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Necroooooooooooooooooooo'd! And this is turning into a bash each other thread. Nono.
Keep it on topic and civil.
We'll be making announcements regarding Battlegrounds in the near future. ;) Hang tight just a little bit longer!
There's already a thread about this.
Please do not continue to repost previously locked threads.
I really don't see any reason to close or lock this thread yet. As long as conversation stays constructive - there's no reason to lock it down. :)
keep it civil in here.
So, we don't just referee. There are weekly meetings between the community team and the production team as well as the production team DOES read the forums. Just because we don't always comment, doesn't mean we aren't watching.

One of the reasons we don't insert ourselves into conversations that much is we prefer to let our users have an organic experience as much as possible (while still adhering to the ToS and having constructive discussions). It's also interesting to see how conversations and discussions evolve and sometimes those evolutions don't happen when the discussions are guided by an employee or an employee posts in the thread.

We also have pretty demanding work schedules (meetings are a necessary evil) and it's not always a good idea to jump into a conversation when you have to be away from your computer for awhile.
Call out thread, locking now.
Pop goes the weasel.
Seriously Necro'd thread.
Also - please review the Terms of Service, Bumping threads is against the TOS.
Necro'd thread.
This thread is derailing into an attack thread.
TERA forums, let's keep it TERA related.
At this time, we have no announcements to make regarding changing our business model.
(There's some PR speak for ya.)

This thread has run it's course and is quickly derailing.
This thread is completely derailed and heading towards personal attacks.
Had to put my PR hat on for that one - sorry! ;)
Or maybe we're working on it....... ;)
This thread has turned into personal attacks and is completely derailed.
TERA forums - keep it TERA related please.
Keep it TERA related.
We're done here.
We don't comment on moderator action.
Please review the terms of service.

Everyone needs to watch the personal attacks.
this thread has run it's course.
Keep it clean in here.
Don't attack each other....
necro'd thread.
Necro'd thread.
Watch the attacking in this thread.
And we're done here.
This conversation has run it's course and is starting to devolve into personal attacks. Locking.
Holy necro'd thread batman!
Just to mess up your 20 day timeline - like I said, we're aware of it and working on it. This fix is going to take time though.

Dev time and consumer time are vastly different, while you may say this has been going on for a month - a month is nothing in dev fixing time. Isolating the problem, finding a fix that works and doesn't break something else (this process alone can take a month or more), verifying that fix, and rolling it out is an arduous process.
We're still working with BHS to find a solution to this.
Koroem, No offense taken. I can understand how my title can be off-putting, especially when it seems like I'm just doing "damage control". Truth is - when I'm on these forums, I'm really not doing "damage control" or "PR" - my background is in community (I've been a community manger for many different companies in the past) and have worked in the video game realm since 2006.

It's not just a matter of isolating an issue to see if it really is an issue. Part of it is triaging the issues, and seeing where the dev hours are available to work on this. There are only so many people on the dev team and so many hours in a day - they can only do so much work. Usually work is scheduled out quite a while in advance, and if we add something, we have to decide what other fix or new feature gets slipped to a later date.

Where's Chager? Chager is heads down pushing towards the summer update, he's triaging bugs with BHS, he's working on other new features and ideas. Part of his job isn't to come and post on the forums - he does that when he has free time and he enjoys interacting with the community when he has the chance. BHS is aware of this problem, as are we, and we're working to resolve it. Just because we haven't been able to tell you exactly when to expect the fix yet, doesn't mean we aren't still working on this and aware.

When we have a solid date, we'll give it to you. We'd rather not give you a date though and miss it due to validation or testing and let our users down.
You've derailed your own thread.
Don't bump threads.
Please don't bump threads.
Taisha, try contacting our customer support team.

locking the necro'd thread.
Necro'd thread.
We're aware of the demand for time cards and are working on this request. We're equally excited to get them out in circulation as you are to have them, but we don't have a time frame to announce quite yet.
And this thread is derailed.
This thread really isn't constructive and is full of misinformation. Locking.
The mounts are available though the cash shop, you can not buy them with in game gold.
We highly discourage buying gold from RTM shops as you're very likely to have your account compromised and your credit card information stolen.
The only thing in the store that are available to sell in the Auction House are the Chronoscrolls.

If you want to know more about Chronoscrolls, please read our FAQ. http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/introducing-chronoscrolls
The producers read the forums, Minea and I are here and pass suggestions and comments onto the development team. Just because you don't see them posting, doesn't mean they aren't aware.

Also, Minea is your community manager - you'll see a of information coming from her - as a part of her job is to disseminate information from the production team to the users. A great place to start there are her stickied threads at the top of General Discussion.
Feel free to contact our customer support if you so feel the need. You can find all their information here:

You also may wish to review the Terms of Service for using these forums.
Thread appears to have run it's course.
You've also never sold time cards.
These are TERA forums. Keep it TERA related.
Hey look, yet another derailed thread. Cut it out.
Please don't call out employees.
This thread needs to chill out before it gets locked.
necro'd thread.
Chill with the personal attacks and please bring this thread back around on topic.
Please remember to keep your conversations civil and try to refrain from attacking other users.
And this is now locked.
Derailed, attacks continue.....c'mon guys.
Holy necro'd thread batman.
necro'd thread.
Let's make sure we aren't inciting flames with our words.
Goodbye threads aren't allowed.
And we're done due to personal attacks.
You've completely derailed the thread and turned it into attacks on others.
Holy necro'd thread. Let's not do that.
Contact support.
Goodbye threads aren't allowed. Locked.
Calm it down in here.
Don't bump threads.
This is a TERA forum, keep it TERA related.
This thread has degraded into personal attacks which means it's now getting a lock.
Don't do that.
This thread is devolving into attacks.
Chill with the personal attacks.
Please don't necro threads.
Nothing to see here, move along. Ignore the man behind the curtain. ;)
You guys know better than to attack eachother.
Fairly certain it's clear why I'm locking this.
Keep it civil in here please.
Calm it down in here.
Hey guys,

Just wanted to jump in here. We're still working towards a fix on this - UI tends to be one of the stickier parts of game design and execution - typically UI fixes take longer than other fixes. We know that you're impacted and we're sorry this is going to take time, but we appreciate your understanding and patience.
We'd love to have rolled out a fix the minute this was brought up!

But the fix isn't ready and I don't have an ETA on when the fix will go in for the first round of testing. Sorry, wish I had something more concrete for you. It's not a matter of when we'd like to send a fix out, it's a matter of when the fix itself is ready and solid.
Contact support if you're having issues with your subscription.
You'll need to contact support for account sub issues.
Please contact them instead of necroing threads.

No call out threads.
These are TERA forums, keep it TERA related.
They're on the main page now! :)
Sneaky sneaky! ;)
Yup, you'll have to submit a ticket.
Kunae on 06/28/2012, 10:18 AM - view
All the "whooshing" going on around here makes it hard to think, I guess...

You're only supposed to be able to buy two a week. OP bought 3, just now.

Clarification - you can buy as many as you want, but you can only REDEEM 2 per week to your account.

If you guys are going to resurrect this thread, you need to keep it constructive and not turn it into a "I told you so" thread. If it keeps going along this vein, it will be locked.
We don't need multiple threads for these.
I shouldn't have to come up with any Linofer.
Australian's live in the future, this is a known fact.

We're stuck in the past, still Wednesday afternoon here!
These are TERA forums, keep the discussion related to TERA please.
Try to keep it contained to one thread. There's already one started on the loading screens:

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