI now displays properly, and Enchanting functions regardless of the steps used to open the UI.
  • Changeable options in the Enigmatic Reset UI now display properly, and items can be re-identified as intended.
  • Changing the inventory tab no longer causes the tab lists to overlap.

Français Notes de mise à jour 50.04 :
Corrections de bogues
  • Nous avons corrigé un bogue dans la fenêtre contextuelle interactive de résurrection qui affichait brièvement un délai de 10 secondes restantes (au lieu du temps restant réel) lorsque la fenêtre passait à une fenêtre contextuelle normale.
  • L'arme de siège non mobile dans la zone du quatrième boss du Temple de Balder affiche maintenant les bons effets d'explosion et de projectiles.
  • Supprimer une entrée enregistrée dans le Guide du voyageur ne supprime plus l'entrée au sommet de la liste.
  • Les épreuves liées à des recherches de donjons entre les serveurs peuvent maintenant être accomplies normalement.

  • Nous avons corrigé un problème avec l'IU Recherche de guilde, dans laquelle « Rechercher » ne fonctionnait que lorsque tous les champs des Paramètres de la guilde étaient sélectionnés pour la recherche.
  • Cliquer rapidement plusieurs fois sur le menu Déblocage dans l'IU Options ne crée plus de dysfonctionnement du bouton.
  • Ouvrir une Réinitialisation énigmatique dans l'IU Enchantement ne fait plus planter le client.
  • Le texte de l'IU Enchantement s'affiche désormais correctement, et l'enchantement fonctionne indépendamment de la façon dont l'IU a été ouverte.
  • Les options modifiables dans l'IU Réinitialisation énigmatique s'affichent désormais correctement, et les objets peuvent être identifiés à nouveau comme prévu.
  • Modifier l'onglet d'inventaire ne cause plus de chevauchement des listes d'onglets.

Deutsch Patch-Hinweise für 50.04 :
  • Wir haben einen Fehler im Interaktions-Popup bei der Wiederbelebung behoben, der dafür sorgte, dass kurz 10 Sekunden verbleibende Zeit (anstelle der tatsächlich verbleibenden Zeit) angezeigt wurden, wenn das Fenster zu einem normalen Popup-Fenster geändert wurde.
  • Die unbewegliche Belagerungswaffe im vierten Bossgebiet von Balders Tempel zeigt jetzt die korrekten Projektil- und Explosionseffekte an.
  • Wenn man einen gespeicherten Eintrag im Reisetagebuch löscht, wird nicht mehr der Eintrag gelöscht, der ganz oben auf der Liste steht.
  • Erfolge bei der Dungeon-Suche zwischen Servern können jetzt korrekt abgeschlossen werden.

  • Wir haben einen Fehler in der Gildensuche-UI behoben, der dafür sorgte, dass die Suche nur dann funktionierte, wenn alle Gildeneigenschaften-Felder für die Suche ausgewählt waren.
  • Wenn man in der Optionen-UI im Befreien-Menü mehrmals schnell hintereinander klickt, funktioniert die Schaltfläche jetzt trotzdem korrekt.
  • Wenn man in der Verzauberungs-UI „Verwandlung zurücksetzen“ öffnet, stürzt der Client nicht mehr ab.
  • Der Text in der Verzauberungs-UI und die Verzauberungsfunktionen werden jetzt korrekt angezeigt, egal, wie man die UI geöffnet hat.
  • Änderbare Optionen in der „Verwandlung zurücksetzen“-UI werden jetzt korrekt angezeigt und die Einträge können wie beabsichtigt wiedererkannt werden.
  • Beim Ändern des Inventar-Reiters überlappen sich die Reiterlisten nicht mehr.
KingBowie wrote: »
Can I save these or will they disappear after the August 21st update?
You can choose to save them, if you wish. They will stay in Item Claim, or on the Character / Server you claim them on.
TGWolf wrote: »
There are a few small losses I'll be taking (such as I own a Founders Pack already but have no access to it and can't repurchase)

I believe Founder's Packs were temporarily re-added to the Xbox Store, specifically for new players logging in from Australia & New Zealand.
I don't think I have a great answer to this...

First, just to clarify, characters already created on Xbox EU Servers won't be able to be transferred over to Xbox NA Servers, unfortunately.

You are kinda put in a position of making your own choice, whether you want to choose to keep playing on Xbox EU with your existing characters, or decide to take the alternative option of starting a new character on one of the Xbox NA Servers.
It is entirely up to you on what you want to do personally, but I will mention that you might find that you have a better connection on Xbox NA than you do on Xbox EU.
We've mentioned in other locations that the Temple and Claret Medallions would be removed, most likely about a week after the Summer Festival ends on TERA Console.
Most recent Item Delivery : http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/august-item-pass-delivery

The original Post that hinted at what would be delivered : http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/whats-in-the-tera-item-pass
That section doesn't really apply to TERA Console, but I can put forward a request to create that type of section, specifically for TERA Console in these Forums.
Yachhiru wrote: »
The original plan might have been to have our next Content Release occur today during a Maintenance, however the date was pushed. http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/announcing-the-guardians-of-the-sky-update

[Removing Forum Violation]
I came into this thread originally, just to provide a heads up of the information I had.
I have no involvement in this entire situation, but have passed along all of the Feedback everyone has provided.
Please do not violate our Forum's Rules through a Call Out direct at EME Staff or at me specifically.
Another Thread was already started for this.
The original plan might have been to have our next Content Release occur today during a Maintenance, however the date was pushed. http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/announcing-the-guardians-of-the-sky-update
Another Thread was already started for this.
The Season is not ending today.
This Season ends when there is a new Content Update / Maintenance.
NikuroTega wrote: »
There are many other translation errors on s tool tips and glyphs that En Masse has yet to fix. :disappointed:
If you're willing to report those ones in the same way the above has been reported, I'll be happy to send that over to our writing / translation Teams for review, so that they can be changed to be more accurate.
It appears that the Event had started prior to the Announced time ( just following Maintenance ), which lead to the Event ending early as well.
I brought this to the attention of both Halrath and Circuits, so in the off-chance it were to happen again, we'll try to notify players of the early end time, or push to extend the Event to the time originally stated.
I reported this feedback a little over a week ago, and we're having the Battleground Matching queue reviewed by the developer for any issues that may have occurred after a recent update, or check for ways to have the Battleground Matching queue be less restrictive, which would hopefully cause groups to form a lot faster.
I am trying to get a "Dyeable" tag added to items on Console, the same way it is shown on TERA PC, which should make it easier to tell which ones are eligible.

Right now, the majority of items that can be dyed have the word "Dyeable" in the name, and you will see an option to press Triangle (PS4) or Y (Xbox) to bring up additional options, one of which will allow you to apply an Apothecary Dye.
The Special Emotes like Peace, Settle, and Kitchen Dance have not been released, as far as I know.
KLKHD9D6CH wrote: »
My computer is acting up so a screen shot isn't available. Username is Heeeeeeha on Celestial Hill (Roleplaying) NA server. Website is MMOAH.COM
I've now taken an appropriate action on that Account.
I believe Item Claim was resolved yesterday after bring brought to our attention.
If you still had any issue with purchases during that time frame, please feel free to contact our Support Team.
Ippiki wrote: »
Will you stop dumbing down the console version of the game and instead give us the communication features that we’ve been begging for since basically day one?
That has been requested since Day One. I am very sorry that it's taking so long to get an overhaul on the communication features.
Il y avait plusieurs discussions de forum discutant exactement le même sujet de questions de champ de bataille, ainsi les discussions ont été consolidées.
GvG and other Guild Features are coming, but at the moment, I don't have a confirmation of which Patch / Game Build it will be delivered in, so there isn't an exact date / ETA that can be provided.
I've recently received multiple reports about Fraywind Canyon and Corsair's Stronghold Battleground Matching having issues, and I've proceeded to bring it to the attention of the TERA Console Production Team and TERA's Developer.

It will be looked into, and hopefully addressed very soon.
79TJCDKLMD wrote: »
Aaaand its been like 4 hours.. Still can't play. Still frozen on "Downloading.. 0% | Estimating time.."
Thank you for this update. I'll mention this to our Team that is still actively looking into Launcher issues that are being reported.
Getting a report for another Team that the issue with Steam should now be all clear.
Anyone able to check ?
Getting a report for another Team that the issue with Steam should now be all clear.
Anyone able to check ?
Getting a report for another Team that the issue with Steam should now be all clear.
Anyone able to check ?
Thuking wrote: »
Thuking wrote: »
where did this thread go
July is located here : https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/27699/july-events

There was alot of complaints about the battleground coin reward and I guess nothing was done about it.
The feedback was passed along a while ago. Beyond that, I don't have additional details.
Thuking wrote: »
where did this thread go
July is located here : https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/27699/july-events
Yordan wrote: »
Gotta love 3 min response time to "can't buy emp" now if it only was as fast when it comes to all other issues players are raising around here.
Just coincidental.
I had been going through and reading all the most recent Forum Threads, and just happen to see this one get created.
I mentioned an easy step to try, but also referenced a need to contact our Support if the issue continued.

I am aware of the issues being brought up within the other Forum Threads, and I am very active in passing that feedback to each individual Team, whether that be our Community Team, Production Team, Web Team, or on to Bluehole.
You may want to try doing a Repair in your TERA Launcher through the Tools Menu, if you have not already tried that.
If still no luck, you can open a Support Ticket for additional investigation.
More items have now had an Elite Discount applied to them.
Jarecks wrote: »
Hi @CobaltDragon Ever thought about merging servers
I know I've brought this up fairly recently, but I'll go ahead and bring it up again, mentioning all of the feedback players have provided.
I believe this is due to the fact that the current Innerarmor loot boxes are discounted for everyone right now, and there can only be one type of discount on a purchase at one time (The Elite price on them was set at 15% discount, but the current Sale provides a 30% discounted price).

The discounts on items in the Account Services section may have just been an oversight, so I'll request that be reviewed and have the appropriate discounts added.

Also, there will be a new set of Innerarmor being added on Thursday, which will have an included Elite Discounted price.
nem3sis wrote: »
So how's it going y'all, here's wondering if anyone got their roamin helmet for the dungeon completitions, I have not gotten mine back then, have been in contact with support and they said it will be in parcel post when gunner drops June 26th but nothing. Heck I even had to verify that I'm eligible for it mailing a screen of my completitions. What goes? Any info @CobaltDragon appreciate the help.
I'd just suggest updating your original Support Ticket, and state that you still haven't received the Roamin' Helm despite already proving your eligibility.
We ask you why we get no response on the forums, and you tell us EME uses multilpe methods, THEN when we do use those alternative methods you say the official method to submit feedback is on the forums.

In all fairness, each one is used for separate things, so ultimately the answer is both.
I am way more active in our EME Discord, and if you Ping me through that and I am in the office at the time, I'm usually really good about replying to all of those questions.

If it's not a general question, and more a request to the Community Team, the Production Team, or something that requires some development on Bluehole's part, the preference has always been on the Forums.

This way, the suggestion / request is seen by multiple players, each are able to provide feedback on the idea, and we can easily Link to the discussion that took place ( for additional visibility ) , allowing all of the above Teams to read both the suggestion and the feedback it received.
Mentioned in a different Forum Thread :

We're aware of the issue and Bluehole ( TERA's Developer ) has already found the root cause.

We think it's just going to require a client patch to fix (no maintenance/downtime) and we're working to get it out as fast as possible, targeting less than 24 hours.
This should have been addressed during the Maintenance yesterday / this morning.
I've proceeded to file a bug report for everything that is listed above.
I've proceeded to update the existing bug reports, specifically for both PS4 and Xbox, mentioning that the freezing is still occurring while going into your Dashboard or Home Screen / the PS4 or Xbox Party / viewing your Messages / accessing the System Settings / and other locations.
Kira98 wrote: »
Ya. Don't forget AAHM Bug's.
1. Class with agro reset like Archer, Sorc, Reaper, Priest can make Antaroth enter in r-etarded mode and stand like 20sec for free dps. This bug dont have end and 1 archer with double energetic + double cdr in weapon can do it infinity.
2. Antaroth practice Harakiri. When he enter in Manaya's Mode and do Red Magic in 2-8% He kills himself.

Tell BHS fix it pls. This make the game boring and absurd.
Just as an FYI, you're reporting a TERA PC issue, within the TERA Console General Discussion section.
Can you start a new Forum Thread within this section please ?
We're aware of the issue and Bluehole ( TERA's Developer ) has already found the root cause.

We think it's just going to require a client patch to fix (no maintenance/downtime) and we're working to get it out as fast as possible, targeting less than 24 hours.
This issue was reported, so hopefully it will not be too much longer before a Warrior or Berserker receives the ability to select Tank when using Instance Matching.
Some information can be found Here.
Papabard wrote: »
Yeah 11:05 and still server isn't up yet. And nothing about a patch coming today at all
There is a Banner at the top of these Forums, notifying players of a 1 hour Maintenance extension.
BOBBYYYY wrote: »
@CobaltDragon can you guys reply to any other threads regarding golden/silver/bluc nocs problems? we know you guys see them. its rude as hell to ignore tbh.
I constantly send that feedback / suggestions forward to the appropriate Team, or on to Bluehole.
Do you want a comment within each Thread, just saying " This has been passed along, Thanks ! " ?
Our Maintenance Team communicated that although things appeared to mostly be on track, they believed they were going to go over the estimated time frame, so a 1 hour extension needed to be communicated, in order to give them time to complete the required work.
Although this is a feature I would like to see added into TERA, I am closing the Thread, since it was Necro'd from December 2017.
Please see my response in This Forum Thread.
For the "U" , we decided to make a change to that after the first two days based on feedback we received, mentioned Here :

"U: [UPDATED] Starting today, complete the level 65 Vanguard Request, "Hunt Brutal Ovoliths" on the Island of Dawn and you'll receive a U."

As for the "N" , that can drop from all of the following :

Kalivan's Challenge
Vault of Kaprima
Demokron Factory
Demokron Factory (Hard)
Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard)
Shadow Sanguinary
Shadow Sanguinary (Hard)
Lilith's Keep
Lilith's Keep (Hard)
Ruinous Manor
Ruinous Manor (Hard)

It is worth mentioning, that I am getting some reports that it's not a guaranteed drop in all of the above listed Dungeons.
The "N" can drop from all of the following :

Kalivan's Challenge
Vault of Kaprima
Demokron Factory
Demokron Factory (Hard)
Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard)
Shadow Sanguinary
Shadow Sanguinary (Hard)
Lilith's Keep
Lilith's Keep (Hard)
Ruinous Manor
Ruinous Manor (Hard)

It is worth mentioning, that I am getting some reports that it's not a guaranteed drop in all of the above listed Dungeons.
I've alerted the appropriate Teams.
The Achievement / Laurel Season not starting is something that has been reported, so it will get reviewed, and hopefully can get implemented very soon.
The Epsilon Instance Reset Scroll was intended to be put into the Elite Consumable Box, but did not end up getting added during this Maintenance.

It will be added during the next following Maintenance, and for the time being, has been added as an additional block on the Elite Status Bar.
Patch Notes have been updated :

Updated Gridiron
It is now a 10 vs 10 battleground that is only available on Saturday's ( 3pm PDT ) and Sunday's ( 5pm PDT ).
TomRipley wrote: »
As for Steam notifications, there are hardly any. There's been exactly two news on Steam this year, both on march 22nd.
That has been something brought up recently, so we'll begin making more information available on Steam.
Thank you for catching that.
I've now gone ahead and removed that chunk of text from the Patch Notes.
KXRC9JMW74 wrote: »
I don't and won't use discord. I f that's all your gonna use then close the forums
srsly i have to sign up and have this useless for me discord just to get news?
You don't have to use Discord.
It's just one of the areas that we post information to.
I was just providing a heads up, that it is where I personally am the most active.
You can definitely keep using our Forums, and as mentioned, I am pretty good about replying to pings, or to a Forum Private Message.
they want me to get on discord? Which is not an EME product?
And they never respond when we @CobaltDragon (ok Cobalt does sometimes, thank you Cobalt.)
I try to get information posted in as many areas as possible, whether that be here in Forums, on our Socials, on Steam, or within Discord.

In this case, I posted it to Discord first, since that is where I was already talking with players, and by the time I was going to include the information on our Forums, I noticed Starsprite already had me covered with the quote.

I had stated it a while ago, but I am definitely more active in all of our EME Discord channels, but certainly do want to make the conscious effort to put any important information in all the visible locations our players check, as well as be able to respond to questions when pinged.
v69 Hero’s Oath

  • Added new dungeon: Antaroth's Abyss
    • Requires ilvl: 446
    • Dungeon entrance: Velika Outskirts
    • Drops: Emeralds, Diamonds, Carved Ornaments, Otherworldly Shards, Copper Clasps, Pansophic Ashes, Stormcry Equipment Chests, Elemental Essences (enchanting materials), Onset Masks
  • Added new dungeon: Antaroth's Abyss (hard)
    • Requires ilvl: 453
    • Dungeon entrance: Velika Outskirts
    • Drops: Infinity Masks, Veilthroch (Heroic Oath material), rare or superior innerwear, Stormcry Equipment Chests, Emeralds, Diamonds, Otherworldly Shards, Artisan's Tools, Copper Clasps, Pansophic Ashes, Elemental Essences (enchanting materials)
  • Pit of Petrax
    • Changed daily entry limit from 3 to 2. (Elite Status limit is now 3, originally 4.)
    • Petrax’s HP has been rebalanced on a per-class basis.
    • Increased drops of gems (ruby/sapphire), accessory enchanting materials, and etching materials.
  • Red Refuge
    • Decreased boss’s HP.

  • Added dungeon leaderboards alongside the Battleground leaderboards.
    • Lists dungeon rankings based on clear times.
    • Currently includes only ranks for Antaroth's Abyss (hard) and Pit of Petrax.
    • Players can open leaderboards via main menu or ALT+L shortcut.
    • Displays top 20 players per class per dungeon and top 100 players for all classes.
    • Players in the top 1000 can see their rank.
    • If any party members change after the final boss battle begins, that run will not be eligible for ranking.
  • To allow inclusion of new content, major content updates will reset the leaderboard Season for battlegrounds as well as dungeons.
  • This update will begin Season 3 which is scheduled to conclude on Thursday, July 12 during maintenance.

  • Added new Heroic Oath gear
    • Obtained via upgrading from Stormcry +9 gear with new material Veilthroch.
    • Heroic Oath gear cannot currently be enchanted or liberated (available in the future).
  • Added four Infinity Masks:
    • Keen— +3 Endurance; +12 Crit Factor
    • Powerful— +3 Endurance; +6 Power
    • Bitter— +3 Endurance; +0.06 Crit Power
    • Energetic— +3 Endurance; +3 percent cooldown reduction
  • Added a descriptor to Onset Mask names to help differentiate which combat stat they provide:
    • Keen— Crit Factor
    • Powerful—Power
    • Bitter—Crit Power
    • Energetic— cooldown reduction

  • Updated Gridiron
    • It is now a 10 vs 10 battleground.
    • All players will get equalized gear and appearance upon entry to the battleground.
    • Player names will not be displayed, but anonymized to numbers such as 101 and 201.
      • The first digit is the team; the next two, the player on the team.
      • Your own name will display to you only (client-side).
    • Real-time scoreboard UI will display, and rewards are distributed at the end of the battleground depending on ranking.
      • A minimum of 300 points is necessary to receive rewards.
    • Wins or losses do not matter; only rankings and ranking rewards.
      • Gridiron Reward Chests are distributed depending on rankings.
      • Rewards include various enchanting materials and Onset Masks.
    • Classes are ranked differently.
      • Different classes have different point ratios for dealing damage.
      • Healing classes also receive points for healing.
      • Lancers, brawlers, priests, and mystics also receive points for crowd control.
    • Team Win/Loss achievements are no longer attainable; these will be set to legacy during a later patch.
  • Added Infinity Masks to battleground boxes for wins or losses in Corsair’s Stronghold and Fraywind Canyon.
  • Kumas Royale
    • Changed kick vote rate from 100% yes votes to 80% yes votes (excluding player to be kicked).
    • Adjusted lose reward from 1 Kumas Royale Receipt to 3 Kumas Royale Receipts.
  • Adjusted rewards for Corsairs’ Stronghold and Fraywind Canyon.
    • Win reward:
      • Corsairs’ Stronghold: Champion’s Enchanting Chest ×7
      • Fraywind Canyon: Champion’s Enchanting Chest ×8
    • Lose reward:
      • Corsairs’ Stronghold: Champion’s Enchanting Chest ×4
      • Fraywind Canyon: Champion’s Enchanting Chest ×5
  • Added items to Champion’s Enchanting Chest:
    • Veilthroch
    • Infinity Masks
  • Changed Corsairs’ Stronghold cooldown from 15 minutes to 10 minutes.

Skills Balancing
  • Valkyrie
    • Slash—Removed stagger effect from first hit.
    • Dark Herald—Reduced the number of targets pulled to 2 in PvP.
  • Sorcerer
    • Hail Storm—Resolved issue where castanic female AoE had a different hit frequency than other races.

Quests & Guardian Missions
  • Changed some leveling-zone quest rewards:
    • Valkyon Wants You – Isolated Town: from class-specific weapon to one amethyst.
    • Valkyon Wants You – Find the Captain: from class-specific weapon to one amethyst.
    • Cultists’ Conspiracy – Going on the Offensive: from class-specific weapon to one pearl.
    • Cultists’ Conspiracy – Some Gave All: from class-specific weapon to one pearl.
  • Changed quest item: Piece of Amani Horn
    • Piece of Amani Horn can now be destroyed.
    • The item, if destroyed, can be re-obtained through Red Refuge quest.
  • Revised Tragedy and Triumph story quest at Ex Prima to respawn cage bars while progressing the quest.
  • Apex quest now has named monsters occasionally dropping healing motes.
  • Added Disappointed Tuwangi effect to Tuwangi Reflexes Training to restrict players from afking.
    • Effect is applied after being kicked for AFK.
    • Players with the effect will not receive hints.
    • Players who did not receive hints will also not get any points.

  • Decreased max HP increase amount from guild skill: Elinu’s Vigor V–VII.
  • Added rewards to description on Battleground UI.
  • Updated dungeon servers to increase stability and reduce lag.
  • Security Update as mentioned here.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where party voting UI for kicking offline players may not display after entering dungeon/battleground.
  • Fixed issue where Guardian Mission UI was displayed even after leaving area.
  • Fixed issue where player location would desync with server during certain dungeon mechanics.
  • Other localization fixes.
TERA Patch notes (for Playstation ®4 and Xbox One) - v50.03

Maintenance Schedule

  • Enabled Strongbox Jackpot Event.
  • Delivered rewards for the Dungeon Participation Event.
  • Adjusted the price of the Masterwork Alkahest Box in the Vanguard Initiative Shop from 1000 to 300.
  • Instance Reset Scrolls will no longer reset entries for Ghillieglade.
Guild Banks have not been implemented yet, due to needing a bit more development time. The Guild Perk Window, as well as Guild Bank system is something that would be coming in the near future.
During the Maintenance on May 24th :

Verdas Journals / Volumes so that they can be discarded.

Red Refuge Vanguard Requests will award TERA Reward Points appropriate to their star rating.
  • Red Refuge awards 60 TERA Reward Points
  • Red Refuge (Hard) awards 90 TERA Reward Points

During Maintenance on May 31st :

We will be removing removing the Dragon Riddle items, Journals, and Volumes.

Gilded Mask Update, Live-68-02-01

May 15, 2018 (Server updates begin at 8 A.M. PDT)

We’ve added a new dungeon, with both a normal and a Hard mode: the Red Refuge—the secret village base of the notorious Red Raiders!

Red Refuge
  • Location—Feral Valley
  • Difficulty—&#9733&#9733&#9733
  • Difficulty (Hard)— &#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733
  • Required Level—65
  • Recommended Number of Players—5 players
  • Minimum Item Level—439
  • Minimum Item Level (Hard)—446
  • Daily Entry Limit—1 (2 for elite players)
  • Bosses—Argog, Kalavese, Thormentum
  • Bosses (Hard)—Nightmare Argog, Nightmare Kalavese, Nightmare Thormentum
  • Loot— Enchanting Crate, Frostmetal Equipment Chest, Emerald, Diamond, Liquid Metal, Archdevan Formula, Hypnotic Device, Carved Ornament, Otherworldly Shard, Archdevan Surfactant
  • Loot (Hard)—Onset Mask, Enchanting Crate, Stormcry Equipment Chest, Emerald, Diamond, Archdevan Formula, Otherworldly Shard, Artisan's Tools, Pansophic Ash, Elemental Essence

Dungeon Adjustments
Because we’re not retiring old dungeons, we’ve rebalanced the rewards for several existing dungeons such as distributing loot more evenly and replacing Vanguard Initiative bonus reward with gems. The idea is to let players obtain more rewards by playing a variety of dungeons, but get less when sticking to a select few dungeons. We intend to observe and adjust this new system as we go along to prevent both new and old dungeons from becoming stale.
Lilith’s Keep (Hard)
Sky Cruiser Endeavor,
Ruinous Manor,
RK-9 Kennel
Broken Prison
Thaumetal Refinery (Hard)
RK-9 Kennel (Hard)
Ruinous Manor (Hard)

You can finally equip something in the Armor: Mask slot of your character!
Currently, there are four Onset Masks available only from the new Red Refuge (Hard) dungeon. Onset Masks all give +2 Endurance and either Power, Crit Factor, Crit Power, or faster skill cooldowns. More masks will be coming soon (acquired through battlegrounds).

Vanguard Initiative
We changed the daily bonus reward from Metamorphic Emblem to gems for the following Dungeons.
  • Replaced 210 Metamorphic Emblems with one pearl in the following dungeons: Ravenous Gorge, Kalivan’s Challenge, Shattered Fleet.
  • Replaced 540 Metamorphic Emblems with one ruby in the following dungeons: Thaumetal Refinery, Kalivan’s Dreadnaught, Lilith’s Keep.
  • Replaced 1,350 Metamorphic Emblems with four rubies in the following dungeons: RK-9 Kennel, Thaumetal Refinery (Hard), Lilith’s Keep (Hard), Sky Cruiser Endeavor, Broken Prison, Ruinous Manor.
  • Red Refuge also rewards four rubies.
  • Replaced 4,500 Metamorphic Emblems with nine rubies in the following dungeons: RK-9 Kennel (Hard), Ruinous Manor (Hard).
  • Red Refuge (Hard) also rewards nine rubies.

Vanguard Request Metamorphic Emblem rewards will no longer be affected by the Vanguard Request Double Item event. This was unintended.

Skills/Balance Adjustments
Adjusted some priest skills.

  • Changes to Divine Charge skill.
    • Decreased the cooldown to 24 seconds.
    • Diminished the Power buff by 10 while charging up.
    • Changed MP replenishment:
      • Tier 1 charge: 5 ticks of 3 percent replenishment
      • Tier 2 charge: 5 ticks of 6 percent replenishment
      • Tier 3 charge: 5 ticks of 8 percent replenishment
      • Tier 4 charge: 5 ticks of 10 percent replenishment

Island of Dawn
  • We added a new zone quest: “Sign of Hope.” Players automatically receive this quest upon completing the existing zone quest “Bitter Truth.”
  • This quest introduces a new gatherable item: the “Unstable Essence of Life.”
    • Harvesting these either spawns a Hapless Caiman Thief to battle, or imbues the player one of the following effects:
      • Essence of Savagery: Increased Skill Damage
      • Essence of Fortitude: Immune to Knockdown
      • Essence of Keenness: Increased Crit Power
      • Essence of Speed: Decreased Skill Cooldown
    • These effects may also be applied to nearby players.
    • These effects only work on the Island of Dawn, and are canceled upon exiting the zone.
  • Defeating a Hapless Caiman Thief rewards a loot box to the player who dealt the most damage, which can be opened with keys that players receive from completing Island of Dawn Vanguard Requests. The loot box may contain a ruby, Otherworldly Shard, Design: Diamond, or other consumable.

We changed how the dungeon reset scrolls apply to dungeons:
  • The Alpha Dungeon Reset Scroll now resets all dungeons requiring item level 412 and below.
  • The Beta Dungeon Reset Scroll now resets all dungeons requiring item level 431 and below.
  • The Gamma Dungeon Reset Scroll now resets all dungeons requiring item level 439 and below.
  • The Delta Dungeon Reset Scroll now resets all dungeons requiring item level 446 and below.

  • Fixed an issue where Guardian Mission UI was displaying outside the Guardian Missions area.
  • Fixed an issue where the Movement Speed buff from the priest skill Divine Charge cancelled under certain circumstances.
  • Bellenun, who teleports the player to the Wyrmgorge instance for certain Apex quests, should no longer despawn causing players to get stuck on quest progress.
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