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Patch Notes Live66.05—Fists of Velika—July 02, 2019 (English)

  • Players are now able to create human male brawlers.
  • Human female brawlers can use Gender Change Vouchers.

Level 22 characters can learn fishing through the quest Let's Go Fishing.
  • Get the quest from Waining in Crescentia.
  • To fish, use a lure and fishing rod near a fishery.
  • You can locate fisheries on the worldmap UI.
    • Muricai Fishery
    • Cutthroat Harbor Fishery
    • Lake of Tears Fishery
    • Vexatus Swamp Fishery
    • Celsian Lake Fishery
    • Seren's Lake Fishery
  • There are 3 kinds of fishing rods (Old, Xermetal, Ash Sapling); the latter two fishing rods can be upgraded to rank 8.
  • There are two kinds of lures—worms and bait. Each has 5 different ranks.
    • Players can hold up to 40 bait and up to 100 worms maximum.
    • For lures, the higher the rank is, the more chances to catch higher rank’s fish.
  • 42 different kinds of fish can be caught.
    • Fish include normal fish (Ranks 0–10), and Big-[filtered] fish [BAF].
    • BAFs give better rewards (higher delivery price).
  • Cooking and Delivery
    • Two new quests will teach level 22 players to either cook the fish or ways to package them up and deliver them to merchants.
    • Players can sell Fish and Fish Crates to Association Fishmongers (accepts fish) and Federation Resource Managers (for Fish crates) at any Fishery or major city.
    • Crates give better rewards.
    • Delivery lists change and your delivery count resets at 5 a.m. PDT (for NA), UTC (for EU), and JST (for Japan).

Gathering Changes
  • Made the recovery speed for gathering Production Points faster than before while online; recovery speeds while off-line are now a little slower.
  • Production points are now expended after gathering instead of when gathering starts.
  • Players can now gather any grade of material regardless of proficiency.
    • Instead higher proficiency increases the speed of gathering.
    • Now that all materials can be gathered anyway, removed Max Gathering proficiency.
  • Changed plant, ore, and essence as follows.

    Plant Harvesting
    • Harmony Grass
    • Cobseed
    • Veridia Root
    • Mushroom Cap
    • Moongourd Pulp
    • Apple

    Mining Proficiency
    • Plain Stone
    • Cobala Ore
    • Shadmetal Ore
    • Normetal Ore
    • Galborne Ore

    Energy-harnessing proficiency
    • Achromic Essence
    • Crimson Essence
    • Earth Essence
    • Xermental Ore
    • Azure Essence
    • Opal Essence
    • Obsidian Essence

  • Changed necklaces that affect gathering to now reduce gathering times.
    • Loremaster's Necklace
    • Resource Specialist's Choker
    • World Leader's Pendant
    • Swift Gatherer's Necklace
    • Rootstock Necklace (changed from 30%
This all-class leveling event—with a special reward of Crystal Blue Powerfists given to brawlers—begins Tuesday, July 2 and lasts until Tuesday, July 30.

Here is the full list of items received as you level up any Class :

Reaching Level 3 (Provides the following) :
  • Minor Battle Solution x10
  • Shellback (7-Day Back Accessory) x1

Reaching Level 14 (Provides the following) :
  • Minor Battle Solution x10
  • Village Atlas (15-Day) x1
  • Bonzai (7-Day Auto-loot Pet) x1
  • Angry Little Cloud (7-Day Head Accessory) x1

Reaching Level 20 (Provides the following) :
  • Uncommon Noctenium Elixir x10
  • Happy Penguin ( 3-Day Footsteps) x1
  • Strongbox Key x1

Reaching Level 30 (Provides the following) :
  • Major Battle Solution x10
  • Fuzz Cop Car (7-Day Mount) x1
  • Strongbox Key x1

Reaching Level 35 (Provides the following) :
  • Valkyon Health Potion x10
  • Azure Butterfly Wings (7-Day Back Accessory) x1
  • Strongbox Key x1

Reaching Level 40 (Provides the following) :
  • Rare Noctenium Elixir x10
  • Retro Wizarding Hat (7-Day Head Accessory) x1
  • Strongbox Key x1

Reaching Level 45 (Provides the following) :
  • Bravery Potion x5
  • Skycycle Mk.7 (7-Day Flying Mount) x1
  • Strongbox Key x1

Reaching Level 50 (Provides the following) :
  • Goddess Blessing x5
  • Rejuvenation Potion x10
  • Winged Band (7-Day Head Accessory)
  • Strongbox Key x1

Reaching Level 55 (Provides the following) :
  • Prime Battle Solution x10
  • Sapphire x1
  • Jetcycle MHx-7 (7-Day Flying Mount) x1
  • Strongbox Key x1

Reaching Level 60 (Provides the following) :
  • Superior Noctenium Elixirs x10
  • Discoball (7-Day) x1
  • Emerald
  • Strongbox Key x2

Reaching Level 65 (Provides the following) :
  • Diamond x1
  • Metamorphic Emblem Chest x1
  • Rainbow Cloud (7-Day Head Accessory)
  • Strongbox Key x3

Reaching Level 65 - BRAWLER ONLY (Provides the following) :
  • Crystal Blue Powerfists (Permanent Weapon Skin) x1
New Features
  • Popori Brawler
    • Added brawlers as a playable class for popori.
    • Players can now create up to 22 characters per server.
  • Treasure Map System
    • Added treasure map fragments to high level dungeons:
      • Naslow's Treasure Map: Left Half from dungeons item level 435-445
      • Naslow's Treasure Map: Right Half from dungeons item level 446-456
    • Combining two map fragments creates one of five treasure maps.
    • Map Fragments are temporary items (15-day duration), are not tradeable, and can be stored in the guild bank
    • Finding (and opening) a treasure chest rewards all members of your party, placing one or more of the following items directly into inventory:
      • Diamond
      • Dyad Niveot Structure
      • Blightoath Medallion
      • Skill Advancement Scroll
      • Skill Optimization Scroll
      • Relics or Halidoms
      • Gold or Silver plates

  • New Dungeon: Gossamer Vault (Hard)
    • For 5 players of level 68 and above (item level 457).
    • Rewards Include:
      • Legacy Essence
      • Skill Advancement XP
      • Supreme Metal
      • Weight Pendulum
      • Lepidoptera Crystal Dust/Powder
      • Naslow's Treasure Map: Right Half
      • Transparent Mask
      • Relics or Halidoms
      • Legendary Inner Armor
  • Gossamer Vault
    • Reduced the HP of Hellgrammite and Gossamer Regent.
    • Adjusted Gossamer Regent’s pattern difficulty.
  • Returning Dungeon: Macellarius Catacombs
    • Adjusted difficulty for 3 characters of any class.
    • Available through instance matching at level 65 (item level 440).

  • Adjusted rewards for Vanguard Requests
    • Corsairs' Stronghold
      • Item XP: 1248
      • XP: 91,054,080
      • Skill XP: 6900
    • Gridiron
      • Item XP: 720
      • XP: 52,531,200
      • Skill XP: 4342
    • Shore Hold
      • Item XP: 1069
      • XP: 84,474,000
      • Skill XP: 7400

Class Balance
  • Priest
    • Adjusted options for Focus Heal: Velocity and Focus Heal: Weakened Light
      • Faster target acquisition
      • Increased casting speed
    • Adjusted options for Focus Heal: Heal
      • Changed HP recovery from 2.5% HP per sec for 5 sec to 120 HP per sec for 5 sec
      • Now affected by HP Recovery buffs.
    • Increased the target acquisition time for Divine Intervention, Mass Divine Intervention
[Developer’s Comment]
We increased the target recognition and casting speed of Focus Heal’s Velocity and Weakened Light options in order to improve the options’ usability, and we increased pulling time of allies when using Divine Intervention and Mass Divine Intervention in order to help players deal effectively with faster monsters.

  • Mystic
    • Changed Restorative Arun's Vitae from 20% HP recovery to 35,000 HP.
    • Removed cooldown on Arun’s Tears when canceling the skill.
    • Adjusted options for Titanic Favor: Velocity and Titanic Favor: Destruction
      • Faster target acquisition
      • Increased casting speed
      • Faster cancel animations
    • Arun's Tears
      • Cooldown removed when canceling the skill
[Developer’s Comment]
We increased the target recognition and casting speed of Titanic Favor’s Velocity and Destruction options in order to improve the options’ usability.

  • Sorcerer
    • Reduced aggro generation from the following skills:
      • Ice Lance
      • Iceberg
      • Prime Flame
      • Arcane Storm
      • Elemental Fusion

  • Added the option to stack HP/MP bars to the right of the class emblem.
  • Adjusted class difficulties (stars) shown in the Character Creation

  • Replenishment Potables now provide additional MP for ninjas.
  • Ethereal Rings and Earrings can now be upgraded to Radiant versions.
    • Can be obtained by upgrading Ethereal Rings and Earrings.
      • Requires gold, golden and silver plates, and either Refined Lepidoptera Crystal Dust or Refined Lepidoptera Crystal Powder.
Bug Fixes
  • A fix for the Dungeon performance issue that started after the Server Merge.
  • A fix for the Crafting issue, where making a large quantity of items has a very choppy progress display.
  • Human Female Brawlers should now be able to apply a Race Change Voucher and can choose Elin, and vise-versa.
  • Changed some current schedule limitation on Battleground availabilities by region, which will allow certain Battlegrounds to now be scheduled for times the better serve each region.
In an effort to identify new issues that have have been included following the Server Merge, please use this Thread to discuss them, as well as any large changes that were not communicated within the Patch Notes.

Last Updated : May 21st 2019

Player Reported Issues

Known Issues
  • We are aware that nearly all Group Dungeons are experiencing low performance. This issue has been reported to the Developer, and there will be a Hotfix coming as soon as possible.

  • Fashion Coupon Store has reverted to the default items on merged servers, and we'll work to get that shop updated before the weekend.

Resolved Issues
  • Players on PS4 EU's Meldita Server reported that they were not receiving purchased items from the TERA Store following the Server Merge. That issue was identified, and all purchases made during the effected time should now be delivered. (Please make a Support Ticket if this issue applies to you, and you have not seen your purchase delivered)
Skywatch continues!
This update brings a challenging new dungeon with other-worldly foes, a new companion system to upgrade your pets, plus other quality of life improvements.

New Dungeon: Gossamer Vault
  • Gossamer Vault is a dungeon for 5 players of level 66 or above.
  • The entry cost is 290 adventure coins.
  • The teleportal is located in Essenian Crest just pass the Stronghold of Blood.
  • Instance matching minimum requirements:
    • Character level 66
    • Item level 453
  • Notable dungeon rewards:
    • Stormcry Equipment Chest
    • Party Skill Advancement XP
    • Transcendence Mask
    • Transparent Mask
    • Hidden Weapon Sheath
    • Accessory Amplifier I
    • Brooch etchings
    • Moondrop Fragment
      • This is a new token for a new Moondrop Fragment Shop where players can purchase pets to collect or use with the new Companion System.
    • Diamond
    • Veilthroch
    • Elemental Essence
    • Springy Draco Limb
    • Devil’s Claws
    • Dragon Skull
  • Added eight achievements associated with this dungeon.

New Companion System
  • A new Companion UI displays all your registered pets and partners.
  • Removed the old pet interface.
    • Your old pets will be redelivered to you via parcel post so you can get them into the new system.
  • Companions now remain summoned when teleporting.
  • License: Players now receive companion licenses to register a new pet or partner.
    • Multiples of the same companion type can be registered.
    • Pet and Partner icons in inventory now have an image of the companion.
  • Moondrop Fragment: Players can exchange moondrop fragments for a pet license.
  • The story quest, “Thrall Egg,” is granted to level 66+ players and upon completion give players their first partner, Cocomin, with personal storage.
  • Partners have two types of skills:
    • Bond Skill: An active skill with a 3-minute cooldown that improves combat abilities. Bond Skill effects increase as your fellowship with your partner increases.
    • Gifted Skill: A passive skill of buffs including recovery and defense buffs, XP buffs, as well as crafting and gathering buffs. A gifted skill is randomly given to a partner upon registration. The gifted skill activates randomly when the partner is summoned and is more likely to trigger the higher the partner’s stamina.
  • Grade and Fellowship: A partner’s grade and fellowship start at 1 when registered.
    • Grade can increase to 10.
    • Fellowship can increase to 50. Higher fellowship is reached at higher grades.
  • You can change a companion’s name the Companion UI. The first change after registering the companion is free. A Companion Name Change Voucher is needed afterwards.
  • Partner Abilities:
    • Partners generally don’t start with any abilities. Instead, you train your partner to transfer an existing ability from another pet. After the transfer, the transferred ability is removed from the pet and cannot be restored.
    • Partners are more adept than pets with the Auto-Use Potion ability, allowing players to designate specific HP or MP potions to use at specified percentages. Adjust the ability options in the Companion UI.
  • Additional partners can be obtained through combining pets and evolving pets:
    • Pets can be combined for a chance to obtain a new pet or a new partner. The higher the pets’ levels are, the higher the chance of obtaining a partner. The combined pets no longer exist. No abilities are transferred from combined pets in this process.
    • Pets gain XP when they are fed and can level up. You can Evolve a grade 10 pet into a random companion using Evolution Cores. Pet evolution can fail, reducing your pet to grade 9. No abilities are transferred from evolving pets.
  • Pets need food to keep their energy up. Feeding your pets recovers their energy and increases their XP. The XP increased is proportional to the energy recovered.
    • Pet food is obtained through crafting or merchants.
    • Purchase pet food recipes through fishing supplies merchants.
  • Partners need gifts to keep their stamina up. Gifted figurines recover your partner’s stamina. Note that partners are not required to be summoned to give figurine gifts.
    • Figurines are obtained through crafting or merchants.
    • Purchase gift designs through the processing materials merchants in crafting centers.

Partner Gifted Skills
  • Urgent Recovery [I, II, III]
    • Randomly recovers [20000, 25000, 30000] HP per second for [3, 4, 5] seconds.
  • Emergency Service [I, II, III]
    • Randomly replenishes [500, 750, 1000] MP per second for [3, 4, 5] seconds.
  • Barrier [I, II, III]
    • Randomly absorbs [50000, 80000, 120000] damage for [9, 12, 15] seconds.
  • Fellowship [I, II, III]
    • Randomly increases duration of a Bond Skill by [20, 40, 60] percent for 10 minutes when entering combat.
  • Rapid Growth [I, II, III]
    • Randomly increases hunting XP rewards by [5, 10, 15] percent for 30 minutes after giving a gift to your partner.
  • Rapid Advancement [I, II, III]
    • Randomly increases skill advancement XP rewards by [5. 10, 15] percent for 30 minutes after giving a gift to your partner.
  • Dual Boost [I, II, III]
    • Randomly increases hunting and skill advancement XP rewards by [2.5, 5, 7.5] percent for 30 minutes after giving a gift to your partner.
  • Critical Crafting [I, II, III]
    • Randomly increases critical success chance while crafting by [10, 15, 20] percent for 5 minutes.
  • Backup Fisherman [I, II, III]
    • Randomly increases chance to catch a BAF by [30, 40, 50] percent for 5 minutes.
  • Gathering Support [I, II, III]
    • Randomly decreases gathering time by [10, 15, 20] percent for 5 minutes.

Apex Glyphs
  • Added glyphs to Apex skills.
  • Glyphs are obtained through a new achievement upon reaching level 70 and completing the Apex story quest.
    • Warrior: Increases skill damage of Blade Waltz by 10 percent.
    • Lancer: Increases skill damage of Super Leap by 5 percent.
    • Slayer: Increases skill damage of Savage Strike by 25 percent.
    • Berserker: Increases skill damage of Unleashed: Beast Fury by 10 percent.
    • Sorcerer: Increases skill damage of Ice Lance by 12 percent.
    • Archer: Increases skill damage of Wind Walk by 10 percent.
    • Mystic: Increases skill radius of Arunic Release by 20 percent.
    • Priest: Increases charging speed of Mana Charge and Divine Charge by 40 percent.
    • Reaper: Increases skill damage of Dark Harvest by 10 percent.
    • Gunner: Increases skill damage of Remote Trigger by 7 percent.
    • Brawler: Increases skill damage of One-Inch Punch by 10 percent.
    • Ninja: Increases skill damage of Quick Attack by 12 percent.
    • Valkyrie: Increases skill damage of Gungnir’s Bite by 15 percent.

Class Balance
  • Warrior
    • Changed Rising Fury’s EP effect, Chained Speed Skating to increase speed of both first and second hit.
  • Berserker
    • Changed Lethal Strike to increase damage while HP is between 100–50 percent and decrease damage while HP is below 50 percent.
  • Archer
    • Changed Find Weakness to trigger 100 percent on the target when hit.
  • Sorcerer
    • Increased casting speed of Prime Flame, Iceberg, Arcane Storm, and Elemental Fusion by 10 percent.
  • Reaper
    • The Shadow Reaping skill animation can now be interrupted more quickly.
  • Priest
    • Increased time to allow chain after using Final Reprisal.
    • Changed Mana Charge from restoring 3–8 percent MP to 232–619 MP.
    • Changed Divine Charge from restoring 3–8 percent MP to 232–774 MP.
  • Mystic
    • Increased time to allow chain after using Metamorphic Smite.
    • Increased Arun’s Vitae expiration time to 180 seconds.
    • Increased Arun’s Tear expiration time to 180 seconds.
    • Changed Arun’s Tear from restoring 20 percent MP to 1,546 MP.
  • Brawler
    • Increased Rampage casting speed by 10 percent.
    • Decreased Rampage movement distance from 20m to 8m.
  • Lancer
    • Increased Leash hitbox for the skill to make it easier to hit.

UI Refinement
  • You can now hide the following UI frames while in combat:
    • Party/Group window
    • Raid Parties
    • Compass
    • Quest Tracker
    • Main Menu
    • Mini-map
    • Chat windows
    • Shortcut Trays
    • Effects
    • Elite Perks
    • Account Benefit Icons
    • Character Status HUD

Guild Quests rewards have been updated to fit current item level range.

Costume Dismantling
  • Added the ability to [dismantle some of your old costume items into Terachic Boutique coins which will be exchangeable for exclusive costume items.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The Terachic Boutique itself is currently disabled. Due to player feedback we are not opening the shop at this time. We will open it soon.
Hi everyone!

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7T4KX56AXK wrote: »
Not that I want to spend money to have a chance at getting a shiny new phoenix for my priest, but I would like to resurrect myself once an hour via the mount power. Please update the store to match the weekly message!

Our delayed shipment of phoenix loot boxes has arrived. We're unpacking them now and they will be available Thursday morning. Sorry for the wait!
Patch Notes—Suckerpunch—April 22, 2019 (English)

Elin Brawler
  • Added elin to the list of races eligible as a brawler.

  • Added recommendation to Crystal Socketing UI.
    • "Show Recommended Crystals" button displays at the bottom once character is level 11.
    • Shows different recommendations for each class type.
  • Changed UI behavior upon entering combat.
    • Overlay map, Dial shortcut, Quick chat and Emote UI output no longer automatically terminate.
    • When any of the above UIs are open, a separate effect will indicate that the character is under attack.
  • Adjusted the transparency of the overlay map while zooming the camera zoom in / out.
  • A disable button for the overlay map UI is now at the bottom of the camera zoom in / out guide.

Leveling Bonus
  • Automatically applies Seren’s Gift effect to characters level 1 to 64.
    • Seren’s Gift regenerates 100 MP every 2 seconds.
    • Applies to all classes, and applies to open world, battlegrounds, and dungeons.
    • Effect ends upon reaching level 65.

Dungeon Reward
  • Added rewards to Harrowhold.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed system message and chat UI when receiving gold.
  • Option change confirmation UI now displays when looking at equipped items that require option changes.
  • The region name at lower right now displays properly on the main menu.
  • Game no longer crashes when entering device option selection UI while in combat.
  • Prevented skill progress bar from hiding in certain situations.
  • ‘New’ mark now disappears when you enter the main menu sub-UI after receiving items by mail.
  • Removed items that are no longer used from general goods stores.
  • Item information now displays correctly in the UI when entering Enhanced UI with a full inventory.
  • Equipment liberation should now proceed properly when those items are equipped.

Notes de mise à jour - Suckerpunch - 22 avril 2019 (Français)

Pugiliste Élin
  • Ajout des Élins à la liste des races pouvant devenir une Pugiliste.

  • Ajout de recommandations sur l'interface des emplacements de cristal
    • Un bouton Afficher les cristaux recommandés s'affiche en bas lorsque le personnage est niveau 11.
    • Il affiche des recommandations différentes selon chaque classe.
  • Changement du comportement de l'interface lorsqu'un combat est engagé.
    • Les fenêtres d'interface de carte superposée, raccourci cadran, discussion rapide et emote ne se ferment plus automatiquement.
    • Si l'une de ces fenêtres d'interface est ouverte, un effet à part indiquera que le personnage est attaqué.
  • Ajustement de la transparence de la carte superposée lors du zoom avant/arrière de la caméra.
  • Ajout d'un bouton de désactivation pour l'interface de la carte superposée en bas du guide de zoom avant/arrière de la caméra.

Bonus de niveau :
  • Application automatique de l'effet Don de Seren aux personnages de niveau 1 à 64.
    • Le Don de Seren régénère 100 PM toutes les 2 secondes.
    • S'applique à toutes les classes, dans le monde ouvert, les champs de bataille et les donjons.
    • L'effet disparaît au niveau 65.

Récompenses de donjon
  • Ajout de récompenses pour le Passage détruit du royaume des dieux.

Correction de bugs
  • Correction des messages système et de l'interface du chat lorsque vous obtenez de l'or.
  • L'interface de confirmation des changements d'options s'affiche désormais lorsque vous regardez les objets équipés qui nécessitent des changements d'options.
  • Le nom de la région dans le coin inférieur droit s'affiche désormais correctement sur le menu principal.
  • Le jeu ne plante plus en ouvrant l'interface de sélection des options d'appareil tout en étant engagé en combat.
  • Correction de la barre de progression de compétence qui disparaissait dans certaines situations.
  • La mention Nouveau disparaît désormais lors que vous entrez dans la sous-interface du menu principal après avoir reçu des objets par courrier.
  • Les objets qui ne sont plus utilisés ont été retirés des boutiques d'articles généraux.
  • Les informations des objets s'affichent désormais correctement dans l'interface lorsque vous entrez dans l'interface Amélioré avec un inventaire plein.
  • La libération de l'équipement devrait désormais fonctionner correctement lorsque ces objets sont équipés.

Patchnotizen für 22. April (Deutsch)

  • Elin sind jetzt in der Liste der verfügbaren Völker für Sturmfurien verfügbar.

  • Empfehlungen wurde zum Interface für Kristallverankerungen hinzugefügt
    • Die Schaltfläche „Empfohlene Kristalle anzeigen“ erscheint am unteren Ende des Menüs für Charaktere ab Stufe 11.
    • Die Empfehlungen werden auf Basis der Klasse angezeigt.
  • Interface beim Eintritt in einen Kampf wurde angepasst.
    • Karteneinblendung, Dial-UI, Schnellchat und Emote-UI werden nicht mehr automatisch ausgeblendet.
    • Wenn eine der oben erwähnten Interface-Funktionen aktiv ist, macht stattdessen ein neuer Effekt darauf aufmerksam, wenn der Charakter angegriffen wird.
  • Die Transparenz der Karteneinblendung beim Nutzen der Zoomfunktion wurde angepasst.
  • Eine Schaltfläche zur Deaktivierung des Interfaces für die Karteneinblendung befindet sich nun am unteren Rand der Kamerasteuerungsoptionen für den Zoom.

Bonus beim Stufenaufstieg:
  • Der Effekt „Serens Geschenk“ wird automatisch auf Charaktere von Stufe 1 bis 64 angewendet.
    • Serens Geschenk stellt alle 2 Sekunden 100 MP wieder her.
    • Gilt für alle Klassen, auf freiem Feld, Schlachtfeldern und in Instanzen.
    • Der Effekt endet mit dem Erreichen von Stufe 65.

  • Dem Himmelreich der Götter wurden Belohnungen hinzugefügt.

  • Systemnachrichten und Chatinterface beim Erhalt von Gold wurden korrigiert.
  • Bestätigungsfenster zum Ändern von Optionen wird nun angezeigt, wenn angelegte Gegenstände ausgewählt werden, die einen Optionenwechsel verlangen.
  • Der Name der Region am unteren rechten Rand wird nun im Hauptmenü korrekt angezeigt.
  • Das Aufrufen des Menüs zur Geräteauswahl führt im Kampf nun nicht mehr zum Spielabsturz.
  • Ein Fehler wurde behoben, durch den die Fortschrittsleiste für Fertigkeiten in bestimmten Situation nicht angezeigt wurde.
  • Die Markierung als „Neu“ für neue Gegenstände, die per Post erhalten wurden, verschwindet nun, wenn Untermenüpunkte aus dem Hauptmenü aufgerufen werden.
  • Nicht länger nutzbare Artikel wurden aus dem Angebot der Händler für Allgemeine Artikel entfernt.
  • Beim Aufrufen der vergrößerten UI mit einem vollen Inventar werden nun die Gegenstandsinformationen korrekt angezeigt.
  • Ausrüstungsbefreiung läuft nun auch für ausgerüstete Gegenstände ordnungsgemäß ab.
Bug Fixes
  • The somewhat rare inventory issue that resulted in a server crash has been fixed.
  • Flying Mounts will now obey TERA's normal flying regulations and will once again start their descent as soon as the flying gauge has been depleted.
  • +10 or higher Misery, Deathwrack, Behemoth, and Oblit gear will now appropriately display within the Enchant sub-menu.
  • Twistshard Weapon / Armor's enchanting cost has been corrected to the intended values.
  • The TERA Game App will no longer crash when entering the game with certain enchanting effects.
  • Ruinous Manor > 2nd boss's pattern > fixed a display problem in the combat area when baby spider turns to sleep state.
  • The TERA Game App will no longer crash when gear option UI is opened while in combat.
  • Thaumetal Refinery > 1st boss's pattern no longer causes client crash.
  • Civil Unrest: Velika related NPC's showed up for work a little early. We've sent them home until its time to battle.
  • Gear enchanting / upgrade UI > gear level now appropriately displays in 000 / 000 format.
  • When receiving guild quest reward via parcel, parcel title section is no longer missing.
  • Item option selection UI > selecting an option and moving to a different tab no longer displays the previously selected option.

Known Issues
  • Selecting Upgrade menu while crystals are equipped will display Upgrade UI briefly.

* Please note that Xbox had already received these Bug fixes.
This issue has been filed as a bug. Thank you for the report!
We heard lots of people on the stream earlier today really liked our images from Skywatch: New Heights, so here are some images for you!


Nergal736 wrote: »
did ps4 ge update or no im seeing reduce cost is that xbox only
The PS4 Maintenance had a technical issue that prevented maintenance from taking place last night, but we are pushing for that to take place as soon as possible, and when we've locked in a new time for maintenance, we'll be sure to announce it.
The New Heights update kicks off an epic new journey for TERA players!

Skywatch is coming to TERA—and it’s bringing a new level-cap increase, along with tougher BAMs, a skill-advancement system, gear fusion, a new system for daily dungeon entries…and an epic new threat to the world that will play out over the next several updates.

Level Cap Increase: 70
Because this level cap increase isn’t a simple matter of just changing the maximum level, the new level cap won’t be something that you are likely to hit in a few hours of play. Plan accordingly!
  • Be the first on your server to reach level 70 in your chosen class, and you’ll earn a “server first” achievement.
  • Your best opportunities to acquire significant XP (to maximize your leveling-up) include BAMs, dungeons, fishing, and crafting/gathering.
  • An added questline—"The Nightmare Begins"—will get you started advancing from level 65 to level 70, and help you earn new gear.

Tougher Open-World BAMs and Bosses
We’re changing how high-level BAMs spawn, to improve the experience of hunting monsters in the open world.
  • These BAMs have been updated to level 66–70, as part of the plan to help you reach the new level cap.
  • You’ll encounter most of these as part of the new questline—specifically in Essenian Crest, Val Aureum, Ex Prima, Balder’s Refuge, and Celestial Hills.
  • These BAMs will also drop loot that’s more meaningful to the leveling-up process—so expect more crafting and enchanting materials. (See “New Gear Slots,” below.)
  • Look for new daily quests similar to Vanguard Requests, but that can only be undertaken in the open world locations mentioned above. As you level up, more of these daily quests will become available to you. These quests will reward you with both leveling XP and skill advancement XP.
We’re also introducing more powerful open-world bosses to test your mettle. These bosses are bigger than normal (like the ones you find on the Island of Dawn), and they have special aura effects.
  • These bosses spawn at random times and at random locations (within the 65–70 leveling zones listed above, on Channel 1).
  • Anyone can participate in battling these bosses; you are not restricted by item level), and you can join the fight solo, or with a party.
  • Helping to defeat these bosses rewards you with leveling XP and skill advancement XP (see below).

Skill Advancement
The new level cap means that your skills will also get better—but rather than simply raising your skills one level, Skywatch introduces a new system called “Skill Advancement,” which lets you adjust how and how effectively your skills work.
This system lets you gradually improve skill performance and character stats, as well as select between optimizations to specialize your skills.
  • Advance one of your skills at level 66, 68 and 70:
    • Uses Skill Advancement Points and Skill Advancement Scrolls.
    • Increase the skill’s effectiveness up to 60 times.
  • Optimization at level 67 and 69: three Skill Advancement options become available.
    • Unlocking these costs gold and uses Skill Optimization Scrolls.
    • Once you unlock the options, you can freely switch between them at any time (except during combat). This allows you to select the skill option that best suits your current needs.
  • You get Skill Advancement Points from earning enough Skill Advancement XP.
  • You can earn Skill Advancement XP from defeating level 65 BAMs (and higher), completing Vanguard Requests, and so on.
  • Earn scrolls from daily quests and high-level dungeons.

Gear Fusion
This new system lets you combine two pieces of Frostmetal, Stormcry, or Heroic Oath gear to add additional gear options. You will need the target gear and the “fodder” gear. Combining the two will add some of fodder’s options to the target gear.
  • The target gear has a number of “fusion slots” based on what kind of gear it is:
    • Frostmetal—1 fusion slot
    • Stormcry—2 fusion slots
    • Heroic Oath—2 fusion slots
  • The fodder gear’s tooltip indicates whether it can be used as a fusion fodder or not. Depending on how many fusion options the target can take, some of the options on this fodder gear will be transferred to the target gear in the fusion process. Which of the fodder’s options are transferred are determined randomly.
  • Fodder gear is available from instances and open world content.

New Gear Slots
Skywatch adds two new gear slots: Halidoms and Relics. These slots unlock when your character reaches level 66, when you complete the new questline.
  • You can acquire halidoms and relics (ranging from uncommon to legendary) from dungeon bosses, and the new open-world BAMs and bosses.
  • You can upgrade both of these new gear items, up to Tier V (currently). Upgrading boosts their stats.

Adventure Coins
Skywatch revises the dungeon entry limit system by replacing daily entry count with a weekly entry count and replacing reset scrolls with Adventure Coins. In short, each time you enter a dungeon, it will consume some of your Adventure Coins.
The idea behind this system is to reduce the burden of daily dungeon entries that players encountered with the daily entry limit, and to allow you to play more of the dungeons you enjoy.
  • You can enter each dungeon up to 40 times (not including solo/leveling zone dungeons).
  • Your total Adventure Coins display right above your MP bar.
  • The number of Adventure Coins required to enter is different for each dungeon: Higher-tier dungeons (with greater rewards) require more coins to enter. This also means that lower-tier dungeons require fewer coins to allow players with low item levels to work on getting better gear.
  • Coin requirements are shown in Vanguard Request or dungeon matching UI.
  • Elite status increases your maximum coin limit, replenishment speed, and weekly entry limits.
  • Your coins replenish at a rate of 3 coins every three minutes, or 4 every three minutes for elite players. This occurs whether you are online or not.
  • If you still have dungeon reset scrolls in your inventory, you can sell them to merchants for gold.

Adjusted Elite Status Rewards
Because some of these systems affect the benefits of elite status, we have adjusted elite status rewards:
  • Added:
    • Additional 680 Adventure Coins
    • Boosted Adventure Coin replenishment rate
    • Permanent 20% Item XP Boost
    • Fish Delivery Max per day of +20
    • Fish Crate Delivery max per day of +2
  • Changed:
    • Trade Broker listing fee of 2%
    • Trade Broker “buy-it-now” fee of 10%
    • Perk Bar:
      • Changed 25% Item XP Boost to 100% XP Boost, with a 20-hour cooldown.
      • Changed 50% EP Boost to 2× 100% EP Boost, with a 24-hour (daily) cooldown.

Skywatch adds four new solo-version dungeon and three 7-player dungeon versions:
  • Lilith's Trial is a solo version of Lilith’s Keep, where you race the clock to fight your way through Lilith’s forces, and confront the vampiric noblewoman in her lair.
  • Bastion of Lok, Sinestral Manor, and Cultists' Refuge all now have a solo version, allowing players to experience the dungeon content without having to go through the process of instance matching.
  • Antaroth's Abyss, Grotto of Lost Souls, and Dark Reach Citadel now have 7-player versions.

Progression dungeons are now set to 3-person complexity, with no role restrictions.

Skywatch also marks the start of Achievement Season 10.
The prices of the enchantments for gear are much higher compared to those of the pc version.
I had like 10 blue screens when i switch between characters.
From what I have seen, it looks like the values followed other TERA PC regions like KR and EU, rather than TERA PC NA's costs.
This was actually asked in the EME Discord earlier this morning.

I wish I had confirmation, but unfortunately I have not been able to confirm a change to both the Elite Gift Box and Elite Consumable Box quite yet...
I known it was on the to-do list.
Perhaps either Rox or Singlebear might know more.
In an effort to identify new issues that have have been included in with the TERA: Reloaded update as soon as possible, please use this Thread to discuss them, as well as any large changes that were not communicated within the Patch Notes.

Last Updated : April 1st 2019

Known Issues
  • There is an issue that has caused Thaumetal Refinery and Thaumetal Refinery (Hard) to delayed until a Hotfix can be delivered.

Additional Changes

Resolves Issues
Patch Notes for maintenance on April 1, 2019 (English):

New Character Option!
  • Elin Gunner becomes available!
    • Race Change Voucher can be applied to existing Gunners
    • Level 60 Scroll can be applied.

Enchantment System Changes:
  • Materials for new enchantment system added
  • Old materials can no longer be used and can be dismantled into Entropic or Metamorphic Emblems by entering the Menu and selecting “Dismantle.”
    • Deprecated Materials will indicate in their tooltip if they can no longer be used.
  • UI changes to the enchantment system.

New gear sets have been added:
  • Guardian, Twistshard, Frostmetal, and Stormcry equipment
    • Previous level 65 gear can now be upgraded to new gear.
      • Oblit, Deathwrack, Behemoth, Ambush, and Misery equipment can be used to upgrade to new sets.

Guardian Legion has been added:
  • Accessed via Character > Quest Log > Guardian Legion in the Menu

New Dungeons (Available at a later date):
  • Thaumetal Refinery -- Item Level 431
  • Thaumetal Refinery (Hard) – Item Level 439

Returning Dungeons Open:
  • Shattered Fleet – Item level 364
  • Sky Cruiser Endeavor – Item level 439
  • Lilith’s Keep (Hard) – Item Level 439

Dungeons Closing:
  • Channelworks
  • The Abscess
  • Bathysmal Rise
  • Bathysmal Rise (Hard)
  • Akeron’s Inferno
  • Demokron Factory
  • Manglemire

Class balance changes for all classes.

Misc. Changes:
  • Raid, Field boss rewards, Battleground, and Level 65 dungeon rewards have been updated.
  • Max Guild level increased to 309.
  • The total number of Character Slots increases from 17 to 18.

Notes de mise à jour du 2 avril (Français):

Nouvelle option de personnage !
  • L'Artilleuse Élin est désormais disponible !
  • Le bon de changement de course peut être appliqué aux artilleurs existants
  • Le niveau 60 peut être appliqué.

Modification du système d'enchantement :
  • Des matériaux ont été ajoutés au nouveau système d'enchantement.
  • Les anciens matériaux ne peuvent plus être utilisés. Ils peuvent être démantelés pour créer des emblèmes entropiques ou de métamorphose. Pour ce faire, accédez au menu et choisissez "Démanteler".
    • Les infobulles des matériaux obsolètes indiqueront que vous ne pouvez plus les utiliser.
  • Des changements ont été apportés à l'interface du système d'enchantement.

Ajout de nouveaux ensembles d'équipement :
  • Les anciens équipements de niveau 65 peuvent désormais être améliorés afin d'obtenir un équipement flambant neuf.
  • Équipements de pierre magique de sang, de saturne et de fureur criarde.
    • Les équipements du dragon ténébreux, impitoyable du forgeron, du dragon vénérable Vergos, attrayante du forgeron et de Veldeg peuvent être utilisés pour passer aux nouveaux ensembles.

Ajout de la légion des gardiens :
  • Accès via Personnage > Journal de quêtes > Légion des gardiens depuis le menu.

Réouverture d'anciens donjons :
  • Flotte en Morceaux – Niveau d'équipement 364.
  • Croiseur céleste l'Opiniâtre – Niveau d'équipement 439.
  • Forteresse de Lilitas (difficile) – Niveau d'équipement 439.

Fermeture de donjons :
  • Les Canaux.
  • L'Abcès.
  • Ascension bathyssale.
  • Ascension bathyssale (difficile).
  • Entrée de la Fournaise d'Archeron.
  • Laboratoire de Verno.
  • Plateau trompeur.

L'équilibre des classes change pour toutes les classes.

Divers Changements:
  • Les champs de bataille, les récompenses de boss, les raids et les récompenses des donjons de niveau 65 ont été mis à jour.
  • Le niveau maximum des guildes a été porté à 309.
  • Le nombre total de slots de personnage passe de 17 à 18.

Patchnotizen für 2. April (Deutsch):

Neue Charakteroptionen!
  • Elin-Kanonier jetzt verfügbar!
  • Race Change Voucher kann auf bereits bestehende Gunners angewendet werden.
  • Level 60 Scroll kann angewendet werden.

Änderungen am Verzauberungssystem
  • Materialien für neue Verzauberungen wurden hinzugefügt
  • Altes Material kann nicht mehr verwendet werden. Es kann in Zeichen und Beweise des Wandels zerlegt werden, wählt dazu im Menü „Zerlegen“ aus.
    • Veraltete Materialien weisen in der Beschreibung darauf hin, dass sie nicht mehr verwendet werden können.
  • Änderungen an der Benutzeroberfläche zur Verzauberung

Neue Ausrüstungssets:
  • Ausrüstung der Stufe 65 kann jetzt zu neuer Ausrüstung aufgewertet werden.
  • Ausrüstung des Blutmagiesteins, Saturns und der kreischenden Wut
    • Ausrüstung des Finsterdrachens, des kaltblütigen Schmieds, des Erzdrachen Vergos, des verlockenden Schmieds und Veldegs kann zu neuen Sets aufgewertet werden.

Wächterlegion wurde hinzugefügt:
  • Verfügbar über Charakter > Questbuch > Wächterlegion im Menü

Wiedereröffnete Dungeons:
  • Zerschlagene Flotte – Ausrüstungsstufe 364
  • Himmelskreuzer Sturmflotte – Ausrüstungsstufe 439
  • Lilitasfestung (schwierig) – Ausrüstungsstufe 439

Geschlossene Dungeons:
  • Die Kanäle
  • Der Abszess
  • Untiefen von Bathysmal
  • Untiefen von Bathysmal (schwierig)
  • Archerons Inferno
  • Vernos Laboratorium
  • Mogelplateau

Änderungen des Klassensaldos für alle Klassen.

Verschiedene Änderungen:
  • Aktualisierte Belohnungen für Schlachtfeld, Jagden, Schlachtzüge und Dungeonbelohnungen für Stufe 65
  • Max. Gildenlevel auf 309 angehoben
  • Die Gesamtzahl der Character Slots steigt von 17 auf 18.
Here is the full list of items received as you level up any Class :

Reaching Level 3 (Provides the following) :
  • Minor Battle Solution x10
  • Shellback (7-Day Back Accessory) x1

Reaching Level 14 (Provides the following) :
  • Minor Battle Solution x10
  • Village Atlas (15-Day) x1
  • Bonzai (7-Day Auto-loot Pet) x1
  • Angry Little Cloud (7-Day Head Accessory) x1

Reaching Level 20 (Provides the following) :
  • Uncommon Noctenium Elixir x10
  • Happy Penguin ( 3-Day Footsteps) x1
  • Strongbox Key x1

Reaching Level 30 (Provides the following) :
  • Major Battle Solution x10
  • Fuzz Cop Car (7-Day Mount) x1
  • Strongbox Key x1

Reaching Level 35 (Provides the following) :
  • Valkyon Health Potion x10
  • Azure Butterfly Wings (7-Day Back Accessory) x1
  • Strongbox Key x1

Reaching Level 40 (Provides the following) :
  • Rare Noctenium Elixir x10
  • Retro Wizarding Hat (7-Day Head Accessory) x1
  • Strongbox Key x1

Reaching Level 45 (Provides the following) :
  • Bravery Potion x5
  • Skycycle Mk.7 (7-Day Flying Mount) x1
  • Strongbox Key x1

Reaching Level 50 (Provides the following) :
  • Goddess Blessing x5
  • Rejuvenation Potion x10
  • Winged Band (7-Day Head Accessory)
  • Strongbox Key x1

Reaching Level 55 (Provides the following) :
  • Prime Battle Solution x10
  • Sapphire x1
  • Jetcycle MHx-7 (7-Day Flying Mount) x1
  • Strongbox Key x1

Reaching Level 60 (Provides the following) :
  • Superior Noctenium Elixirs x10
  • Discoball (7-Day) x1
  • Emerald
  • Strongbox Key x2

Reaching Level 65 (Provides the following) :
  • Diamond x1
  • Metamorphic Emblem Chest x1
  • Rainbow Cloud (7-Day Head Accessory)
  • Strongbox Key x3

Reaching Level 65 - GUNNER ONLY (Provides the following) :
  • Purple Will Suit (Permanent Costume) x1
  • Celeboom (Permanent Weapon Skin) x1
The steps to continue on any Open / Unresolved Tickets from the Older System are located HERE.

If you want a quick guide, here is what you need to know :
"If you've created any tickets using our old system you'll need to create a new support request, please include the incident number found in the subject line of your e-mail"
News for the next update is planned to go out next week, it'll call out the update and events surrounding it, plus a teaser of anniversary.

As @counterpoint mentioned, It's been a crazy time here at En Masse, there's a lot going on behind the scenes, and teams are shifting around. I appreciate those that have been really patient and understanding!
Lingyi wrote: »
@CobaltDragon do you know when the conversion rates, and thus the answer to my question, might be released, in respect to the revamp?
Regretfully no.
I don't know when that information will be made public.
There may be a chance, that conversion rates will not announced beforehand, and only made public on the actual day of the update. (Included within Patch Notes)
Lingyi wrote: »
@Exipheus @CobaltDragon
Will the special alkahest (personal, extensive, premium) be usable to enchant the older gears, like ambush and deathwrack, after the revamp? in fact, will all alkahest still work?
I read from old forums that the special ones stop working. In order to better prepare and get a head start post-revamp, I really need to know the answer to this so that I won't be wasting gold on things that become useless.
Thank you!
I want to provide you with an accurate answer, but until all of the conversions rates are released publicly, I cannot answer this question.
MrNathy695 wrote: »
Exipheus wrote: »
MrNathy695 wrote: »
Here revamp the 3v3 box, give it alkahest, feedstock, gems, resizers on a .5% chance. Or t4 etchings on a .1% chance. Give us some reason to pvp atm were left with nothing and all you say is wait. Wait for a month by then we will all quit and your pvp changes wont matter

They said they had some news coming out this week. Perhaps that will provide you the information you're looking for. Hopefully it gets announced similar to the way Deathwrack patch was announced.

this weeks news is another copy paste pile of [filtered], we've told you what we want yet you don't listen then wonder why tera dies? We want active bg, pvp events there is no point giving the same dead event for a whole month and it's a simple fix of turning on bg rewards so people can grind bg with some form of progression

If you check the date of the News Post, we didn't actually update it from last week's.
KitTeaCup mentioned the following on our EME Discord yesterday, but should have also include this info here within the Forums :

"Hi everyone! There's no This Week In TERA coming this week - HOWEVER!"

"We have huge news coming this week, so keep an eye out for our socials/newsposts this week!"
I believe a fix will be coming in an up-coming Maintenance, that will deliver the Bay Gelding Mount to all players who skipped the Tutorial after that feature was introduced, and also add a quest that delivers the Mount, for those who skip the Tutorial going forward.
smokeba wrote: »
Hey, @CobaltDragon I hate bringing issues like this to you, but I don’t know who else to contact. I finally received my items from my dead server this morning. I did not receive my dyads which were in the gear I had transferred. And my gear was no longer %3 Masterworked(which I guess I can spend more gold on) but still. I have talked to multiple friends as of recent. They got dyads and their gold also did not count as an item. This is making my transfer very difficult as I have worked very hard to perfect my gear. The inconsistency in this process is unfair, simply based on which GM we receive and how they handle my our issue. Is there anything you can do about my dyads? There is know way I could farm them up on the new server in time for my HH runs.
For any issues that occur within a Support Ticket, it's best to simply update the Ticket / Support Agent, and politely mention a few things that you expected, that had not been completed.

That Agent should be able to read what you wrote, and proceed to fix the remaining issues as soon as possible.
This may have also occurred, if you had multiple characters on different Servers before the Console Server Merges took place.

If you did not apply an Additional Character Slot Voucher on either Server, your initial character limitation would still be two characters per Server, and the Server Merge had placed all of your characters onto the same Server.
We'll check to see if Manglemire should be added to the Scroll, or if it's considered an "Event" Dungeon with the intention of not allowing resets.
On the main TERA website, if you scroll down to the image of Discord and hover over it, it shows that clicking it will invite you to our Discord.
For reference, that Web URL is : https://discordapp.com/invite/EME
Patch Notes for maintenance January 20, 2019:
Harrowhold Raid
  • Players can now participate in weekly raids with Harrowhold, for 20 players.
  • Harrowhold has four stages, the raid's status is saved after completing each stage. (Reset weekly.)
  • The Raid Leader's status determines the raid's progression.
  • Only the best raids will complete all four phases in the week.
  • Requires item level 423 for match making.
  • Boss drops Oblit Essences, used to upgrade Deathwrack weapons to Oblit weapons.
  • Complete the story quest Requiem for a Dragon to acquire the Marrow Brooch. Marrow Brooch gives a 20 second buff to Power, Crit Factor, and Attack Speed.
  • 77f3d3540f90a9b9adb714bdad91392e2a564b0e.png

Manglemire Dungeon
  • Manglemire, a max-level 5-player dungeon, contains more tricky mechanics than any other dungeon.

Tutorial Skip
  • Players now have the option to skip the tutorial of Stepstone Isle.
    • Players who opt to skip the tutorial jump to Oblivion Woods as a fully-equipped level 13.
    • Some guide windows will still appear.

Chat UI Improvements
  • Added some options to Scale the chat UI
    • Scale UI
    • Change Font Size
    • Apply Filters
    • Rename Tabs

Notes de mise à jour du 21 février :
Raid du Passage détruit du royaume des dieux
  • Les joueurs peuvent désormais participer à des raids hebdomadaires à 20 personnes au Passage détruit du royaume des dieux.
  • Le Passage détruit du royaume des dieux comporte quatre étapes. Le statut du raid est sauvegardé à la fin de chaque étape. (Il se réinitialise toutes les semaines.)
  • Le statut du Chef de raid détermine la progression du raid.
  • Seuls les meilleurs groupes termineront toutes les étapes dans la semaine.
  • Le système de matchmaking impose un niveau d'objet de 423.
  • Le boss lâche des Essences sanguines du dragon ténébreux qui servent à améliorer les Armes impitoyables du forgeron pour en faire des Armes du dragon ténébreux.
  • Terminez la quête narrative Le regard vengeur du dragon permet d'obtenir la Broche de l'ancien dragon. La Broche de l'ancien dragon donne un buff de 20 secondes à la Puissance, au Facteur de coups critiques et à la Vitesse d'attaque.
  • 77f3d3540f90a9b9adb714bdad91392e2a564b0e.png

Donjon du Plateau trompeur
  • Le Plateau trompeur, un donjon pour 5 joueurs de niveau maximum, contient des mécanismes plus subtils que tout autre donjon.
Passer le tutoriel
  • Les joueurs ont maintenant la possibilité d'ignorer le tutoriel des Pierres de gué.
    • Les joueurs qui décident d'ignorer le tutoriel commencent au Bois de l'oubli, et démarrent au niveau 13, entièrement équipés.
    • Quelques fenêtres de conseils apparaîtront toujours.

Amélioration de l'interface des fenêtres de chat
  • Ajout de quelques options qui permettent d'ajuster la taille de l'interface de chat.
    • Ajuster IU
    • Changer la taille de la police
    • Appliquer des filtres
    • Renommer les onglets

Patchnotizen für 21. Februar:
Schlachtzug: Himmelreich der Götter
  • Alle Spieler können jetzt an wöchentlichen Schlachtzügen mit jeweils 20 Spielern im Himmelreich der Götter teilnehmen.
  • Das Himmelreich der Götter ist in vier Abschnitte unterteilt. Nach dem Abschluss eines Abschnitts wird der Status des Schlachtzugs jeweils gespeichert. (Wird wöchentlich zurückgesetzt.)
  • Der Fortschritt im Schlachtzug hängt vom Status des Schlachtzuganführers ab.
  • Nur die besten Schlachtzuggruppen werden alle vier Abschnitte innerhalb einer Woche abschließen können.
  • Zur Gruppensuche wird Ausrüstungsstufe 423 vorausgesetzt.
  • Vom Boss des Schlachtzugs könnt ihr Blutrote Essenz des Finsterdrachen erbeuten, mit der ihr Kaltblütiger-Schmied-Ausrüstung zu Finsterdrachen-Ausrüstung verbessern könnt.
  • Schließt die Handlungsquest „Der rachsüchtige Blick des Drachen“ ab, um die Brosche des alten Drachen zu erhalten. Die Brosche des alten Drachen verstärkt 20 Sekunden lang eure Werte für Kraft, Kritischen Trefferwert und Angriffsgeschwindigkeit.
  • 77f3d3540f90a9b9adb714bdad91392e2a564b0e.png

Dungeons: Mogelplateau
  • Mogelplateau, ein Dungeon für bis zu 5 Spieler, trumpft mit noch mehr trickreichen Mechaniken auf als alle bisherigen Dungeons.

Überspringen der Einführung
  • Spieler können ab sofort die Einführungssequenz auf der Traumbauminsel überspringen.
    • Spieler, die diese Sequenz überspringen, werden direkt mit voller Ausrüstung auf Stufe 13 in die Wälder der Vergessenheit transportiert.
    • Einige Infofenster werden trotzdem eingeblendet werden.

Verbesserungen der Chatoberfläche
  • Die Chatoberfläche kann über folgende Optionen nun noch weiter angepasst werden:
    • Größe der Chatoberfläche anpassen
    • Schriftgröße verändern
    • Filter anwenden
    • Reiter umbenennen

We're working with Bluehole to fix the item issue. The boxes have been pulled from the store, and will remain so until we fix this issue.

In the meantime, players that received the incorrect non-dyeable item from the loot box can contact support and we will swap them out for you!

Thank you for your patience and understanding!
That seems like a very sound theory for them to test. I know they are working on the issue, so they "may have" figured out the root cause by now, or they may not. I am tagging @CobaltDragon and @Sarumonin in this thread for you. Either CobaltDragon may see it, or Sarumonin may pass your theory on to him for testing, if they haven't already confirmed or ruled out the possibility that part of the programming is allowing the additional entry, but then another part of the programming is booting them back out for too many entries.

As an FYI to all :
I had to scrap the extra Dungeon Entry Event, it will now be a Triple Vanguard ( items, gold, and Rep credit) Event for the same duration.
PS4 EU's Dungeon Highlight experienced an issue.

An attempt was made to modify the configurations and get it to kick-start the Event, but that wasn't successful, so ultimately the entire Event has to be erased and remade from scratch, so an extension of a few hours will be added on to the End Time for PS4 EU.
The Noble Specter Mount is intended to be Ultra Rare.

Although you have pointed out that it cannot be traded to other players after you have received through the Strongbox Jackpot, I'll go ahead and mention that the Mount can be placed into your Bank, which means if you decide you want the Mount on an Alt Character, or perhaps on a future character you haven't created yet, you'll at least have the option to save it until you've decided what you'll ultimately want to do with it.
Can you provide more context ?

Are you referring to the Mystic's Summon "Thrall of Life" , or some other type of Class Skill ?

Also, when reporting something like this, it's always helpful to add a short video clip showcasing the issue, as that certainly accelerates the rate in which this issue is fully identified, thoroughly reported, and a fix can get implemented.
Patch Notes for maintenance January 31, 2019:
  • Fix for Valkyrie skill Ragnarok causing performance issues
  • Update to Elite Consumable Box contents - replaced the Instance Reset Scroll with the following:
    • Alpha Instance Reset Scroll
    • Beta Instance Reset Scroll
    • Gamma Instance Reset Scroll
    • Delta Instance Reset Scroll
  • Strongbox Jackpot event starts after maintenance

31 Januar 2019
  • Walküren-Fertigkeit Ragnarok befestigt die Leistungsproblemen führte
  • Inhalt der Elite-Verbrauchsmaterial-Box aktualisiert - Die Schriftrolle des Rastlosen wurde durch Folgendes ersetzt:
    • Minderwertige Schriftrolle des Rastlosen
    • Herkömmliche Schriftrolle des Rastlosen
    • Herausragende Schriftrolle des Rastlosen
    • Exzellente Schriftrolle des Rastlosen
  • Glücksschachtel-Jackpotevent beginnt nach der Wartung

31 janvier 2019
  • Correction de la compétence Valkyrie Ragnarok causant des problèmes de performances
  • Mise à jour du contenu de la boîte Elite Consumable Box - remplacement du Parchemin d'effervescence par le suivant:
    • Parchemin d'effervescence médiocre
    • Parchemin d'effervescence ordinaire
    • Parchemin d'effervescence supérieur
    • Parchemin d'effervescence hors pair
  • Évènement de jackpot de coffre départs après la maintenance
@PYGN3PMNTE - If you're able to provide short video clips of each individual issue, I'll be happy to add those to the existing bug report, which could increase the rate of both issue being addressed.
Hey, everybody.

We wanted to give you a quick update on this issue, regarding the Cutting Edge Valkyrie title.

As you know, we removed, then disabled, this feat from the game shortly after the class went live.

To keep with our policy of transparency, I’d like to break down what happened, and why.

Due to an unfortunate miscommunication, we were not aware that the Cutting Edge Valkyrie feat and title was active in the build before launch, and thus did not include it in our Valkyrie launch events.

To further complicate matters, a change we’d made to temporarily disable level 60 scrolls for Valkyries did not go into effect during maintenance.

These two issues combined to create an exploit which several players took advantage of in the first hour of play.

To prevent further problems, we disabled the feat as soon as we were aware of the exploit, and removed the title from all characters in all regions.

While this decision is final, we are working to identify the first few players that would have legitimately leveled their Valkyries to level 65 within the first day of play.

Once we have that data, we may arrange for an apology gift of some kind (honoring the dedication shown by these players), to be delivered during a future maintenance.
It's releasing later in Europe. Sony EU and Sony NA are separate companies with separate release schedules, which we unfortunately do not control. When it's available, we will certainly let you know.
@EvalineRose This is lovely! <3

Do you mind if I post this link into our discord? We have a section called EME videos and I think this would get a lot of love and eyes on it too :)
What exactly are you looking for in codes? How do you want to interact with EME so that you feel like there's a relationship here?

Gifts are great, but I'd like a little more meaning other than screaming "FREE STUFF" and throwing it in the air without a care.

I'd prefer to have meaning and reason for doing those types of things. Is that unrealistic?
I still have my tree up...don't judge me!

We took the happy holidays loading screen down, which ones are you not happy with anymore?

How's taking those down on Feb 1st? I feel like that's pretty okay?
Maintenance January 17

1. Fixed Elin race character where the newly added PvP gear did not appear correctly.
2. Disabled Kuma 65 Battleground. Please note: Kuma 20~65 remains open.
1. Misc
  • Changed claim-time on drops from 2 minutes to 45 seconds.
  • Slightly increased spawn rate of field monsters.

2. Battleground and Civil Unrest
  • Removed Corsairs’ Stronghold (Team)

3. Gear and Items
  • Removed Strong Bravery potions from the Dragon Scale shop.
  • The following changes have been made to Locked Gem Strongbox, Locked Talent Strongbox, Locked Crafters Strongbox, Locked Noctenium Strongbox, and Locked ItemXP Stongbox:
    • Replaced Strong Bravery and Strong Canephora potions with Bravery potions at a lower chance.
    • Added Zeta Instance Reset Scroll and Eta Instance Reset Scroll.

4. Elite
  • Elite Gift Box changes:
    • Removed Dreadspire Reset Scroll.
    • Replaced Strong Bravery Potion with Elite Bravery Potion.
    • Replaced Strong Canephora Potion with Elite Canephora Potion.

5. Balance
  • Changed base Endurance for all classes to 80
  • Berserker
    • Lethal Strike
      • Increased base skill damage by 15%
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other players by 30%
      • Decreased the additional damage received as player’s HP decreases
      • Increased MP cost from 0 to 300
    • Evasive Roll
      • Changed MP cost from 0 to 100
  • Valkyrie
    • Dark Herald
      • Decreased hit radius by 33%
    • Leaping Slash
      • [PvP] Removed knockdown effect upon successful hit to other players
    • Ground Bash
      • [PvP] Added knockdown effect upon successful hit to other players
    • Twilight Waltz
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other players by 20%
    • Evasion
      • Changed MP cost from 0 to 100
  • Warrior
    • Scythe
      • Increased skill damage by 5%
    • Blade Waltz
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other players by 19%
    • Aerial Scythe
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other player of upper cut by 45.7%
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other players of downward strike by 21.4%
    • Blade Frenzy
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other players by 29.3%
  • Gunner
    • Bombardment
      • Decreased total skill damage
      • Increased area of damage of each missile by 10%
      • Increased MP cost
    • Burst Fire & Arcane Burst Fire
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other players by 16.7%
    • Balder’s Vengeance
      • [PvP] Increased damage against other players by 100%
    • Remote Trigger
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other players by 20%
    • Rolling Reload
      • Increased MP cost from 0 to 100
  • Priest
    • Final Reprisal
      • [PvP] Increased damage against other players by 45%
    • Zenobia’s Vortex
      • Changed projectile path to be parallel to the ground regardless of where the player is vertically looking
      • [PvP] Increased damage against other players by 30%
    • Shocking Implosion
      • [PvP] Increased damage against other players by 45%
    • Triple Nemesis
      • [PvP] Increased damage against other players by 70%
    • Holy Burst
      • [PvP] Increased damage against other players by 20%
  • Mystic
    • Increased Thrall enemy detection speed.
    • Decreased PvP damage of Thrall of Vengeance and Thrall Lord.
    • Boomerang Pulse
      • [PvP] Increased damage against other players by 100%
    • Arunic Release
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other players by 35%
  • Sorcerer
    • Hail Storm
      • Increased base critical hit chance by 10%
    • Nova
      • Increased base critical hit chance by 10%
    • Meteor Strike
      • [PvP] Increased damage against other players by 13.6%
    • Void Pulse
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other players by 20%
    • Flaming Barrage
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other players by 35.8%
    • Ice Lances
      • [PvP] Increased damage against other players by 33.3%
    • Fusion
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other players by 20%
    • Implosion
      • [PvP] Increased damage against other players by 60%
    • Backstep
      • Changed MP cost from 85 to 100
  • Reaper
    • Shadow Step
      • Changed MP cost from 0 to 100
    • Enhanced Sundering Strike
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other players by 27.3%
    • Enhanced Shadow burst
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other players by 15.2%
  • Ninja
    • Harmonious Burning Heart
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other players by 20%
    • Quick Attack
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other players by 20%
  • Slayer
    • In Cold Blood
      • Removed Ultimate Overhand Strike, and changed effect to increase skill damage of Overhand Strike by 30%
      • Decrease cooldown of Overhand Strike upon casting
    • Overhand Strike
      • Removed Ultimate Overhand Strike (change detailed above)
    • Measured Slice
      • [PvP] Increased damage against other players by 20%
    • Punishing Blow
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other players by 14.3%
    • Savage Strike
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other players by 30.4%
    • Unsheathe
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other players by 24.3%
    • Evasive Roll
      • Changed MP cost from 75 to 100
  • Brawler
    • One Inch Punch
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other players by 14.3%
    • Rhythmic Blows
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other players by 12.5%
    • Quick Dash
      • Changed MP cost from 0 to 100
  • Archer
    • Gust Arrow
      • [PvP] Increased damage against other players by 50%
  • Lancer
    • Super Leap
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other players by 30%

6. Known Issues
  • PvP Gear is not displayed properly on Elin characters. This issue will be resolved in an upcoming hotfix.
Are you by-chance referring to the "Deathmatch" system that is on the PC version?

"Deathmatches are team battles that can be held anywhere. They do not have the area or zone restrictions that PKs have. Select Deathmatch from the Social menu and organize a custom Team vs Team battle, inviting your friends and/or your enemies. You can even put your money where your mouth is and bet gold and items while battling 10 versus 10"

If you are, I don't believe the Deathmatch system has been added for Console. I remember asking about it pretty early on, but never received confirmation that the system was going to be added.
1. Gear and Items
  • Added PvP Gear
    • Available from the Bellicarium shop.
    • Weapons, Armor, and Innerwear are divided up into three sub-types:
      • Disciplinary: Offensive
      • Harmonic: Balanced
      • Impregnable: Defensive
    • PvP Gear has a new trait: Durability
      • Enchanting or upgrading PvP gear has a chance of damaging the item
      • Damaged gear can be repaired to restore its status
      • A warning will be displayed within the Forge UI if an item has a chance of taking damage
      • Damaged gear can be equipped, but no can longer be enchanted or upgraded.
        • 0ab3864982bfad957e8df6690b375eda020ae1ec.png
    • PvP Weapons and Armor can be enchanted to +9
      • Failing to enchant may decrease enchantment level by 1
    • Brooch: Badge of Honor
      • Brooches can be upgraded from [Grade 1] to [Grade 5]
      • A brooch’s grade does not decrease on an upgrade failure, but it may become damaged.
    • Upgrading PvP innerwear uses a different process.
      • Dismantle PvP innerwear to get Cloth of the same type. (Uncommon > Rare > Genya’s > Signature)
      • Combine Cloth with a Fusion Cube of the same name to create upgraded innerwear.
      • Fusion Cubes can be purchased with Veteran’s Cube Tokens, obtained from Battleground Vanguard Requests.
  • Adjusted rarity of enchanting and upgrading materials.
  • Increased maximum stack size (bank) for the following items:
    • Gold Ticket
    • Diamond Ticket
    • Metamorphic Token
  • Sky Lotus Drink is no longer usable, and can be sold to a merchant

2. Quest
  • Added a new daily quest (level 65, ilvl 439) in Highwatch, received from Marmundam
    • Completable once per day, per character.
    • Reward:
      • 6 Liquid Metal
      • 4 Hypnotic Device
      • 3 Artisan’s Tools
      • 2 Copper Clasp
      • 1 Pansophic Ash
      • 4 Archdevan Formula
      • 2 Carved Ornament
      • 1 Scavenged Supplies
  • Guild quest Rally BAMs have been relocated from the Civil Unrest area:
    • Anansha: Timeless Woods, Essenia
    • Frygaras: Screaming Snowfield, Frost Reach
    • Sabranak: Howling Glacier, Frost Reach

3. Dungeon
  • Re-enabled Shadow Sanguinary and Velik’s Sanctuary. These will be hosting the event “Hammers n’ Hearts” to kick off the build!
  • Added the Training Ground
    • Accessed in Highwatch by speaking with Whurloc
    • Fight against Clawrider, the Training Simulacrum, to measure DPS and freely practice
    • No entry limit
  • Closed Shattered Fleet, Dreadspire, and Harrowhold
    • Removed Dreadspire from Leaderboard
  • Bahaar’s Sanctum
    • Added amplifiers with specific Bahaar’s Sanctum boosts.
    • Replaced Transcendent Mask drops with Bahaar’s Mask
      • Upper tier accessory with one static buff and three random effects.

4. Battleground and Civil Unrest
  • New Battleground: Shore Hold
    • Shore Hold replaces Fraywind Canyon
    • Score points by taking over pyres and killing monsters
  • Removed Fraywind Canyon
  • New Battleground type: Unified Gear
    • Replaces your current gear set with Chroas gear, which has increased stats for PvP.
    • Automatically applied on all Battlegrounds tagged with “[Unified Gear]”
    • Stats for Chroas gear and accessories are approximately equal to those of the new PvP gear + Transcendent jewelry.
    • Chroas gear has no crystal slots.
  • Removed battleground equalized crystal system
  • Civil Unrest
    • Combat area is not entirely inside the city of Velika.
      • 5cc2e11b233c90ed01cf94d4388288282b253e9f.png
    • Significantly decreased restricted distance between towers.
    • Significantly decreased tower install radius.
    • Added Battleground and Civil Unrest exclusive potions, available from Chroas the Smuggler.
      • 2f1b623af17a821735de33258c64e9cf2e3106c3.png

5. UI
  • Added an enrage timer to the boss gauge.
    • 1407c2fc45bd28cddac256ff032eed3d8a271182.png

6. Event: Hammers n’ Hearts
  • From January 15 to January 29 earn time-limited Upgrade items from completing Shadow Sanguinary and Velik’s Sanctuary , and their associated Vanguard Requests.
    • Shadow Sanguinary (normal and Hard):
      • Vanguard rewards give Champion’s Mark Tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for Master Blacksmith’s Hammer, Popo Bait, and other useful items.
      • Imperator has a chance of dropping Dakuryon’s Hammer.
      • Nightmare Imperator has a chance of dropping up to two Dakuryon’s Hammer!
    • Velik’s Sanctuary (normal and Hard):
      • Vanguard rewards give Heroic Mark tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for Purified Lakan’s Heart, Popori Bait, and other useful items.
      • Lakan has a chance of dropping Lakan’s Heart.
      • Nightmare Lakan has a chance of dropping up to two Lakan’s Heart!
  • Upgrade items and Tokens will be removed from inventory at 10AM Pacific on February 5.

Please note: these Patch Notes are "preliminary", which means we will try to add a second set of changes by January 15th that includes more information.
From what we know, this event was not intended to work within dungeons. However, I can confirm that it will work for Dreadspire!
It will be addressed during the next following Maintenance (the one after the Valkyrie Class is released).
Thanks to everyone that participated in this event!

Everyone should have received their Cold Duck footsteps - if you didn't please make sure to check your inbox, I've inquired to folks that either have missing info or maybe changed character names. If you're missing your footsteps, make sure to ask your friend that made the post, as that's my point of contact.

Thanks again, you're lovely!

(sorry for the copy/pasta-ing but I wanted to make sure to get the message out there!)
Thanks to everyone that participated in this event!

Everyone should have received their Cold Duck footsteps - if you didn't please make sure to check your inbox, I've inquired to folks that either have missing info or maybe changed character names. If you're missing your footsteps, make sure to ask your friend that made the post, as that's my point of contact.

Thanks again, you're lovely!
Thanks to everyone that participated in this event!

Everyone should have received their Cold Duck footsteps - if you didn't please make sure to check your inbox, I've inquired to folks that either have missing info or maybe changed character names. If you're missing your footsteps, make sure to ask your friend that made the post, as that's my point of contact.

Thanks again, you're lovely!
English : Version 01.26 (PS4) / (XB1) - Patch Notes
Added New Class
  • Valkyrie

Added New Dungeon
  • Demon’s Wheel

Dungeon Changes
  • Added crystals as drops in some dungeons.
  • Rebalanced bosses for ilevel 423 dungeons.

UI Changes
  • Chat UI
    • Increased the tab name text size.
  • Adjusted the colors of fonts in the Achievements UI to be more readable.
  • Darkened the background of deactivated Achievement rewards.
  • Added new server connect messaging.
  • Rearranged TERA Store menus.
  • Various usability improvements made to the skill combo chain interface.

Misc. Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • Improved performance in major cities.
  • Fixed an issue where character names didn’t immediately display when entering a city.
  • Reduced the draw-distance and number of characters appearing in Timeless Woods and Frost Reach.

Known Issues
  • Valkyries cannot chain skills off of Shining Crescent or Retaliate.
  • Leaping Slash can only be chained off of Glaive Strike and Ground Bash.
  • Valkyrie chained-skill prompts will not always appear. This will be addressed in a later update.

  • Valkyrie Costumes and Weapon Skins will be introduced into the Fashion Coupon Store at some point prior to January 9th.

Français : Version 01.26 (PS4) / (XB1) - Notes de mise à jour
Nouvelle classe ajoutée
  • Valkyrie

Nouveaux donjon ajouté
  • Roulette de Demoroth

Donjon Modifications
  • Cristaux ajoutés comme butin dans certains donjons.
  • Boss rééquilibrés dans les donjons de niveau 423.

  • Interface Chat
    • Augmentation de la taille du texte du nom de l'onglet.
  • Assombrissement des couleurs de la police dans l'interface Épreuves afin qu'elle soit plus lisible.
  • Assombrissement du fond d'écran pour les récompenses d'épreuves désactivées.
  • Nouveau message de connexion au serveur ajouté.
  • Réorganisation des menus de la Boutique TERA.
  • Amélioration de l'interface des attaques combinées pour en simplifier l'utilisation.

Divers Améliorations et corrections de bogues
  • Amélioration de la performance dans les villes principales.
  • Correction d'un problème qui faisait que les noms des personnages ne s'affichaient pas immédiatement en entrant dans une ville.
  • Réduction de la distance d'affichage et du nombre de personnages apparaissant dans les Bois intemporels et dans la Plaine gelée.

Problèmes connus
  • Les valkyries ne peuvent pas enchaîner de compétences après Écho de nouvelle lune ou Réaction.
  • Frappe éthérée ne peut être enchaînée qu'après Piqué lunaire ou Poussée terrestre.
  • Les informations des compétences enchaînées des valkyries n'apparaissent pas toujours. Ces problèmes seront corrigés dans une prochaine mise à jour.

  • Les costumes de Valkyrie et les peaux d'armes seront introduits dans le magasin de coupons de mode à un moment donné avant le 9 janvier.

Deutsch : Version 01.26 (PS4) / (XB1) - Patch-Hinweise
Neue Klasse hinzugefügt
  • Walküre

Neue Dungeon hinzugefügt
  • Demoroths Roulette

Dungeon Änderungen
  • Kristalle als Beute in einigen Dungeons hinzugefügt
  • Bosse in ilevel 423-Dungeons neu balanciert

  • Chat-UI
    • Textgröße der Tab-Namen erhöht
  • Schriftfarben im Erfolge-UI angepasst, um die Lesbarkeit zu verbessern
  • Hintergrund deaktivierter Erfolgsbelohnungen verdunkelt
  • Neue Serververbindungsmeldungen hinzugefügt
  • TERA-Shop-Menüs neu arrangiert
  • Verschiedene nutzerfreundliche Verbesserungen an der Fertigkeiten-Comboketten-Benutzeroberfläche vorgenommen

Verschiedenes Verbesserungen und Fehlerbehebungen
  • Leistung in großen Städten verbessert
  • Fehler behoben, bei dem Charakternamen nicht direkt bei Betreten der Stadt angezeigt wurden
  • Zug-Distanz und Anzahl der erscheinenden Charaktere in Zeitlose Wälder und Frostweiten verringert

Bekannte Probleme
  • Walküren können bei Novaluna-Sonus und Vergeltung keine Fertigkeiten verketten.
  • Ätherhieb kann nur von Lunaraptus und Terramstoß verkettet werden.
  • Meldungen bei Walküren-Kettenfertigkeiten werden nicht immer angezeigt. Diese Probleme werden bei einem zukünftigen Update behoben.
Level 15 Valkyrie Reward Box contains :
  • Blackened Deathchooser Weapon Skin
  • 15-day Travel Journal
  • 15-day Village Atlas
  • 7-day 100% XP Boost
  • Level 20 Reward Box

Level 20 Valkyrie Reward Box contains :
  • Chooser of the Slain Valkyrie costume
  • 5 Rubies
  • Level 40 Reward Box

Level 40 Valkyrie Reward Box contains :
  • Flying Skill: Jetcycle
  • 5 Sapphires
  • Fashion Coupon x400
  • Level 60 Reward Box

Level 60 Valkyrie Reward Box :
  • Simple Quickcarve Brooch
  • Emerald x3
  • Prime Battle Solution x10
  • Strong Bravery Potion x10
  • Valiant Potion x10
  • Level 65 Reward Box

Level 65 Valkyrie Reward Box :
  • +12 Meathanger Box (Slaughter Weapon)
  • an Intricate Identification Scroll
  • a Blessed Enigmatic Scroll
  • 3 Valkyrie Plunder Glyph Boxes
  • 255 Underhold tokens
  • "Chooser of the Slain" Title
You might want to consider adding the EMP to your own Console Account ( if your friend made their character on the same PS4 Server as you ) , and then use the EMP to buy a few things your friend might like, and then send all of those gifts through Parcel Mail along with a Birthday Message.
Hi everyone! Thanks for asking about this, we're working on getting these distributed - we had over 500 individuals participate in the event, so we're working on getting those out there!

Thanks again so much for participating, and thanks for being so patient! :)
I've asked our QA team to look at this. Could you give more information about this issue please?
@6G93R74ET3 The race change voucher is getting updated during our next maintenance (Thursday Jan. 3rd) but you should be able to do that as Brawler now.

Thanks for the feedback on the mount!
L4JGHY4AHA wrote: »
Gospodja wrote: »
I know that and that's why I'm asking what the final reward will be.

Unfortunately, it was too late for us to use the original final reward, due to a technical issue that arose, so the final reward ended up being a Talisman of Lakan, and the Weapon Etching will be offered through a different Event.
And please note: due to the delayed start to Ultra-Hyper-Fire-Turbo-Time it will last until Thursday 12/27 at 3am PST (11 UTC)

Have you been enjoying fishing in TERA? Take this oppor-tuna-ty to share a fin-tastic tail of your fishy journeys!

Give us a good story, and you'll be rewarded Cold Duck footsteps! Be krill-ative as you can!

Starting today and ending January 4th at midnight.
Rinky wrote: »
circuits wrote: »
Changes to the Bellicarium Shop
  • Triumph Keybadge (Current Cost: 11,000 bc credits) / Reduced by 80%, New Cost: 2,200

This item was not changed in price for Xbox One NA. Still 11,000 BC credits. @CobaltDragon
The Store price on Triumph Keybadges has now been adjusted to the new Cost : 2,200

@iCandyKillz Could you give some more detail as to which party/group gathering you're talking about?

You're talking about players in the same party can gather together and everyone gets the same item? Would love some more context, thanks!
The good news is that the server maintenance page is correctly showing that the PC servers are under maintenance. The bad news is that we are still verifying the game servers so maintenance has been extended.
I talked to a web developer about the server status page this morning and we found the issue (format of status messages changed). We are working on a fix.
@DorothyI What I mean by one character, if you submit multiple photos, that particular character will only be rewarded footsteps once.

e.g. Taco.King submits 3 photos with different friends, Taco.King only gets 1 set of footsteps.

I hope that helps! I also do want to encourage more photos, but if you have other characters, then use them too! Give them love too!
Trying to see if there's a solution for this one!
@Christin Our Partners each have different schedules, but as Melodys said, that's the Twitch Team, so if you follow those streamers, you can see when they're streaming TERA!

Let me know if you have any other questions :)
@RenniBee @Gingerlover @D9MPY4GAFR @metagame @Vy1Vivi @KXRC9JMW74 @seraphinush

I've updated the post to hopefully answer all of your questions!

Let me know if you have any others and Happy Holidays! I appreciate your questions :3
1. Material Sealing
  • Use Enchantment Seals to make the following materials bankable:
    • Veilthroch
    • Devil’s Claws
    • Dragon Skull
  • Enchantment Seals are available from General Goods vendors:
    • 4173c52dbd5ff0ca1b7b7711ada47eb214090ea9.png
  • Sealed materials are placed into a chest.
    • Example (Veilthroch):
    • f5c025c846e9799ed5b29a86e5f25ee512dedff6.png
Wintera's first Community event! (December 11th - December 23rd)

Get up to 5 folks from your guild and take a holiday screenshot! Send it to this forum post – make it ooze holiday feelings and you’ll be rewarded! Make sure to state your character name (and others in your picture) to all receive your reward (those cute Cold Duck footsteps!)

Happy Holidays everyone! :)
  • Flying Skill: Royal Ghost Dragon
  • Village Atlas (Permanent)
  • Travel Journal (Permanent)
  • Flying Skill: Jetcycle MHZ
  • Flying Skill: Skycycle MHZ
  • Studio Style Smart Box (Hip Hop)
  • Jeans and Jacket Smart Box (Varsity)
  • Castanica Demons Smart Box
  • Care and Use of Your Pet Felicity
  • Dyeable Deep Jammers Box
  • Blackguard's Leathers Smart Box
  • Elite Status Voucher (90 Day)
  • Golden Noblesse Smart Box (Elleon Rare)
  • Purple Master Plasma Smart Box
  • Red Master Plasma Smart Box
@Maleficent94 Could you give more context as to what the brawler rush glitch is please? And have you and @D9MPY4GAFR submitted tickets?

I'd like to hear more about this, thanks!
@Dokibun If you want to know all of the fun stuff coming up, check out this forum post!

It'll get updated weekly, so you'll be able to know what's going on! :)
On Tuesday, December 11, we'll be taking the TERA servers for Xbox One and PlayStation®4 in Europe down 02:00 UTC for scheduled maintenance. We expect the downtime to be two hours.

This is a hardware maintenance only. There are no software changes to note.
1. Elite Status
  • Buffed Crafting Speed from 50% to 99%.
    • Note: This will not disable crafting’s minimum time to complete per item (approximately 3 seconds).
    • 1f229b67bfa3301ea4eaa1f57a862b87087ce3d6.png
  • Added 2 50% EP Experience (1-hour) boosts to Elite Benefits bar.
    • aaa8339dfbb7fcf19420a04c0202bfc4714873cc.png

2. Fishing
  • Learn how to fish by speaking with the popori Waining, in Highwatch, which will kick off the Fishing Association questline.
  • Added Vanguard Request: “Fishing! So Much Fun!”
  • Begin by casting your fishing rod at predetermined spots.
    • Bait is required, and can be purchased and/or crafted.
      • Activate Bait from your inventory and/or skillbar.
      • Fishing consumes one unit each time you get a bite.
    • Fishing spots can be found on the World Map.
      • a3cea73874cc13b1b109c815e12f052acc2e6461.png
    • Production Points are not consumed by fishing.
    • Fishing can be done manually or automatically.
      • Manual: Displays a mini-game when you get a bite. Press the interact key [Default: F] to reel in your catch!
        • 1c3df4fa793eebd8f5f7c96d7323ecf836f0b4ed.png
      • Automatic: You reel in fish automatically upon getting a bit, until all your bait is gone or your inventory is full.
    • There is one basic (Old), and three advanced (Xermetal, Ash Sapling, and Fairywing) fishing rods.
      • Advanced rods are upgradeable.
      • You receive the Old rod through the initial Fishing quest “Let’s Go Fishing.”
      • You can purchase the Advanced rods from Angler Token Vendors.
  • A plethora of different types of fish are waiting to be caught!
    • Fish are graded, from grade 0 up to grade 10. Beyond grade 10 you may even find a BAF (Big-[filtered] Fish), but be warned these are only for the most skilled of anglers!
      • Note: BAFs can only be caught via manual fishing.
    • Delivery
      • You can deliver fish to an NPC located in cities and fishing spots.
      • The demand list changes every day at 6 a.m. Pacific.
      • You can only deliver fish a limited amount of times per day, and this limit resets at 6 a.m. Pacific.

2. Gathering and Crafting
  • Gathering
    • 15 Production Points (PP) restore every 5 minutes while online, and 15 PP restore every 20 minutes while offline.
    • Changed to consume PP upon completion of gathering.
    • Gathering speed increases relative to gathering skill level.
    • Added gathering tools to increase gathering speed:
      • Sickle, Pick, and Extractor. All of these can be crafted in the Smelting section.
      • Gathering tools are upgradeable.
    • Changed existing gathering skill buff necklaces to decrease gathering time.
  • Crafting
    • Materials are now consumed upon when you finish crafting.
    • Crafting categories are as follows:
      • Alchemy
        • Gems
        • Additives
        • Potions
        • Dyes
      • Smelting
        • Enchanting materials
        • Ingots
        • Gathering Tools
        • Fish Crates
      • Processing
        • Enchanting Material
        • Silexes
        • Accessories
        • Bait
      • Etching
        • Gear Etchings
        • Fieldstones
      • Cooking
        • Battle Dishes
        • Normal Dishes
        • Drinks
        • Cooking Ingredients
    • Existing additives can no longer be used in crafting.
      • Dismantle any old additives into Additive Powder, which can be exchanged for Reagents or sold to vendors.

3. Battleground
  • Added class-optimized crystal system:
    • Added an option within Battleground matching UI allowing you to wear your currently equipped crystals, or accept the class-optimized crystals provided.
    • 57b20477357e4fa7eab77f6546e0c2376193c194.png

4. Item
  • Increased Travel Journal saved spots from 5 to 10 slots.
  • You can now obtain etchings via the following craftables:
    • Etching Sand: Necklace and earring
    • Etching Grit: Ring and belt
    • Etching Powder: Weapon and glove
    • Etching Dust: Armor and foot
  • Overhauled Entropic Token Shop contents.
    • Enchanting Material:
      • Golden Talent: 30
      • Silver Talent: 30
    • Consumables:
      • Prime Battle Solution: 1
      • Crystalbind: 12
      • Complete Crystalbind: 400
      • Semi-enigmatic Scroll: 800
      • Alpha Instance Reset Scroll: 530
      • Beta Instance Reset Scroll: 1,100
      • [Gamma Instance Reset Scroll: 1,700
      • Delta Instance Reset Scroll: 2,000
      • Crafter’s Cure: 1,700
      • Crafter’s Cure-All: 5,800
  • Overhauled Metamorphic Token Shop contents.
    • Enchanting Material:
      • Wood Scrap: 30
      • Archdevan Catalyst: 30
      • Polished Arunic Ore: 90
      • Archdevan Oil: 300
      • Liquid Metal: 300
      • Hypnotic Device: 600
      • Archdevan Surfactant: 3,000
      • Artisan’s Tools: 960
      • Copper Clasp: 1,800
      • Pansophic Ash: 3,000
      • Elemental Essence: 12,000
      • Metal Fragment: 21
      • Refined Elixir: 150
      • Archdevan Formula: 600
      • Carved Ornament: 1,200
      • Otherworldly Shard: 8,400
      • Scavenged Supplies: 1,800
      • Supreme Metal: 5,000
    • Fieldstones:
      • Titan’s Fire: 500
      • Titan’s Peace: 500
      • Titan’s Earth: 500
      • Titan’s Storm: 500
      • Nature’s Aura: 100

5. Miscellaneous
  • Adjusted Civil Unrest’s safety zone for spawnable tower locations.
  • Dismantle now has its own menu, allowing multiple items to be dismantled at once.
    • 2156fd30864534d8a09a658568d98b2cfa5e0221.png

6. Known Issues
  • Material Sealing, which will allow some non-bankable materials to be boxed up and banked, is currently disabled.
    • 5abf250f7d8a7ad8f49f646e203e4ddfb4622795.png
@Christin Hi there! We have updated steam so that the xigncode folders no longer show up.

If you had folders pop up before that, no worries, it still would not have triggered it, as when it patches to our most recent version, it wouldn't start xigncode up.

Feel free to delete the folders that have xigncode on them!

Thanks for bringing this up!
Fixed an issue where using Wintera scarves caused a client crash.
E7KJMJA766 wrote: »
instead it is better that an entire server can not play it? do you really think that 1 or 2 tanks or 2 healers make the difference? Rly? Now all server hate enmasse because lost all night
I think there may still be some confusion on your part... I explained above, that this is a Developer (Bluehole) implemented design.
EME is the Publisher of TERA, and we don't have direct control of how something is designed, though we can push forward suggestions for future updates.

In this Forum Thread, you continue to place blame on En Masse Entertainment for something you dislike by saying, "Now all server hate enmasse because lost all night"...
E7KJMJA766 wrote: »
Remove class limit..
do not you think it's a good idea or can nobody play because of you?
It's not something that I personally would have direct control over, it is more a design introduced by Bluehole, to avoid matches that could end up being extremely one sided due to how many of one type of Class being grouped together.
As long as there is enough players ( Queued Solo for Gridiron ) to fill all of the roles ( Tanks, Healers, DPS ), it should allow the queued players to form a Gridiron raid and teleport all of the players into the match.
Is your group queued into Gridiron together or Solo ?
CEYPRN64CX wrote: »
Since RMHM is gone, is there a way to get it right now? or is there a hint to be implemented in the future?.
The Ambush Belt can now be earned / purchased through the Bellicarium Shop.
Accessory Tab:
  • Human Male Snowsuit
    • 3000 Wintera Tokens
  • Human Female Snowsuit
    • 3000 Wintera Tokens
  • High Elf Male Snowsuit
    • 3000 Wintera Tokens
  • High Elf Female Snowsuit
    • 3000 Wintera Tokens
  • Aman Male Snowsuit
    • 3000 Wintera Tokens
  • Aman Female Snowsuit
    • 3000 Wintera Tokens
  • Castanic Male Snowsuit
    • 3000 Wintera Tokens
  • Castanic Female Snowsuit
    • 3000 Wintera Tokens
  • Popori Snowsuit
    • 3000 Wintera Tokens
  • Elin Snowsuit
    • 3000 Wintera Tokens
  • Baraka Snowsuit
    • 3000 Wintera Tokens

XP Expert Tab:
  • Master Crafter's Additive
    • 5000 Wintera Tokens
  • Riding Skill: Flurryheart (7-Days)
    • 3000 Wintera Tokens
  • Red Rudolph Hairband
    • 1000 Wintera Tokens
  • Glowing Skull Santa Hat
    • 1000 Wintera Tokens
  • Glowing Skull Ribbon Hairband
    • 1000 Wintera Tokens
  • Brown Rudolph Hairband
    • 1000 Wintera Tokens
  • Skull Santa Hat
    • 750 Wintera Tokens
  • Skull Ribbon Hairband
    • 750 Wintera Tokens
  • Snowboard Goggles
    • 500 Wintera Tokens
  • Frostbitten Nose
    • 400 Wintera Tokens

Consumables Tab:
  • Green Wintera Scarf
    • 100 Wintera Tokens
  • Yellow Wintera Scarf
    • 100 Wintera Tokens
  • Blue Wintera Scarf
    • 100 Wintera Tokens
  • Red Wintera Scarf
    • 100 Wintera Tokens
  • Hot Cocoa
    • 50 Wintera Tokens
Is it in reference to the Healer leveling event?

It was indeed!
Xmas comming?

Not quite...
Version 01.23 (PS4) / (XB1)—Patch Notes
- Fixed an issue with the “Revelation of the Goddess” quest that caused the NPC Ciebel not to spawn when the quest is completed out of order
- Improved hitching in major cities slightly by changing the loading method of crating NPC icons and guild marks
- Fixed an instance where the Argon Predator can escape the battle arena
- Fixed an issue where destroying blue keystone in Kelsaik’s Nest caused framerate issues
- Fixed a client freeze that occurred frequently when fighting Humedras in Ex Prima
- Fixed a client freeze that occurred frequently when the player is near the entrance to Demokron Factory
- Fixed an issue where the sky box would not display correctly in Ascension Valley
- Fixed an issue where the Priest’s Fiery Escape skill caused a client freeze
- Fixed an issue where the Ninja’s Chakra Thrust skill caused a client freeze
- Adjusted how the chat filter works relative to partial and exact matches
- Fixed an issue where NPC, zone, and area names would not display correctly on the World Map
- Changed the reward from 300,000 Gold to 30,000 Gold for the following guild missions:
o Emergency Mission Annasha
o Emergency Mission Karagos
o Emergency Mission Sabraniak
- Disabled achievements for Kumas Royale

Version 01.23 (PS4) / (XB1)—Notes de mise à jour
- Correction du problème de la quête « Révélation de la déesse », qui faisait que le PNJ Ciebel n'apparaissait pas quand la quête était effectuée dans le désordre
- Petite amélioration du hitching dans les villes principales en modifiant la méthode de chargement pour la création des icônes de NPC et des marques de guildes
- Correction du problème qui faisait que le Prédateur argon pouvait s'échapper de l'arène
- Correction du problème de la destruction de la clé bleue dans le Nid de Kelsaik, qui causait des erreurs de fréquence d'images
- Correction du plantage du client qui se produisait fréquemment lorsque les joueurs combattaient Humedras dans Ex Prima
- Correction du plantage du client qui se produisait fréquemment lorsqu'un joueur se trouvait près de l'entrée du Laboratoire de Verno
- Correction du problème d'affichage de la skybox dans Vallée de l'ascension
- Correction du problème de la compétence Fuite féroce des prêtres, qui causait un plantage du client
- Correction du problème de la compétence Coup bas des ninjas, qui causait un plantage du client
- Fonctionnement du filtre du Chat ajusté en fonction de correspondances partielles et exactes.
- Correction du problème d'affichage des noms de PNJ et de zones sur la Carte du monde
- La récompense des missions de guilde suivantes a été modifiée, de 300 000 à 30 000 unités d'or :
o Mission de guilde Anansha
o Mission de guilde Frygaras
o Mission de guilde Sabranak
- Épreuves désactivées pour Berceau des Kumas

Version 01.23 (PS4)/ (XB1) - Patch-Hinweise
- Problem mit der Quest "Offenbarung der Göttin" behoben, durch das NPC Ciebel nicht erschien, wenn die Quest in anderer Reihenfolge gelöst wurde
- Aufnahme in großen Städten verbessert, indem die Lademethode von verpackenden NPC-Symbolen und Gildenmarken geändert wurde
- Instanz repariert, bei der der Argonenräuber aus der Kampfarena entkommen kann
- Problem behoben, bei dem das Zerstören des blauen Schlüsselsteins in Kelsaiks Nest zu Framerate-Problemen führte
- Client-Absturzproblem beim Kampf gegen Humedras in Ex Prima behoben
- Client-Absturzproblem beim Eingang zu Vernos Laboratorium behoben
- Problem behoben, bei dem das Himmelskiste im Geschwungenen Tal nicht korrekt angezeigt wurde
- Client-Absturzproblem bei der Priesterfertigkeit "Feurige Flucht" behoben
- Client-Absturzproblem bei der Ninjafertigkeit "Magenhieb" behoben
- Funktionsweise des Chat-Filters bei teilweisen und exakten Treffern angepasst
- Problem behoben, bei dem NPC-, Zonen- und Gebietsnamen auf der Weltkarte nicht korrekt angezeigt wurden
- Belohnung bei den folgenden Gildenmissionen von 300.000 Gold in 30.000 Gold geändert:
o Gildenmission Anansha
o Gildenmission Karagos
o Gildenmission Sabranak
- Erfolge für Kumaskrippe deaktiviert
Ckopobeu wrote: »
And now again as always we go for 20 vs 20 bg cos of Jackpot t12 mats and feed and gues what? we still have old Jackpot instead. EME u never change

I'll think this was an oversight, that the rewards from November had been scheduled to go through Monday Dec 3rd , instead of ending on Saturday Dec 1st and kicking off the newer T12 Jackpot Rewards.

I apologize for unintentionally misleading players, and hope you can forgive me.
Here is the full list of items received as you level up on a Priest / Mystic.

Level 2 (Contains the following) :
50% XP Boost (1 Hour) x1
Minor Recovery Potable x20
Minor Replenishment Potable x20
Riding Skill: Flurryheart(7-Days)

Level 6 (Contains the following) :
Amethyst x1
Tier 1 Feedstock x100
Tier 1 Alkahest x100

Level 10 (Contains the following) :
Pearl x1
Tier 1 Feedstock x500
Tier 1 Alkahest x500

Level 16 (Contains the following) :
50% XP Boost (1 Hour) x2
Mirrored Shades
Goddess' Blessing x10

Level 22 (Contains the following) :
Expedition Healing Potion x30
Expedition Mana Potion x30
XXII Token x8

Level 27 (Contains the following) :
Ruby x1
50% XP Boost (5 Hours) x1
Bravery Potion x50
XXVII Token x8
Care and Use of Your Pet Viridette (Permanent Pet)

Level 34 (Contains the following) :
Fine Pounding Pentant x4
Fine Hardy Pentant x4
Goddess' Blessing x5
Divine Infusion x40
XXXIV Token x8
Tier 2 Feedstock x300
Tier 2 Alkahest x300

Level 38 (Contains the following) :
Sapphire x4
Riding Skill: Flurryheart(7-Days)
Fashion Coupon x400
100% XP Boost (1 Hour) x1
Goddess' Blessing x10
Traditional Bleakfields BBQ x15
XXXVIII Token x8

Level 45 (Contains the following) :
Experience Points (Level 40) x2
Major Recovery Potable x50
Major Replenishment Potable x50
XLIV Token x8
Tier 2 Feedstock x400
Tier 2 Alkahest x400
Goddess' Blessing x5
Experience Points (Level 45) x2
100% XP Boost (5 Hours) x1
Traditional Bleakfields BBQ x15
Swirled Sweets x15
Complete Crystalbinds x40

Level 50 (Contains the following) :
Emerald x1
Tier 3 Feedstock x400
Tier 3 Alkahest x400
L Token x8
Goddess' Blessing x10
Experience Points (Level 50) x3
100% XP Boost (1 Day) x1
Traditional Bleakfields BBQ x15
Lamb Bulgogi x15
Prime Battle Solution x15

Level 55 (Contains the following) :
Emerald x3
Fine Hardy Crux x4
Fine Pounding Crux x4
LV Token x8
LVIII Token x8
Tier 3 Feedstock x300
Tier 3 Alkahest x300
Goddess' Blessing x10
Experience Points (Level 50) x2
100% XP Boost (1 Day) x3
Traditional Bleakfields BBQ x15
Lamb Bulgogi x15
Prime Battle Solution x15

Level 60 (Contains the following) :
Emerald x5
Simple Purifying Brooch x1
Fine Hardy Crux x4
Fine Pounding Crux x4
Riding Skill: Nexus Warhorse x1
Tier 4 Feedstock x300
Tier 4 Alkahest x300
LX, LXIII Token x8
Goddess' Blessing x10
Instance Reset Scroll x3
100% XP Boost (7 Days) x1
Traditional Bleakfields BBQ x15
Lamb Bulgogi x30
Prime Battle Solution x30
Priest Specific :
Priest Bellicarium Glyph Box x10
Mystic Specific :
Mystic Bellicarium Glyph Box x10

Level 62 (Contains the following) :
Diamond x1
LX, LXIII Token x14
Instance Reset Scroll x5
Smart Dyad Structure x4
Priest Specific :
Sorrowspire (Permanent Weapon Skin) and Ornamental Robe (Permanent Costume)
Mystic Specific :
Spitestick (Permanent Weapon Skin) and Carminate Robe (Permanent Costume)

Level 64 (Contains the following) :
Priest Specific :
Longsweep (Guile Weapon) and Praiznee Robe (Guile Chest)
Mystic Specific :
Palmpinch (Guile Weapon) and Drivnee Robe (Guile Chest)
Cunningloves (Guile Gloves)
Slyppers (Guile Boots)
Guile Belt
Manor Necklace
Manorguest Earring
Manorborne Earring
Manorguest Ring
Manorborne Ring
Interhold Token x500
Superhold Token x80
Fine Hardy Niveot x4
Fine Pounding Niveot x4
Fine Relentless Niveot x4
Fine Savage Niveot x4
Fine Spiteful Niveot x4
Fine Focused Niveot x4
Fine Swift Niveot x4
Fine Brilliant Niveot x4
Fine Carving Niveot x4
Succoring Vyrsk x4
Swift Vyrsk x4
Grounding Vyrsk x4
Keen Vyrsk x4
Tier 9 Feedstock x200
Tier 9 Alkahest x200
Tier 10 Feedstock x500
Tier 10 Alkahest x500
Master Enigmatic Scroll x50
Spellbind x300
Semi-Enigmatic Scroll x10
Goddess' Blessing x15
Prime Recovery Potable x50
Prime Replenishment Potable x50
Noctenium Infusion x2,000
Any guesses what this is about?hoqr7s9wluvv.jpg
Still Corsairs' Stronghold.
This was something Suggested pretty early on, so we have put in the request for a "Glyph Pre-sets" system, that allows you to have more than one Glyph setup that can be toggled through.
At least one of your dreams will come true.
Efalikas wrote: »
I linked my account, but didn't get the mount still. Where do I find it?
If done correctly, the Terminus Mount should have been delivered to your Item Claim, and can then be claimed by a single character of your choosing.
I am going to tag @CobaltDragon in this, because it might be a better chance he may see your post and pop in with an official answer. According to the main announcement page "... when you hit certain level breakpoints with lancer and brawler characters, you’ll receive special leveling rewards..." I can't find anything that specifies whether it is only for new characters, or if the event includes existing characters. Because of that, I would "guess" that probably any Lancer or Brawler who is not yet level 64 can get the rewards, new or old.

If you have an existing Brawler or Lancer, then I just recommend you try to go up a few levels and just see if you get some rewards in your Parcel Post, for that new level. There are rewards every 4 to 7 levels (depending on which level you are), so it shouldn't take very long just to hit one level with rewards, to see if you get them. If you get rewards, then I STRONGLY RECOMMEND going on and getting the other rewards. This event is great, and the free rewards are amazing. I actually created a Lancer and a Brawler on my main gamertag, and got them both to level 65. I had so much fun, I actually created a Lancer and Brawler on my alt gamertag and got both of them to level 64. I will go back get those two up to 65 later, but 64 gave me all of the rewards from the event, so I took a break for now. :)

If you want to just try your existing character, then check this list for all of the rewards, at which levels. https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/29664/tank-leveling-event-for-lancers-and-brawlers Just look at the next level up from your character's current level, and shoot for that level. When you hit that level, you will get rewards in your Parcel Post, if the event applies to existing characters. You can only do it for ONE Brawler and ONE Lancer per server, so be sure you don't plan on creating that same type of character for the event, if you start leveling up an existing character for the event. Whether you want to try leveling a current character (to see if it works), or if you want to create a new character, be sure to do it soon. The event ends on Friday (23 November).

This is accurate. :)
Sounds like you might have needed to download the Deathwrack update in order to access it.
As far as I know, no current items available for purchase in the TERA Store will result in needing to do a separate download, as long as your TERA Game App is up-to-date.
No, there was not a Maintenance planned for today.
There was a unexpected Server crash on Meldita & Akasha today, and some reports of character disconnection on Lakan.
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