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Starting Tuesday, April 17 following Maintenance until Tuesday, May 15 at 4 a.m. PDT, check your Parcel Post each week for one of Verda's Journal Volumes and collect the 5 weekly Journal Pages to unlock the secret of The Dragon Riddle.

Each week you will receive one Journal Volume on the first character you log in to on each server. Don't worry, this Journal Volume is bankable so you can transfer it to any character on the server you like. You also have five Journal Pages to collect, each one holds some of Verda's dragon research that could unlock a hidden secret so read them carefully. These are also bankable so feel free to collect them on any character and then send them thru your bank to the character that needs the reward for binding all 5 pages to the journal volume.

You bind the journal pages by right-clicking the Journal Volume once it and the 5 weekly Journal Pages are in your inventory. This will consume all six items and give you 20 Dragon Scales. Each weeks Journal Volume and Journal Pages are unique for that week and 1 of each Journal Page is required to perform the binding. You can only receive one Journal Volume per server per week and any additional Journal Pages you collect cannot be used to obtain more Dragon Scales.

The Journal Volumes and Journal Pages will be removed from player inventory 1 week after the event ends on May 22 at 9 a.m. PDT.
Following Maintenance on Tuesday, April 17 to Tuesday, April 24 at 10AM PDT, redeem Guardian Legion rewards and you'll receive one or more bonus rewards.
Guardian points and Guardian Legion rewards reset every day at 4AM PDT, so be sure and claim all your earned rewards (up to the maximum of 40) each day.
Following the Maintenance on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the following issues should be fixed :

  • Fixed the issue that several achievements and trophies were not unlocking. If you unlocked a trophy or achievement previously, it should be awarded retroactively upon login following maintenance.
  • Fixed freezing and crashing within Ghillieglade dungeon. This dungeon has now been re-enabled.
  • Fixed several issues contributing to server-wide crashes.

  • Correction du problème que plusieurs exploits et trophées ne débloquaient pas. Si vous avez débloqué un trophée ou un exploit précédemment, ceci devra vous être attribué lors de la connexion après la maintenance.
  • Correction du blocage et du plantage dans le donjon de Clairière dérobée. Ce donjon est désormais réactivé.
  • Correction de plusieurs problèmes généraux de plantage des clients.

  • Das Problem, dass mehrere Errungenschaften und Trophäen nicht freigeschalten wurden, wurde behoben. Wenn Sie zuvor eine Trophäe oder einen Erfolg freigeschalten haben, sollte dies nach der Anmeldung nach der Wartung rückwirkend gewährt werden.
  • Einfrieren und Abstürzen in der Tarnlichtung Instanz behoben. Diese Instanz wurde nun wieder aktiviert.
  • Mehrere Probleme behoben, die zu serverweiten Abstürzen beigetragen haben.
A client patch has been released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that is intended to fix the following issues:
  • Fixed an issue with the self-resurrection pop-up not displaying correctly.
  • Added UI messaging regarding how to resurrect after dying in a dungeon, which should help clarify things. We are planning a more fundamental fix or re-design for a later time.
  • Fixed echoes/audio issues within dungeons and caves.
  • We partially fixed the crafting anvil in Velika; players must open the crafting menu first before approaching the anvil.
  • Fixed several general client crash issues.

Some additional fixes will be deployed during a maintenance to occur on April 14 and April 15, announced here: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/server-maintenance-april-16-2018

New Dungeons
( a solo instanced series for Apex questline )
Journey with gods through their darkest hour to unlock your Apex skills.

  • Velika Banquet—set in the public square outside Valkyon Federation Headquarters, consisting of a series of minor “activity” events linked by quest steps;
  • Ruined Velika Banquet - set in the destroyed public square outside Valkyon Federation Headquarters, consisting of “rescue” mini-missions, and culminating in being sent back three days into the past;
  • Unnamed “Dungeon” - takes the player from Elenea to Fyrmount, and spells out how the dragons were able to organize and attack Velika in large numbers.
  • Dragon’s Landing - a solo instance set along the Veil (the wall between worlds), contains almost the boss fight with Khemadia;
  • Soulscape - the player’s “inner abyss,” where players battles manifestations of their temper, self-doubt, and guilt in order to unlock Apex skills;
  • Velika Banquet Redux - the denouement of the storyline; the player replays the Velika Banquet, but this time with a happier ending.

    • Khemadia (aka, the Black Dragon, the “Master of the Darkened”)

Apex Skills Quest Line
For seven classes ( Lancer, Warrior, Brawler, Berserker, Slayer, Mystic, Priest ) with item level of 439 or above, unlocking their Apex skills requires completing a solo quest line available at level 65. The player is also rewarded with glyph points to spend on the new skills.
  • Velika Banquet - calls upon the player to attend a banquet in Velika, celebrating the federation’s victory over Lakan. After meeting the dragon researcher Verdas, the player enters the banquet area and participates in several mini-quest “events.”
  • Uninvited Guests - the player sees Velika being destroyed by a host of dracoliths, helps to evacuate the city, and fights off a dracolith before being attacked by Khemadia. Mystel arrives and sends the player back to the recent past.
  • 72 Hours Earlier - the player investigates reports of dracoliths working together to besiege Elenea in the past.
  • Impending Doom - the player tries to convince Valkyon Federation officials to recall reinforcement troops from Elenea to Velika. (Note that this is an instanced version of Elenea; none of the usual functions - merchants, flights, etc. - are available, and players cannot accept or complete unrelated quests here.)
  • Following the Followers - teams the player up with Verdas to investigate Khemadia’s dragon army and his mortal minions. The player follows a minion to Fyrmount, then to another unknown destination. (Note that this is an instanced version of Fyrmount; none of the usual functions are available, and players cannot accept or complete unrelated quests here.)
  • The Storm Inside - the player reaches Dragon’s Landing - what appears to be a secret route through the Veil (the wall between the worlds). Here the player faces the Black Dragon and is sent to the Soulscape dungeon, where the player must defeat his/her personal demons (and acquire Apex skills).
    • Temper - pits the player against his/her various frustrations.
    • Self-Doubt - pits the player against his/her lack of confidence.
    • Guilt - pits the player against his/her sense of failure.
  • Awakened - returns to Dragon’s Landing, where the player uses the new Apex skills to defeat the Black Dragon. Then returns to Highwatch and receives a banquet invitation.
  • One More Time - relive the Velika Banquet—this time without a dragon attack.

Returning Players (players who return after 30 days or more)
Some returning players of the correct class, but not high enough item level, will see an Apex Mission quest item with their returning hero gear box. These Apex Missions are designed to get players to the 439 item level requirement for the Apex quest line.

Skill Changes
Reformatted skill tooltips of Berserker, Brawler, Lancer, Mystic, Priest, Slayer, and Warrior (all Apex classes).

Added Apex Urgency (active skill) to all Apex classes: Increased Movement Speed.

Added Potential (passive skill) to Archers, Sorcerers, Ninjas, Reapers, Valkyries, and Gunners of level 65: Increased damage to monsters

Many skills now have the subtypes Charge Skill, Rage Skill, or Unleashed Skill.

New Apex Skills :
  • Unleash - Sacrifice HP to activate Unleashed skills for 24 seconds. Unleashed skills do not cost MP, but instead sacrifice additional HP. All attacks are counted as attacks from the rear. You are immune to knockdown and stuns, and your HP will not go below 1 while the skill is active. When Unleash ends, you are “hit” with any accumulated damage.
  • Unleashed: Dexter - Attacks with the axe in your right hand. Each hit increases skill damage and attack speed, and also increases the skill damage of Unleashed: Rampage.
  • Unleashed: Sinister - Attacks with the axe in your left hand. Each hit increases skill damage and attack speed, and also decreases the cooldown of Unleashed: Beast Fury by 1 second.
  • Unleashed: Rampage - Attack with both axes. Each hit increases attack speed, and also increases the skill damage of Unleashed: Beast Fury.
  • Unleashed: Beast Fury - Charge forward and attack multiple times. Uses and consumes accumulated bonuses from other Unleashed skills.

Added passive Apex skills
  • Endless Rage - faster movement while charging a skill
  • Eye of the Storm - may reset cooldown of Cyclone
  • Bloodshed - increased chance to crit

Changed Skills
  • Intimidation bonus now also works on Axe Block I.
  • Flatten I-VIII now activate faster following Raze, Punishing Strike.
  • Flatten I-IX now activate faster following Overwhelm.
  • FieryRage III, IV and V no longer activate Flurry of Blows.
  • Leaping Strike no longer requires Merciless Leap to do additional damage to Knocked-Down foes. Merciless Leap still increases damage as before.
  • Vampiric Blow: Overcharging Lethal Strike no longer affects Vampiric Blow’s damage and healing.
  • Lethal Strike is no longer a charge skill, and no longer depends on low HP.
  • Tenacity, Mocking Shout, and Unchained Anger have been merged into the new skill: Triumphant Shout. Triumphant Shout recovers HP and MP, and also adds a stagger effect to players.
  • Evasive Smash no longer gains damage based on the level of the charging skill interrupted.
  • Raze now also activates faster following Combo Attack, Thunderstrike, and Cyclone.
  • Unbreakable is now an Unleashed skill (see Unleash, above).
  • Intimidation now also grants MP replenishment. And immunity to push-back from monsters, except for certain special attacks.

Many skills now have the subtypes Chained Skill or Rage Skill

New Apex Skills
  • Flying Kick - Leap 7m forward and deliver a spinning back kick. When used after other skills, Flying Kick moves you an additional 6m, and deals more damage. A successful hit reduces the cooldown of Rhythmic Blows by 10 seconds.
  • One-Inch Punch - Stuns an enemy, deals massive damage, and has a high probability of knockdown.
  • Rhythmic Blows - A flurry of punches ending with an uppercut to knock targets into the air.

Added passive Apex skills
  • Concentrate - each perfect defense increases damage to One-Inch Punch and Haymaker.
  • Self-control - increase damage when Rage is 75% or more.
  • Haymaker: Acceleration - Haymaker increases speed of One-Inch Punch.

Changed Skills
  • Punch added text: Successive strikes do more damage, up to four hits, with the fourth hit dealing substantially more.
  • Jackhammer reduces enemy endurance 1% upto 8% (instead of 1.5% upto 12%).
  • Rampage no longer says “Knocks monsters into the air (does not affect other players).”
  • Growing Fury increases size.
  • Carving Piledriver glyph doubles crit chance.
  • Divine Wrath consumes MP instead of Rage.

New Apex Skills
  • Super Leap - make a superheroic leap over enemies and smash the ground, knocking targets into the air.
  • Guardian Barrier - open a wide movable shield that reflects damage to protect you and allies.
  • Divine Protection - 10 second shield for you and allies.
  • Stand Fast II - Player can now move while blocking.

Added passive Apex skills
  • Stronghold Shift - stand fast is now movable
  • Retribution Shield - reflects damage on perfect defense
  • Unwavering - more resistance to push-back from monsters.

Changed Skills
  • Onslaught replaces 50% damage with frontal block effect.
  • Onslaught now casts faster when chained from Combo Attack, Shield Barrage, Shield Bash.
  • Challenging Shout‘s Unwavering “You are immune to push-back from monsters, except for certain special attacks.” is now a separate passive skill.
  • Challenging Shout range and targets increased.
  • Challenging Shout now adds a Chain Mark effect, for Chained Leash.
  • Chained Leash when used right after Challenging Shout, grabs all targets hit by the shout.
  • Guardian Shout reduced cooldown to 2 Minutes and removed Energetic Glyph.
  • Adrenaline Rush removed increasing Attack Speed effect.
  • Rallying Cry increased number of targets.
  • Shield Bash casts faster after Debilitate.
  • Shield Bash will queue during animation of other skills, regardless of chain.
  • Lockdown Blow casts faster after Shield Barrage or Debilitate.
  • Lockdown Blow will queue during animation of other skills, regardless of chain.
  • Spring Attack can chain from first hit of Shield Barrage or Lockdown Blow.
  • Wallop can chain from first hit of Shield Barrage or Lockdown Blow.
  • Carving Wallop now doubles Crit Chance.

  • Removed Menacing Wave.

Many skills now have the subtypes Healing Skill, Toggle Skill, or Summon Skill

Added Skill
  • Mass Teleport

Added Apex Skills
  • Summon: Thrall Lord - Summons a super thrall which deals damage to nearby enemies.
  • Thrall Augmentation - While activated, all summoned thralls grant beneficial effects to nearby allies.
    • Augmented Thrall of Protection: Grants a shield that absorbs 30000 HP for 12 seconds with immunity to knock-down and stagger while the shield is active. Costs additional 340 MP.
    • Augmented Thrall of Life: Removes harmful effects cast on nearby allies. For 5 seconds, increases Movement Speed in combat by 10, and heals 1.5% of maximum HP and replenishes 10% of maximum MP per second. Costs additional 700 MP.
    • Augmented Thrall of Vengeance: Increases Power by 15 for 12 seconds. Effect ends if knocked-down. Costs additional 700 MP.
    • Augmented Thrall of Wrath: Increases Crit Power by 0.6 times for 20 seconds. Effect ends if knocked-down. Costs additional 1000 MP.
  • Arunic Release - Explode all motes ahead of you. Arun's Vitae and Arun's Tears both apply HP recovery and MP replenishment to allies and deal damage to enemies.

  • Infusion Ring - The greater the number of targets who need MP restored, the less MP is given to each target.
  • Shara’s Lash - reduces movement speed on targets after stun effect ends.
  • Vow of Rebirth effect now lasts 10 minutes.
  • Warding Totem adds a shield effect for 10 sec. that absorbs 7,149 HP.
  • Warding Totem II now gives additional effect for 12 sec.: Arun’s Breath—Titanic Favor and Boomerang Pulse heal 15,000 more HP with each hit (up to 2).
  • Titanic Favor base healing decreased to 2,182 HP.
  • Boomerang Pulse base healing decreased to 1,951 HP.
  • Thrall of Protection cooldown is now 50 seconds.
  • Persistent Thrall of Life now has 20% chance to reset the cooldown.
  • Thrall of Wrath cooldown is now 5 min. Energetic Thrall of Wrath now changes cooldown to half of that.

  • Removed Titanic Wrath.
  • Removed Ancient Binding.
  • Removed Numbing Totem.
  • Removed Speed Totem.
  • Removed Assailing Totem.

Many skills now have the subtypes Healing Skill, Shield Skill, or Enhance Skill

Added Apex Skills
  • Mana Charge advances into Divine Charge - Replenishes MP, heals HP and increases power and crit power to group members.(Glyphs for Mana Charge apply to Divine Charge.)
  • Divine Intervention advances into Mass Divine Intervention - Teleport up to 4 allies to the priest. (Glyphs for Divine Intervention apply to Mass Divine Intervention.)
  • Holy Burst - Send a bolt forward that heals and adds Devoted Favor effect to allies. The bolt damages enemies. At end of the bolt’s range, it does additional healing and adds Enhanced Devoted Favor to allies
    • Devoted Favor - reduce damage taken 5%, heals 100 HP per second.
    • Enhanced Devoted Favor - immunity to knockdown, stagger, and stun, reduce damage taken 20% and heals 500 HP per sec.
  • Edict of Judgment - boosts group members’ power by 20 and crit factor by 30. Hits are counted as from the rear. Limits caster to only use Holy Burst and Divine Charge to heal. Boosts priest skills Holy Burst, Metamorphic Blast, Final Reprisal, Shocking Implosion, and Zenobia’s Vortex.

Added passive Apex skills
  • Protective Response (passive) - decreases cooldowns of several skills.
  • Expand the Flock - Increase number of targets to Divine Intervention.
  • Devoted Favor - adds protection to heals.

Changed Skills
  • Fiery Escape now chains to Healing Circle.
  • Blessing of Balder effects merged into Blessing of Shakan.
  • Metamorphic Blast hits now gain the caster Aura of Retribution effect that increases caster’s crit rate 1.5 times.
  • Focus Heal decreased base healing to 1219 HP.
  • Focus Heal now chains into Healing Circle.
  • Healing Circle MP cost increased, cooldown increased to 10 sec., decreased base healing to 3582.
  • When used after Focus Heal, Backstep, or Fiery Escape, Healing Circle casts 20% faster and heals 25% more.
  • Healing Circle VII also adds Devoted Favor effect onto Apex characters.
  • Shocking Implosion classified as “ranged” skill for crystal effects.
  • Final Reprisal classified as “ranged” skill for crystal effects.
  • Final Reprisal casts faster when used after Metamorphic Blast, Shocking Implosion, Triple Nemesis, or Zenobia’s Vortex.
  • Regeneration Circle decreased casting time, increased range, increase healing ticks to 308 HP every 2 sec.
  • Regeneration Circle IX also adds Devoted Favor effect onto Apex characters.
  • Healing Immersion decreased base healing to 3,149 HP.
  • Persistent Healing Immersion now has 50% chance to reset cooldown.
  • Spirited Regeneration Circle now adds 2% MP every tick.
  • Energetic Purifying Circle now reduces cooldown by 40%.

Removed Skills
  • Removed Slumber
  • Removed Mana Infusion
  • Removed Homeward Bound
  • Removed Blessing of Zenobia
  • Removed Prayer of Peace
  • Removed Blessing of Seren
  • Removed Blessing of Balder
  • Removed Fiery Escape level XI
  • Removed Triple Nemesis level X and XI
  • Removed Energy Stars V and VI

Many skills now have the subtypes Toggle skill or Charge Skill

Apex Skills
  • Punishing Blow - Leap into the air and slam your greatsword into the ground. Attack has a high chance of knockdown. Combos well with other high damage slayer skills.
  • Savage Strike - A massive one-two attack that changes subsequent attacks into back attacks for a few seconds. combos well with other high damage slayer skills.
  • Unsheathe - Charge up your greatsword for a devastating spin attack. Your swords gets larger with each level of charge.

Added passive Apex skills
  • Overhand Strike: Focus - increase Overhand Strike damage
  • Blade Master - speeds cooldowns of Punishing Blow and Unsheathe
  • Energy Rush - Boosts In Cold Blood

Changed Skills
  • Measured Slice increases damage by 30% against airborne enemies.
  • Overpower is now a toggle skill, giving extra damage to Heart Thrust, Knockdown Strike, and Punishing Blow.
  • Overhand Strike has 100% chance to crit airborne enemies.
  • Persistent Overhand Strike now has 70% chance to reset cooldown.
  • Empowered Whirlwind now increases damage by 10% for 4 sec.
  • Keen Knockdown Strike now doubles crit factor.
  • Eviscerate now knocks monsters up into the air. Players are still knocked down.

Removed Glyphs
  • Removed - Powerlinked Overpower
  • Removed - Keen Overpower
  • Removed - Keen Overpower

  • Balder’s Tears - now also recovers 67 Ragnarok points per second.

  • Many skills now have the subtypes Toggle Skill, Edge Skill, and/or Exploits Edge.

Apex Skills
  • Blade Waltz - A spinning attack that cuts through enemies.
  • Aerial Scythe - Leap into the air and initiate a spinning attack. Adds Edge, and does more damage depending on how many stacks are on a target. If you have 3 or more stacks, Aerial Scythe uses them all up. Can be used to interrupt another skill animation.
  • Blade Frenzy - A devastating spin attack that makes you temporarily immune to enemy attacks, and summons a shadow to attack alongside you.

Added passive Apex skills—
  • Tempest Aura - accelerates attack speed, after 50 hits, adds shadow attack to Tempest Aura or Deadly Gamble.
  • Ready Blades - decrease cooldowns for Scythe and Aerial Scythe.

Changed Skills
  • Rising Fury now mitigates 50% damage and reduces target’s Movement Speed by 50%.
  • Torrent of Blows generates maximum of 1 edge each use.
  • Vortex Slash now can cast without Evasive Roll.
  • Vortex Slash pulls in targets in 10m range
  • In Defensive Stance, Vortex Slash increases aggro generation.
  • Hastened Vortex Slash now increases casting by 30%.
  • Threatening Vortex Slash now generates 100% more aggro.
  • Energetic Vortex Slash now decreases cooldown by 30%.
  • Threatening Torrent of Blows effect increased to 40%.
  • Energetic Leaping Strike now decreases cooldown by 20%.
  • Hastened Leaping Strike now iIncreases casting by 20%.
  • Common Energetic Smoke Aggressor now reduces cooldown by 25%.
  • Persistent Blade Draw now has 60% chance to reset its cooldown.

Removed Skills (or levels of skills):
  • Removed Mangle
  • Removed Pounce
  • Removed Torrent of Blows IV to IX
  • Removed Battle Cry IV to IX
  • Removed Vortex Slash level VIII to XI
  • Removed Smoke Aggressor level III-IX
  • Removed Reaping Slash level IX
  • Removed Smoke Flanker III-IX
  • Removed uncommon glyph: Energetic Smoke Aggressor
  • Removed uncommon glyph: Threatening Torrent of Blows
  • Removed Persistent Vortex Slash


Reworked Locked Strongboxes
  • Renamed Locked Shadsteel Strongbox to Locked Fashion Strongbox and updated the loot table to focus on fashion. It will be the only Strongbox that drops while leveling 1–57.
  • 4 leveling strongboxes no longer drop, but ones in inventory share the same updated loot table as Fashion Strongbox.
    • Locked Krysteel Strongbox
    • Locked Linsteel Strongbox
    • Locked Norsteel Strongbox
    • Locked Shadsteel Strongbox
  • Renamed Locked Extensive Strongbox to Locked Entropic Strongbox and updated the contents.
  • Renamed Locked Spellbound Strongbox to Locked Gem Strongbox and updated the contents.

Added Noctenium Refiners to the Vanguard Initiative Quartermaster
  • Changed Uncommon Noctenium Refiner price to 400 credits.
  • Listed Rare Noctenium Refiner at 600 credits.
  • Listed Superior Noctenium Refiner at 900 credits.

Velik's Little Helper - A buff added to players entering Harrowhold, Ruinous Manor, and RK-9 Kennel (Hard). Buff adds 23 power and 23 endurance.

Brawlers can now use gender change vouchers.

Rally guild quests will now occur between the hours of 8 p.m. and 1 a.m. EDT—for west coast players: between 5–10 p.m. PDT.
Starting Friday, April 13 at 4am PDT until Monday, April 16 at 4am PDT, Ghillieglade and Pit of Petrax will have increased drop rates as well as a jackpot for dungeon completion.

Jackpot Rewards one of the following :
  • Master Crafter's Secret Additive x1
  • Smart Dyad Niveot Structure x1
  • Superior Noctenium Elixir x1
  • Crafter's Cure x2
  • Feast x2
Starting Tuesday, April 10 at 4am PDT to Tuesday, April 17 at 4am PDT, you'll be rewarded a 50% increase to Item XP and Character XP for completing Vanguard Requests.

Rewards include:
A bonus 50% Character XP, and a bonus 50% Item XP.
Starting Saturday, April 7th 2018 through Sunday, April 8th 2018, log into TERA for at least three hours and receive one Weekend Boom Box via parcel. (the Parcel Mail is only sent once per weekend)

These boxes contain one random item, such as Golden Talents, Metamorphic Emblems, Superior Noctenium Elixirs, a Royal Diamond Dragon, an Azure Phoenix, or more!
Starting Friday, April 6 at 4am PDT through Monday, April 9 at 4am PDT, complete the Vanguard Requests below and you'll receive a Superior Noctenium Elixir as a bonus reward for each request, up to your daily limit.
  • Win in Corsairs' Stronghold
  • Win in Fraywind Canyon
I will send these ideas along! And you'll be happy to know some of these are already on their way!
No, it is not possible.
We fixed an issue that occurred last night that blocked items purchased on PlayStation Store from being delivered. The next time you restart the TERA Game App (or if you access the PlayStation Store from in-game), your missing items should be delivered.
There was an issue that was blocking items purchased on PS4 from being delivered. The next time you restart your game client or if you access the PSN store from in-game, your missing items should be delivered.
We fixed the issue that was blocking items purchased on PS4 from being delivered. The next time you restart your game client or if you access the PSN store from in-game, your missing items should be delivered.
Hi everyone. We fixed the issue that was blocking items purchased on PS4 from being delivered. The next time you restart your game client or if you access the PSN store from in-game, your missing Founders' Packs and EMP should be delivered.
I'll address a few of these things - and thanks for the feedback!

First, we shifted a few things to the forums and other methods of notification; we know that most players do NOT get their event information from the website (based off the traffic we get to the site, who is coming, how long they are staying, what they are looking at). I have asked the team to make sure we keep posting NEW types of events or promotions, or seasonal things on the website with news posts as well as all the other social methods (like forums, twitter, facebook, discord, Steam community hub, in game calendar, etc...). This includes product releases and sales as well as announcements about content updates or big news. I've basically relegated BIG NEWS to news posts.

Recurring events like dungeon highlights, battleground jackpots, vanguard bonuses, guardian legion bonuses, and the like will be shared via all the other channels we have, but will stay off the main page of the TERA site. Because the site is shared (and even though we have a filtering system), it will reduce confusion about these events that have now become pretty regular as to what platform they are happening on. Plus it becomes white noise at some point - just flooding news posts means people begin to ignore them and then more important info flies right by them. So keep looking for these types of events on the forums, twitter, facebook, discord, in game event calendar, Steam community hub, and all those kinds of places. It's not to say these events aren't imporant, they are just recurring, and platform specific. If we find that players really have no idea what's happening, we can re-evaluate this. For what it's worth, the launcher is still our number one communication method with PC players, and we are working on ideas on how to make information on there more useful and relevant for things exactly like this!

As for patch notes, the web team needed to prioritize what needed to be ported over from the old site to the new and the product team deprioritized the old patch notes from the site and decided that this was an opportunity to move them to a place that didn't require web team interaction at all. Remember even things like creating the patch notes page and getting it posted at a certain time requires resource coordination that we felt was better spent working on other things on the site (perhaps like making the launcher information more relevant like I listed above). Instead of getting writers to write them, then send them to QA for verification, then to the web team to stage, then to coordinate posting them along with links in the forums and all that, it made more sense to put them on the forum, where the discussion inevitably lead anyway. So all patch notes going forward are posted in the PC patch notes sub-forum!

As for the Godsfall update, this particular patch we will be posting the patch notes and promo page next week, so stay tuned!

Hope this clears some of this up; the TL:DR of it is that BIG NEWS will be news posts, and recurring/smaller news will be posted everywhere but the news posts.

Hey everybody, Cobaltdragon here, with an update on the state of TERA for Playstation®4 and Xbox One. We’ve come a long way from our first technical tests, and are working hard on many issues that you’ve brought to our attention from the Open Beta and Headstart. In the interests of transparency, here’s some of the high-priority issues in our queue.

In order of our highest attention:
  • Players have reported crashing in a dungeon, logging back in dead in the open world and unable to resurrect. Worse yet, some have reported logging back into the dungeon dead, with no way to leave.
  • We’ve temporarily disabled Ghillieglade to address freezing and crashing issues.
  • It’s sometimes hard to access a basic resurrection in a dungeon (either in town, or from a healer or scroll), because the Neophyte Resurrection window covers up the UI. Closing the Neophyte window solves the problem, but we are working on a more permanent, and visible solution.
  • There are occasional echoing/audio feedback issues in dungeons and caves.
  • Some players are being auto-logged into servers on which they have no characters, causing more than a little confusion. (One of our writers has this happen almost every time, so you’re not alone!)
  • There are reports of PS4 trophies not unlocking, including :
    • Downed the Clown - Clear Labyrinth of Terror
    • Ebon and Bone - Clear Ebon Tower
    • Fear Is Not an Option - Clear Kelsaik's Nest
    • Pain in the Temple - Clear Balder's Temple
    • A Poke in the Eye - Clear Argon Corpus
    • Plant One on Me - Clear Sabex Armory
    • Brought to Justice - Clear Macellarius Catacombs
    • Level 60 - Reach level 60
    • Level 65 - Reach level 65
  • High level enchants sometimes don’t display success/fail messages, and the UI sometimes does not complete enchanting the item.
  • The Velika crafting tables do not currently allow crafting. (Crafting can be performed elsewhere through the main UI.)
  • The Elite Consumables Box and the 1hr Elite Gold Hunter Boost are currently sharing a 10 minutes cooldown, instead of having separate timers.
  • The minimap can freeze, and will not display motion or update quest progress until the console restarts.

Rest assured that we’ve reported these issues and others to the developer and they are working to find solutions. Our primary goal is to provide players with the best TERA experience possible, and we’re actively listening to all bug reports, suggestions, and feedback in Discord, our Forums, and received through our Socials.

We’re focusing right now on the greatest benefit for the greatest number of players and we feel the above list represents that. If your individual issue is not at the top of our list, that doesn’t mean it’s not being tracked, so don’t worry! We’ll be evaluating the rest of our queue as soon as possible, and posting changes as they happen.
We plan to remove the following items during Maintenance on Tuesday.
  • TERA Celebration Token
  • Anniversary Token
  • All of the old remaining TERA Letters ( T, E, R, A )

Starting Tuesday, April 3rd at 4am PDT through Tuesday, April 10th at 4am PDT, you'll be rewarded DOUBLE the Items and Rep Credits for completing Vanguard Requests.
Here is a list of the recent changes the occurred during (or after) the Maintenance on April 2nd 2018.

Expanded the Dungeons that will be eligible for reset with an Instance Reset Scroll :
  • Sabex Armory
  • Macellarius Catacombs
  • Kalivan's Challenge
  • Vault of Kaprima
  • Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard)
  • Demokron Factory
  • Demokron Factory (Hard)
  • Shadow Sanguinary
  • Shadow Sanguinary (Hard)
( Please note, the in-game Tooltip will not reflect this recent change, at this time. )

Updated the contents of the following NPC Shops :
  • Fashion Coupon Store
  • Novelty Merchant

There are quite a few other things we're aware of and working on, so be sure to check out the April 4th Known Issues Thread.
We're targeting delivery this week. If there is any delay in that you'll we'll get the word out.
It's been an extremely busy week here for the console team at En Masse, but I wanted to take some time today to jump in this thread and make a statement because I honestly feel bad about this whole situation around the Founder's Pack page and this absolutely deserves a response. I'm sorry I couldn't make it sooner.

In the lead-up to Head Start launch, there were a million things going on and, while reviewing the contents of the Founder's Pack page, I didn't realize that each image was clickable revealing a description of each item contained in the packs. For this silly reason, the misinformation/errors regarding elite status EMP distribution weren't caught. It was a mistake and wasn't intended to intentionally mislead players or persuade a purchase based on incorrect information.

In any case, "too busy" is no excuse and we will work to restore your trust by being more diligent about these things in the future. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the Founder's Packs, please submit a support ticket as follows and a member of our team will help you out:

(TERA> TERA PS4/XBOX: Purchase and Billing Support> Founders Packs> General Inquiry)

Regarding the lack of account-bound items in the packs or within the console version of TERA in general, the system by which we offer and distribute account-bound items does not currently exist in these versions. It may be developed in the future (along with the elite feature granting EMP for daily login) but it is simply not available at this time.
The materials necessary to evolve your egg will be included in future item drops for the Item Pass. VinyItalis above is right.
It's been a hectic couple weeks as we've working day and night to launch this game across multiple platforms and territories. Our player relations team is comprised of a few people, each with different roles and functions. This means that the person responsible for managing the partners program and updating Twitter is not necessarily the same person on forum and Discord duties. We're trying our best to keep up discourse with players across all our communication channels but there's only so much CobaltDragon to go around.

Rest assured that reported bugs are being captured and passed along to the developers. The reality is that, getting these things sorted out is going to take a bit of time. Build pushes on console are a bit more involved than PC so things will be a bit slower, at least at the start. Right now, we're focused on launching a game.

I'm locking this thread because it's went way off the rails and bordered on an attack of EME staff to begin with.
Y9NJ4NLWJH wrote: »
> @TLX said:
> I end playing on Saravash server with a human male priest named Xim. If any one want me on his guild, i was an experienced healer on PC.

That sever is not on the Xbox version of the game, that is a PC sever. You could try posing it there insted of the console forums.
Saravash is one of the new PS4 EU Servers added this morning.
Here is a list of the recent changes the occurred during ( or after ) the Maintenance on April 2nd 2018.

Expanded the Dungeons that will be eligible for reset with an Instance Reset Scroll :
  • Sabex Armory
  • Macellarius Catacombs
  • Kalivan's Challenge
  • Vault of Kaprima
  • Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard)
  • Demokron Factory
  • Demokron Factory (Hard)
  • Shadow Sanguinary
  • Shadow Sanguinary (Hard)
( Please note, the in-game Tooltip will not reflect this recent change, at this time. )

Updated the contents of the following NPC Shops :
  • Fashion Coupon Store
  • Novelty Merchant
( Although changes will be made to both of these store later tonight, we have hit a snag within our Tools that continues to prevented each store from receiving the new intended items )
Starting Tuesday, April 3rd at 4am PDT through Tuesday, April 10th at 4am PDT, you'll be rewarded DOUBLE the Items and Rep Credits for completing Vanguard Requests.

Jackpots in featured battlegrounds award one of the following:
  • Emeralds x5 ( this has a higher probability than what the Diamond had )
  • Superior Etching Box x1
  • Champions Enchanting Box x1
  • Precious Gem Box x1
  • Dragon Scales x2

Battleground jackpots start at 10 a.m. PST and end at 9:59 a.m. PST the following morning, when the highlighted battleground switches to the next one.

Added as additional rewards to the following Vanguard Requests:

Corsairs' Stronghold - Win in Corsairs' Stronghold[/b] (not the pre-formed version)
Fraywind Canyon - Win in Fraywind Canyon

- Champion's Enchanting Chest x1
- Ruby x2
Announcement coming in April!
I understand you are posting for advice from PC players but please either use the Discord or post to the PC players in the console forums.
Code hasn't been nerfed - it gives exactly what it has since I created it yesterday.
I would totally release them to you right now if I could.

So we can assume then that it is a regional contractual obligation because EU is releasing them on the 10th.

Most likely it's because it requires the Awakening update, and Gameforge is probably releasing that update on the 10th while our region gets it on the 17th. (JP TERA is getting it on the 11th. Don't see the date for RU yet, but based on when they released male brawler, probably they'll get this one on the 18th.)

This is correct. The items are tied to builds, and EU is releasing on the 10th, we release on the 17th.
Zoknahal wrote: »
I demand a rematch @seandynamite This time, make it even harder to find.

Oh trust me, this was just a pilot to see if anyone would even participate. Now that I know how participation is AND how good y'all are at finding it, next time will be significantly more difficult. Maybe. I can't underestimate your skills!

I just hid a Sign of Day 24-sign in game on every server in the same spot. On this sign is a group code. That group code will give you stuff. You have 24 hours to find it from right...... now.

The code on the sign will expire at 11:59 PM PDT on Sunday, April 1.

Be cool. Don't share the code. Help others with hints, but make them find it. After all, YOU went through all the work to find it! So can they.

My hints:
I can see the city of Highwatch from where I am. It sure is pretty. (Yes, that means it's in Highwatch)
While in the same location on every server, it's not necessarily in the same channel.

Good luck!

NikuroTega wrote: »
These will be available after Godsfall releases on April 17th.

No no no no no no no no no no o o o o o o o o o o o....

We need them NOW! :heart:

I would totally release them to you right now if I could.
Werid wrote: »
found one in kanstria i guess is open world

Pics or it didn't happen...no really, send pics of you finding a Caiman. And if you got a bunny accessory or prototype mount then show that off too.
Ellexem wrote: »
At least if the staff post about 5 mobs spread across all channels is to be representative of the new approach. (With more emphasize on the across channels rather than the specific number.)

The tool does spawn across all channels of the zones, that's true.
I kicked the spawn numbers up quite a bit from my earlier test caiman. It is meant to be an easter egg hunt so you aren't going to be swimming in them.

And if you are unlucky Friday and Saturday, I'll kick the spawn numbers up a little bit more on Sunday. Just a little though.
As of the time of this posting:

1072 Caiman with expired chocolates have been killed
559 Caiman with Easter accessories have been killed
186 Caiman with Prototype mounts have been killed

Want some hints? They may be spawning in the following regions. (And by "may be" I mean I literally copy pasted from the tool.)
Fey Forest
Oblivion Woods
Tuwangi Mire
Valley of Titans
Celestial Hills
Ascension Valley
Serpentis Isle
Jagged Coast
Mistmoor Island
Cliffs of Insanity
Vale of the Fang
Paraanon Ravine
Colossal Ruins
Basilisk Crag
Lake of Tears
Aurum Road
Blessing Basin
Essenian Crest
Timeless Woods
Balder's Refuge
Tempest Reach
Mount Tyrannas
Frost Reach
Tor Exsul
Sienna Canyon
Quarantine Zone
Feral Valley
Tirkai Forest
Khanovar Front
Vale of Spires
Plain of the Damned
Darkquaver Woods
Susurrus Woods
Amena Quatla
Savage Reach
Ex Prima
Spring Valley
We recognize that a lot of you who have been playing TERA on PC are now also playing it on Console. That's cool. We are too.

We also know that one of your first priorities will be finding other players on your alternative platform who might make good guild members, teammates for tackling dungeons, or just like minded party members for beating on BAMs out in the hunting Zones.

Our goal is to make the task of teambuilding easier for you, so each day you log in on PC, you'll receive a TERA Celebration Token.

You can trade in these tokens for either a Playstation Launch Loot Box, an Xbox Launch Loot Box, or a PC Launch Loot Box.

Setting off the (P) & (S), or the (X) & (B) Fireworks while playing on PC tells other players that you also playing TERA on Console, and would like to group up, if they're available.

Setting off the (P) &(C) Fireworks says that while TERA on Console is cool, you're excited for new content on PC. Stuff like the last update, Counterpunch, or the upcoming Godsfall update.

Remember that these TERA Celebration Tokens are only temporary, and any unused tokens will be removed from your inventory on Tuesday, April 10th during Maintenance, but you get to keep the Fireworks.

And in case you're curious which platform has the most group friendly players, we'll announce the most chosen Firework box on April 10.
For any planning purposes you may need it for, though, it won't be changing much this month. It will continue on the same pattern established in March; with April 1 starting with Corsairs Stronghold and rotating daily with Fraywind throughout the month.
We dont' have off for the holidays and it will be posted by EOD on Friday.
These will be available after Godsfall releases on April 17th.
EME does not control whether we have the talent system and the response we have gotten from BHS is that there is no plan to bring it to other territories, as I previously stated.
Please refer to the guide located on This Page.
Guess y'all will have to log in and find out.
There are no plans still to bring the talent sytem to NA or EU.
Starting Saturday, March 31st 2018 through Sunday, April 1st 2018, log into TERA for at least three hours and receive one Weekend Boom Box via parcel. (the Parcel Mail is only sent once per weekend)

These boxes contain one random item, such as Golden Talents, Metamorphic Emblems, Superior Noctenium Elixirs, a Royal Diamond Dragon, an Azure Phoenix, or more!
Starting Friday, March 30 at 4am PDT and continuing until Tuesday, April 2 at 4am we are highlighting Ruinous Manor.

During this highlight, the Ruinous Manor and Ruinous Manor (Hard) Vanguard Requests will have special event bonus rewards, you'll earn increased drops from monsters, and an additional bonus jackpot for completion.

Ruinous Manor jackpot yields one of the following:
•Master Crafter's Secret Additive ×1
•Smart Dyad Niveot Structure ×1
•Superior Noctenium Elixir ×1
•Crafter's Cure ×2
•Feast ×2

Ruinous Manor (Hard) jackpot yields one of the following:
•Master Crafter's Secret Additive ×1
•Smart Dyad Niveot Structure ×1
•Superior Noctenium Elixir ×2
•Crafter's Cure ×4
•Feast ×4

Ruinous Manor (Hard) has double the chance of dropping a Smart Dyad Niveot Structure.
A Sneak Peek, for any that are interested.
Week 1
April 1 Event - Caiman took some loots and we want y'all to take them back. Three different groups of Caiman took three different sets of loot.
April 2 - 10 - Celebrate TERA as we take the fun-times to Consoles. On PC, we are sending a TERA Cerebration token to everyone that provides access to 1 of 3 boxes of fireworks to celebrate what you're the most excited for.
April 3 - 10 - (TBA) - Guild Event (still in testing)
April 6 - 9 - BG Bonus Event
April 7 - 9 - Last week to get a Weekend Boom Box

Week 2
April 10 - 17 - Vanguard Request: Double ItemXP
April 13 - 16 - Dungeon Highlight: (TBD)
April 13 - Friday the 13th...oh scary :#

Week 3
April 17 - 24 - Guardian Legion Bonus Item
April 20 - 23 - BG Bonus Event

Week 4
April 24 - May 1 - Vanguard Request: Double Item and Rep Cred
April 27 - 30 - Dungeon Highlight: (TBD)
I will answer the question re: more fashion coupon updates. The first, and arguably biggest update is now done and we are moving onto other projects/store/shop/elite status updates before returning to it. We will come back to do more but we have other more pressing things to move our focus to for the time being. We don’t currently have an ETA; I also just want to say thanks to @CobaltDragon for all the hard work he put in already on part 1!
That's something we are aware, and will work to put in.
We’re going to be taking the TERA servers offline for a brief maintenance. ( Estimated downtime is 30 minutes to 1 Hour. )

XB1 EU Servers 6:30PM PDT / ( 0130 UTC )
PS4 EU Servers 7:30PM PDT / ( 0230 UTC )
XB1 NA Servers 9:30PM PDT / ( 0430 UTC )
PS4 NA Servers 10:30PM PDT / ( 0530 UTC )
It is a Priority and was already reported in Open Beta.
It only works that way because it is specifically in that Elite Menu.
Elite is Account Wide, I believe... you don't claim that Mount, it's accessed through Elite Status window and can be added to your Shortcuts.
Ah okay, sadly cannot fix that in the short-term, longer term, yes. Was looking for Filter Feedback in this Thread : https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/22586/tera-console-chat/p1
Beta Names were Wiped, so maybe another player has taken the name you previously had used.
There is a delay queue for the masks ( which means they are coming ), and Blue Angel Halo is on "Launch" which is April 3rd.
It does not require PlayStation® Plus
Log out, clear Web cache, then try logging back in.
Correct, you can choose to claim one on any character / server, and keep the other in Item Claim until you've decided on another character
Yes, you would get 2 of the Single-Use "Founders Status" titles to apply to the 2 character's of your choice.
SingleBear wrote: »
Hey Cobalt, I too would like to see a revised Alliance system. But I also feel the early Vanarch system had amazing potential as well.
100% agree with this. ;)
Still waiting on EME Staff or @CobaltDragon to give the word that they are going to say something about this.
I did sent the request forward, stating that :

Quite a few players have been requesting the return of a revamped "Crusades" / "Alliance System", and the return of the Original "Island of Dawn" as content.

(In order to bring back the "Alliance System", some efforts would need to made to prevent Player-Vs-Player Kill Feeding)

Hey Cobalt, I too would like to see a revised Alliance system. But I also feel the early Vanarch system had amazing potential as well.
There is a delayed delivery queue that has formed. It should be delivered, but not exact ETA on when each player will receive it.
Some mentioned getting it while logging in for the first time, while others mentioned it required a Game App restart.
If you still do not see TERA, Founder's Packs, or EMP / Elite Status for TERA in your Console Platform's store after 8AM PDT today, it most likely means that the regional location for your Account's Profile is not in a location we are licensed to publish TERA Console in at Launch.

Some locations may be added over time, but I cannot confirm which ones, or how soon that would be.

For now, the best real option I can provide, is mentioning that some players here within the Forums have found ways to still access from locations where we didn't have a license, so if you want to access sooner than later, you can try checking for the workaround that was provided by those players.
Did you try already closing the TERA Game App, then restarting it and check if Elite got applied ? Did the Elite Voucher get consumed after you obtained it / redeemed it ?
PS4 NA might not be showing up for another hour and 12 minutes.
PS4 EU should already be up in that Store, and available for early access.
If you still do not see TERA, Founder's Packs, or EMP / Elite Status for TERA in your Console Platform's store after 8AM PDT today, it most likely means that the regional location for your Account's Profile is not in a location we are licensed to publish TERA Console in at Launch.

Some locations may be added over time, but I cannot confirm which ones, or how soon that would be.

For now, the best real option I can provide, is mentioning that some players here within the Forums have found ways to still access from locations where we didn't have a license, so if you want to access sooner than later, you can try checking for the workaround that was provided by those players.
Roi_Loth wrote: »
Hi, just want to know if the 10€ Pack give the anticipate access ? Ty
No it does not.
EU PS4 had an issue displaying the wording "Founders Pack" in front of all purchases, and it was not intended.
We're working to get the wording corrected to display that standalone EMP and Elite purchases will not grant Founders.
That feature may not be available in the Console version.
I'll try to check later to confirm, but I didn't see it in Open Beta.
TLX wrote: »
I am spanish speaker and i have all in english. Where is that button?
At the bottom of the screen, click "Español (México)"
DazeMaker wrote: »
I know you guys are doing your best with responses and are giving us information as soon as you get it, but the forums need more love
I'll try to be better about provided info in both places.
TLX wrote: »
Can a staff member say when?
In the near future.
I'll try to get an update, if I can on this.
NA579KY674 wrote: »
Would it be possible to transfer your character to a pvp server if you start on a Pve server ?
I don't think that will be available directly at Launch, or even soon after, but I think it will be available eventually.

Starting Tuesday, March 27th at 10am PDT through Tuesday, April 3rd at 10am PDT, receive a bonus reward of 30 Tera Reward points with each Guardian Legion turn in.
YFM4RCDACR wrote: »
A free Twitch Prime bundle with just the 7 days early access and maybe a char slot would be awesome.
That is a great suggestion.
Looking into this myself, what you have stated is currently displayed ( at least on PSN EU ) , showing Founder's Pack in front of all types of purchases, including EMP and Elite...

This was not intended, and is a display / typo issue.

The standalone EMP purchases and Elite Status purchase do not offer any tiers of Founder's Pack.
@CobaltDragon Can you confirm/deny the currency packs/month of elite grants founders access as the info on PSN currently has founders pack in the description.
Can you provide a Screenshot, and also state if you are viewing the Store for NA / EU ?
I do not have a workaround for this exact situation. The regions are separate, so you would be choosing NA or EU with your profile / console.
Player's have mentioned ways to switch from NA to EU, but that doesn't sound like it would solve what you have brought up.
AdamW79 wrote: »
Does that include emp or just what we buy with it?
Just what you purchase with the EMP.

J57LR39EYA wrote: »
Can you please make founders with just early access for like $15. It's not too late.
I think it's past the time frame, unfortunately...
A new Package would need additional testing and approval by both Sony / Microsoft.
Baraka in a bear suit. Warrior, slayer, sorcerer; they're all good. The bear suit is the important part.
Let me be a little open and personal here.

I love me some PVP. I always roll characters on PVP servers in every MMO I play. And I will admit I have had my times where I came across a lower level character and I would gank them. I don't think there is anything wrong with that behavior.

However...I have also sat invisible on the bridge out of Lumbertown or at Bulwark Camp in Oblivion and watched level 65s spam spells at low level players. And yeah, that's not ganking. That's camping. And it's not fun for new players.

Treeshark made changes to shift away from low level PVP and to be more in line with BH's game design of max level outlaw. He did this because he believed it was better for the community at large and internally we agreed with him. He knew it would anger some, but he had to think about the new user experience. I wish the design could have allowed us to make the new user experience awesome without taking outlaw away from lower levels.
Takeshy wrote: »
How long time for gunner ?
It will become available in the near future, but there isn't an exact ETA that can be provided at this time.
Buying the Ultimate Founder's Pack does not provide what is listed for the Supreme, Deluxe, and standard Founder's Pack.
Please keep in mind that if you choose one, you will not be able to upgrade to a higher type at a later time, but it will allow each type of Founder's Pack to stack.
VoidBlue wrote: »
Heard everything is character bound.
That is correct. At this time, Account Bound stuff has not been implemented into Console, and will take some additional development time to have it added.

The Classes Available are listed Here.
Ninja, Gunner, Valkyrie will be available in the near future.
Happy to help. :)
it would be nice to have a confirmation about this issue one way or another before servers go live so we know whether or not names will be reusable before we create our first toons
I just mentioned this on our Discord.
I confirmed, stating that I believe that issue has been addressed and resolved.
( I have not tested it yet myself though )
EmpressSin wrote: »
Ok last thing will the fix be at launch or later on?
At Launch
I believe that was something else getting a change, but same deal, might not be perfect right away, and we can remove restricts that are brought to our attention when it's appropriate.
Obviously the new changes won't be perfect, so feel free to use this thread ( or a new thread ) to post things you might notice as being still blocked that is innocent enough, and shouldn't be blocked.
The actual Chat Filter might be changed at Launch to be less restrictive, but I was still awaiting confirmation.
8AM PDT for PS4 NA - Confirmed.
Here is the list of countries that we are licensed to publish in at Launch :

Xbox One:

Czech Republic
Republic of Ireland
United Kingdom
United States


United States


New Zealand
Czech Republic
Nope, Nope, and Nope.

We have a monster spawning in all open zones and maintaining 5 spawns at a time. I'm curious how many times y'all will find and kill it. It drops Friendly Noctenium Infusion. So not a big awesome loot table of super crazy cool things that you all will run after. Just a, "what happens if I do this" kinda experiment.
This is an Internal Discussion at the moment, so any additional information not already mentioned will help with get this moving forward.

"do not know of any other multiplayer game that restrict access to EU "

Can you provide some specific examples ?

Is it PS4, Xbox, PC, All Platforms ?

Do you have more examples of Online Games that default to NA ?

This will be very help to our Internal discussion.
You can contact Tera Online dev tracker at contact@teradevtracker.com - Privacy policy - Tera Online dev tracker is not affiliated with Tera Online or En Masse entertainment.