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@Margarethe Your information is secure. Super fast non-technical rundown:

All HTTPS:// websites use a certificate as part of a way to encrypt the data. The certificates have an expiration date attached to them, to make sure credentials eventually expire (think of it like a driver's license. You're still you, but you have to renew the license every so often). Our forum certificate expired, and as a result your (and everyone's ...) browser declared the site to be potentially unsafe because our certificate was no longer valid.

But there was nothing about this that impacts your passwords or your account information. I would suggest that if you have set any exceptions in your browser to accept expired certificates, you turn that back off once our certificates are up to date, because that can leave you open to potential issues down the road.
Hey everyone,

I want to talk a little bit about the most recent patch notes. I've noted on the forums that there's been a fair bit of roasting going on about the EME Harrowhold patch notes vs the Gameforge patch notes. If you aren't aware of the difference, the TL;DR is that our notes were "Harrowhold was made more difficult", and the Gameforge notes were very specific about what was changing in each phase, and by how much.

I want to talk a little about my thought process around that, because I had all of that information to hand, and I consciously chose to not include that level of specificity in the notes. Different game companies (and different games) handle patch notes differently. Some games come out indicating that a particular world boss or raid dungeon has been changed, but without saying exactly how. From my perspective, that's a key part of playing a game and putting raids on farm. So in my view of patch notes, giving away all the specific info on what was tuned is removing the exploration and understanding aspect of raiding. I know in the past the patch notes might have been extremely detailed, but my preference is to allow some mystery and discovery to happen for our players.

So that's the thought process that went into that particular note. I know that at least some guilds and premades have continued downing Harrowhold, and even that some have gone from a 6 hour clear to a 1.5 hour clear of the raid since the patch. I like to believe that re-learning curve is part of the challenge and fun of playing games like TERA. Hopefully this gives a little insight into what's going on behind the scenes, and why our patch notes have the tone and style they do.
Update: We've got the new certificate and are working to get it installed as quickly as we can. I don't have a specific ETA, but I believe it will be within the next couple of hours.
We're working on this right now. More info and update when I've got them. (sorry it took so long to post this, my usual browser won't even let me post in the forums atm)
it's great to see this kind of excitement around our 5th Anniversary, and I'd like to hear more ideas from all of you about past events in TERA that you've really enjoyed. I know everyone likes sales and deals, but I'd also like to hear about the in-game events that have made TERA a memorable place for you over the years, and what you remember fondly.

Let's all agree to avoid sharing any specific plans for the anniversary though, we wouldn't want to spoil it. Whatever you do, don't tell TERA!
Artemis3v wrote: »
Alyxa wrote: »
Code: Fire in the disco

This code was expired too quickly :(

Sorry about that. The codes typically last the weekend in case people can't watch the live version, but still keep up on the weekly streams by watching the recording. By default I've been setting them to expire Sundays after the stream. At Midnight PST.
LesbianVi wrote: »
Can I haz at least 100 tier 10 feedstock for my story :3 B)

Yeah. <3
Warr wrote: »
I'm completely blown away that I won. Thanks so much, guys!

Congratulations! Your story won for its great sense of adventure. Thanks so much for writing it <3

It's a long weekend, so please give me until next week as we get prizes distributed. If you could e-mail and let us know which skycycle you'd like, that will help.
Nootiful wrote: »
When a mommy and a daddy skycycle love eachother very much...

So YOU'RE the one who submitted the Skycycle on Skycycle romance!

Show begins January 13 at 3 p.m. PST at https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment

Today I'll be joined once again by TERA Product Manager Noesis in order to announce the winners of the Skycycle Flash Fiction contest! In total, we're planning to read two runner-up stories as well as the grand prize winning story. The grand prize winner will also be sent to our writing team after the show for an edit pass, after which it will be deemed official TERA lore!

While you're enjoying story time, you can also look forward to a reward code just for tuning in, along with a prize raffle for those tuning in live.

No events have been scrapped. I was just trying out a couple server tools that might be fun to use during impromptu GM events.
This thread has been reported by multiple people, so I'm closing it to avoid unnecessary forum drama. I'd like to ask you guys to please cut each other some slack in the future. Calling people out as trolls will always put a negative spin on a thread. Try to keep in mind that some people just have different ways of posting from you and don't necessarily mean harm. Don't let arguments like this lead to name-calling. If you think someone is actually breaking the forum rules, the best thing to do is click "Report" at the bottom of their post and then ignore them.
Fashion Coupons have been added. They should be on every server now. :3
Wow it gives a global message for that? Interesting!

It's nothing to be concerned over. Just doing a little prep for a future GM event. I'm glad you brought this up, though. You won't likely see that message again.
Most likely Security Software preventing the required connection.

If you're unable to resolve by removing Security Software, please feel free to make a Support Ticket with an included EME Diagnostic : ( http://support.enmasse.com/tera/resolve-technical-issues-with-the-diagnostic-tool )
Sorry for the lack of response. It turns out this isn't technically a game bug as far as our process goes. Still, I think we can get Fashion Coupons added soon!
Shikine wrote: »
Where is the warrior revamp?

Coming later this year. Still no date yet, but it is on the way.
Spacecats wrote: »
vkobe wrote: »
now i dont know how he will made his video about dancer hunting :lol:

Now he'll have to pick on players his own size.

Lol implying Mudkip wasn't one of the best slayers in Tera and didn't rank high enough to get Bloodrave in the glory days of Tera. Please learn something about your community and game before making ignorant statements. This coming from a guy that had a foot race event in Tera and didn't know elins have a run speed passive skill. "Why are they so fast running hahaha hahaha hahah" --Spacecats2016

If people join a pvp server and die to a few ganks they are gonna quit anyway or should be on a pve server. I don't even condone ganking lowbies really, at least not farming the same ones but so what you die. Mudkip was a hero! Never forget Mudkip 2012-2017.

Nice try, Mudkip.
Oh, sorry I missed that part of your post. I'm actually not sure what mounting you're talking about. I assume this is something implemented in another TERA region?
Spacecats wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
natia wrote: »
New office tour? :p

No, but maybe soon! I've been thinking of ways to get the webcam around the office while staying connected to the internet, and I think I've finally got a wireless solution.

Record video on iPhone, upload and post link? :3

I just moved also...it's hard D:

Sure I could do a video, but it's more fun if we can interact with Twitch chat while we walk around and pester people.

Off-topic: @Spacecats Patch notes are up but not under News & Announcements D:
Also regarding the patch notes, can we expect the mounting enabled in lower-level dungeons in the next patch that we will receive whenever or does it also come with this build?

Thanks. Here's the post in news & announcements:

Patch notes are now available for the 1/10/17 update.

These changes will be applied during TERA server maintenance starting at 7 a.m. PST. Estimated downtime is two hours.

Spacecats wrote: »
natia wrote: »
New office tour? :p

No, but maybe soon! I've been thinking of ways to get the webcam around the office while staying connected to the internet, and I think I've finally got a wireless solution.

Record video on iPhone, upload and post link? :3

I just moved also...it's hard D:

Sure I could do a video, but it's more fun if we can interact with Twitch chat while we walk around and pester people.
Fuua wrote: »
Love how the mod edits my title doesn't address me at all instead is joking around with people that are flaming and threatening me, great community we have here, absolutely disgusting. Despite the changes this is the straw that broke the camels back, even if they delete my thread I'll have plenty of screenshots. No wonder all the good mods left this slush hole.

It appears your title was edited because it violated the forum rules. It used to be in all caps.
sanj66 wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
They'll be up today. I'll make a post in News & Announcements once they're live.

can i ask if there is some tentative date for the warrior revamp already scheduled? can we maybe look forward to it this month or early next month?

Nothing yet, sorry. It's on the schedule for the first half of 2017 but that's all I can tell you at the moment.
They'll be up today. I'll make a post in News & Announcements once they're live.
When posting about high ping, it would help to know where you're connected from. Since En Masse is the North American publisher for TERA, it will be very hard to control connections outside the US, but knowing your location might give us something to work with.
Removed political reference from the post title.

Thanks for your ideas in this thread, guys! It will be good to see what people think as we discuss different ways to improve the Elite system.
natia wrote: »
New office tour? :p

No, but maybe soon! I've been thinking of ways to get the webcam around the office while staying connected to the internet, and I think I've finally got a wireless solution.
vkobe wrote: »
now i dont know how he will made his video about dancer hunting :lol:

Now he'll have to pick on players his own size.
@ArcherOfEnvy - I'll show them off once I know more myself. It's been too long since giving an on-air preview!
Support is in. There were a couple small pauses in work during holidays and our office move, so response times may have suffered as a result. I'll see if I can get an update on Monday giving a general ETA on tickets right now.
@Kals - That's correct, for this second half of the compensation event, you must already have Elite status to get the extra 15 days.
Happy Friday, everyone!

Noesis here. While I’m low on new cat pictures, I’ve got some news…

We’re releasing a new build Tuesday, January 10 following maintenance featuring a new dungeon (Broken Prison) as well as balance changes to Harrowhold. It also has another change that I want to address with everyone.

I want to inform you about a change that will impact our MT PvP players. Mount Tyrannas has traditionally made the Outlaw Skill available to all players starting from level 11. This allowed players to engage in PvP in open world zones from the moment they leave the tutorial area, once they purchase the skill.

With next week’s update (this coming Tuesday, January 10), Mount Tyrannas will be shifting to a PVP-65 ruleset, where only level 65 characters will be able to use and acquire the Outlaw Skill. If you are below level 65 and currently possess the skill, it will be removed from your skills until you reach level 65. The skill will be automatically granted upon reaching level 65, like other skills you gain when levelling up.

We’re making this change in preparation for major game updates coming later this year—namely a complete retuning of leveling and progression, as well as the introduction of the new glaive-wielding class. We anticipate these updates will drive a large number of new players to the game. Eliminating the ability to be ganked by uber-geared high-level players will help to ensure a more positive experience with TERA for these new players, regardless of the server they choose to join, and make them more likely to stick around and become a lasting member of our community. Ultimately, this change should contribute to a larger and healthier player population in the long term.

For our existing players on Mount Tyrannas, this change may be unwelcome to some. We want you to understand the current PvP configuration on MT is unique to Western-published versions and not actively supported worldwide. This was problematic in the past for a number of reasons. New PvP-focused features aren’t developed with our configuration in mind. The team here at EME must also maintain what is an entirely unique server type, which introduces roadblocks that sometimes impact our ability to quickly deploy new builds. By making this change and bringing our server configuration more closely in line with that of the majority of TERA globally, we’re better positioned to integrate future PvP-focused features.

I’m sure you will have questions, and I’ll be monitoring this thread for a while to respond to those questions as I can. The Patch Notes for this version will be going up Monday.
We've been discussing highlighting specific dungeons on weekends with increased drops as an "event".

Your complaints regarding Ruinous Manor HM are well taken.

What do you think would represent a worthy buff to the rewards?

The stream begins at 3 p.m. PST on the En Masse Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment

Community Manager Spacecats and TERA Product Manager Noesis make a return after the holidays with some on-air giveaways and early 2017 game news.

We'll also share some snippets from the Skycycle Flash Fiction contest. The final winner(s) will be shared and read in full during the Jan 13 stream.

See you there!
Emiyu wrote: »
I dont know if i should make a different thread, but there seems to be an issue with loading screen too, im stuck at 100%.

The Loading Screen after selecting a Character to log into, or while already in-game and switching between Zones ?
Our Operations Team will continue to monitor the situation, but at the moment, they believe the overall issue preventing Launcher Login / Website Login should now be resolved.
The brooch from the 30 man raid is currently tradeable I believe this was fixed as of 01/03/2017 @Spacecats @Denommenator @CobaltDragon @StarSprite @Malrok

Could you grab a screenshot of the Brooch being placed into a Trade Window ?

I believe the description had always stated "Untradeable" , but the properties weren't configured correctly until the Tuesday Maintenance we just had.
I have been trying to log in and I keep receiving this error on the launcher. Has anyone else had this problem?
CiberLugo wrote: »

Thanks everyone for bring this to our attention.

We're looking into this now.

It's the issue hasn't been resolved after uninstalling / reinstalling, then it's most likely Security Software related, and should be resolved after you uninstall the software, followed by restarting your computer.

If you'd like to make sure before proceeding with that action, please feel free to submit a Support Ticket and include the text file that is created while running our EME Diagnostic : ( http://support.enmasse.com/tera/resolve-technical-issues-with-the-diagnostic-tool )
@DocWinter Issues at our data center from my understanding.
Login issues appear to have been resolved. Thank you for your patience, everyone!
Closing this Forum Thread, since there is already a Forum Thread created about the recent connection issues.

- Also, we just restarted our Live Services, which is most likely why you were just kicked off -

( https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/10579/cant-login-anyone-else )
We've identified the source of the issue and expect things to be resolved shortly (15 to 30 minutes by our estimation).
I believe our Operations Team has made some headway while looking into the issue, and we are about to restart our Live Services.
S1eep wrote: »
Meningitis wrote: »
I like how the forum banner about the issue went from blue to red. Servers are down sound the alarmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

and now its yellow

They should turn it back to red. White text on yellow is terrible.

Color was changed simply so it would stand out more. I agree the color combo is not the best.
There appears to be a DNS issue impacting our data center. Our Operations team is working with our service provider on the issue.

The servers are currently live, but connections may be unstable. Log in to the game via the launcher is extremely spotty as you're well aware.
Closing this Forum Thread, since there is already a Thread created for the issue.

( https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/10579/cant-login-anyone-else )
We're looking into this now.
Jumping in here very quick to say this was definitely an error (almost certainly mine), and I'm making the fix as we speak. Should be back up and double droppin' in the next few minutes.

My apologies to everyone who had a big plan for Double Dropping the past few hours, but it is getting fixed, because it should be going until Tuesday morning PST.
@Fulzoid - ( https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/17/forum-rules-guidelines )

G. Discussion of Moderator Action
- Excessive or direct reference to past, present, or future moderator action on the official TERA forums.
@Fulzoid - The overall situation has been dealt with, and these posts all contained a video that did breach our Forums Rules.
Babbelsim wrote: »
Upgrade my pretty behind! :(

Sorry that's not my department.
I know there's been a little confusion around this, and I apologize for not being more clear. While the biggest point in the forums was the tradability of the Marrow Brooch, the other item flags have been updated so that they match the in-game description. That does mean that the Marrow Brooch will not be bankable in the future, either.
76FYEP7WJN wrote: »
So we got a server downgrade, and now you guys got a downgrade in offices, are ya'll doing alright?

You'll see from my photos, but our new office is actually pretty nice. It's a historical Seattle city landmark so that's why we joke that it's haunted. As for the servers, they haven't been downgraded at all. In fact, TERA servers were upgraded a few months ago and are very much up to date.

This week from 3 to 4 p.m. PST will be a second special Winter holiday Twitch stream. Similar to last week, we'll just be hanging out in the chat and redeeming some festive item codes. "Normal" Twitch streams will resume next YEAR on Friday, January 6. Or at least as normal as things can get considering I'll be broadcasting from En Masse's new office location (they say this old building is haunted). I'll have some photos from our move to share with you all!

I hope you're all having a wonderful Winter so far. See you in the chat channel during today's stream :)


This needs to be reported via Support Ticket, as "Call-Outs" are a violation in the Forum's Rules.
Normally for something like this I'd let it get uncovered in the patch notes, but I know there have been some discussions on the forum about this, and there may be some people who have already set up transactions for after the next maintenance window.

As players have noted, the item description for the Marrow Brooch from Harrowhold says that it is not tradable, but in fact it is possible currently to do so. We've investigated this to make sure we follow the intended behavior for the item, and the correct behavior is that the Brooch should not be tradable. I expect this to be fixed during the next maintenance update on Tuesday morning (PST).
For anyone still following this thread, be aware that while it is possible to trade this item in game, that will not be the case in the very near future.

The Marrow Brooch description says it is not tradable, and we'll be fixing the bug so that it cannot be traded.
Just as a friendly reminder, the discussion of Modding TERA, and more specifically, how to go about using Mods, is against the Forum's Rules.

If possible, please feel free to record a short video example of a player you suspect is using Exploits, Mods, or a Packet Injection and provide that example as a Link in a Support Ticket, and our Support Team and Security Team will be happy to review it.

If there is a confirmed Terms of Service or Rules of Conduct violation, we'll proceed to take the appropriate action.
Sorry for the confusion. We do have maintenance nearly every Tuesday from 7-9 a.m. Pacific. Unfortunately, I didn't get the messaging set up before the holiday weekend, so there were no server announcements this time.

The maintenance is now complete and the servers are available again.
Sorry for the confusion, everyone. We do have maintenance nearly every Tuesday from 7-9 a.m. Pacific. Unfortunately, I didn't get the messaging set up before the holiday weekend, so there were no server announcements this time.

The maintenance is now complete and the servers are available again.
Please try logging in now. It looks like things are fixed.
EME said themselves that it was to do with the DDOS attacks on the 20th of Nov that is causing these issues.

There are huge outages during November as detailed in this post about player compensation. While these issues were significant and lasted hours (sometimes), they're unrelated to the issue you're describing.
if it says its reached its limit does that mean we have entered it? @Spacecats

Not sure, actually. I've also seen it give that same error when an invalid code is entered. It's possible it's just what the redeemer likes to say whenever the account server comes back with a "nope!" response.
The item codes for this week's stream will expire Midnight on January 5. So there is plenty of time left to redeem.
The codes are all working, but some of you may want to try later. I think it's related to whatever is currently preventing some players from logging in.
This appears to be a login/authentication issue. Some players are still in-game. Our crew is looking into why this is happening.
Things will be a little out of the ordinary this and next (12/30) show.

1) It's the holidays and a lot of us are taking time off to be with our families (namely me :p )
2) We're in the middle of an office move! I'm taking pictures to share with everyone. It's exciting, but a bit of a disruption while the whole streaming setup is in a red plastic moving crate.
sams wrote: »
spacecats said there "will be a stream but he will not be in it"

Possibly a miscommunication or maybe just a wrong choice in wording on Spacecat's part...

I can confirm there won't be a Stream today.
LancerJiva wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
It's going to run every day (1pm to 4pm) until January 3. So hopefully you guys will be able to participate at some point. There's always the weekends!

You need to fix the loot in it. Prime battle nostrums (like no.. you can buy those at the npc) and Smilecrackers and fireworks? I had 53 tiny treasure chests and thats all I got was all this crap. I was expecting stuff like alkahest and costumes / cosmetics.

Fat and Tiny Santas are weird mobs, and the tiny gift-wrapped treasure chests are sort of an added drop. There are only a small handful of monsters in TERA that behave this way, and the gift-wrapped chests don't appear every time you kill them. The guaranteed loot is the stuff santas drop every time, and it's always going to be better than the gift-wrapped chests.

It's going to run every day (1pm to 4pm) until January 3. So hopefully you guys will be able to participate at some point. There's always the weekends!
Nope, the stats of monsters don't change based off the number of people fighting it.
Routing outside of our region is pretty tricky, and it will be especially difficult to diagnose lag spikes between Chicago and Australia. Considering the path data has to travel to get there, Australia is about as far from our servers as you can possibly get. We can still look into why an increase in latency is happening if you'd like to PM me a link to the EME-Diagnostic.txt file created with the launcher tool ("Tools" - "Click Here to Test Computer"), but please keep in mind there is only so much that can be done when trying to route across the planet.
Ketoth wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
I never saw any of these questions asked on the live stream. did you get any of these questions asked or answered behind the scenes, and if so, what were the answers?

I'll try to get a loose transcript written in the next couple days. Most of the questions asked during the stream came from the Twitch chat.

he didnt anwser my question TT_TT in twitch chat, that make me get temp ban

Yeah if you get temp banned for spamming chat, you don't get your question answered because it gets deleted. Sorry that's just how it works :p
I never saw any of these questions asked on the live stream. did you get any of these questions asked or answered behind the scenes, and if so, what were the answers?

I'll try to get a loose transcript written in the next couple days. Most of the questions asked during the stream came from the Twitch chat.
Selenya wrote: »
I have the same problem, I deleted it and it's ok now, but anyone have the same mod who is good ? I can't find it now :(

Just a reminder that discussions of Mods in TERA goes against the Forum's Rules.
There is the Wintera Snowfield battleground event in case you missed it:

Just remember that you did this to yourselves. I'm not responsible for what DonkeyProphet does now that he's free.
you guys are distracted by the current issue we are facing. how about you growing up?
you said that its an act of crying over the forum but have you really care about the current server issue in Tera?
I guess you never invest your money in this game then you know what I mean.

No-one is distracted, those who can't login or have lag still have those issues, and having a contest like this in no way makes it any worse (especially since you don't have to be in-game to participate). What, you think the IT guys are the ones reading the entries?

Fun fact, our Operations team IS reading contest submissions. I've requested that they shut down all TERA servers whenever they need to read a fan fic. This could be at any moment, seeing how submissions have already started coming in. Think about it, they can't give the story 100% of their attention if they're busy monitoring server stability. This is really the only way.
Ketoth wrote: »
Ketoth wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
And I believe he alone knows the answers the TERA community seeks. It's just a matter of applying the right amount of pressure in the appropriate places.


i like this part, but i probably will be banned from twitch chat for spamming.

as promised


Did you actually spam messages? It automatically times people out for that kind of stuff :p
There are no events planned beyond the Wintera Snowfield battleground. We looked into re-enabling Fat and Tiny Santas, but it appears to be no longer be supported (at least from what we could tell).
Musita wrote: »
Any code shared????

The scrolls should now be dropping for the event. Additionally, we are resetting these dungeons:
  • Shadow Sanguinary (Normal)
  • Demokron Factory (Hard)
  • Lilith's Keep (Normal)
  • Vault of Kaprima (Normal)
  • Lilith's Keep (Hard)
  • Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard)
  • Ruinous Manor (Normal)
  • Shadow Sanguinary (Hard)
  • Ruinous Manor (Hard)

Turns out all the scrolls had gone to the ...

*puts on sunglasses*

... scroll bar.
Quizotic wrote: »
can we please get a straight answer on if there will ever be a new class that isn't gender locked?

(and none of this "buy costumes and maybe..." or "we sympathize" a simple yes or no answer will suffice.)

I'll actually tackle that one because it's something Sam Kim (our CEO) has said publicly. What you're asking is something we can never give a definitive answer for as TERA's publisher. The reason is because we aren't the ones responsible for creating new content for TERA. We work with Bluehole when it comes to suggesting and giving feedback on things like new classes, items, and other content. Ultimately they are the developers, though, and a yes or no answer would need to come from them. On top of that... when it comes to future content, TERA has many years ahead of it. The content will keep coming for as long as there are players to enjoy it.

If there's a class coming in the future it's impossible for even Bluehole to know what it will be like until it's time to plan and create that class. There aren't any hard policies in place like "this class must be this gender!" Each class is approached as its own development project.
Yes, you can send them to anyone, even the same person repeatedly.
Hi everyone,

The compensation for the network outage events will be beginning this morning at 10 a.m. PST, but there was a small hitch we discovered this morning that will change the way we distribute the Elite Time.

We will be granting 15 days of Elite Status to ALL players who log in between Friday December 16 at 10 a.m. PST and Friday December 23 at 10 a.m. PST.

The additional 15 days of Elite Status for our Elite Players will be granted to Elite Players who log in between January 7 at 10 a.m. PST and January 14 at 10 a.m. PST.

This change is a result of the way our login rewards system works. If we were to stack the two deliveries (for non-Elite and Elite Players) to run at the same time, a non-Elite player could log in, get 15 days of elite, re-login as an Elite Player, and then get an additional 15 days of status.

I apologize for the last minute change in plans, but I believe this shouldn't directly impact the spirit of the compensation delivery.

The news post has also been updated to reflect these changes.

Happy Friday!
Zoknahal wrote: »
So let me get this straight: We elite players will pretty much have a free month of elite? no charges applied?

The way it should work is:

1) If you're already Elite when you log in during the redemption period, an additional 30 days will bumped onto the end of your current subscription. (This should apply even to people who used vouchers.)

2) If you're not Elite when you log in during the redemption period, you will immediately become Elite for 15 days. (You may have to log out and back in for it to take effect.)

Correct :)
Names matter! so much!

As for my PC build, it's a pretty old system at this point. Once upon a time I got a chance to splurge a bit, so I went for a watercooled maingear with SLI'd Nvidia GTX somethingorothers. I replaced those two cards with a ... I'm going to say 980? a year and a half ago or somesuch. I'm hankering to replace the GPU again, but we'll see. The big win for my PC setup is that after I sold my old monitor when I thought I was moving (don't ask), I was using a 1080p tv for about 6 months. Now I'm using a nice curved monitor that lets my elder eyes see things more readily. I love my mechanical keyboard though, even if it's super noisy.

I'll see if I can get a shot of my desk at home and put it in the thread, but honestly,it's really dull to look at. a black slab of a tower, a monitor, a keyboard, and some books & notepads. With 3 cats, I can't leave a lot of things out lying around, or they wind up lying around ... on the floor.

And yes, Roukanken has it right: Azathoth and Nyarlathotep are originally the creations of HP Lovecraft, and are where I got the names from.

And to not leave Azathoth out of the introductions:


Today's news post concerns the recent network outages, En Masse Entertainment's investigation concerning these outages, how we're dealing with potential future outages, and last but not least... player compensation for the outages. You guys suffered through some rough waters with us, especially through November. Please see the full post for details on what you can expect to receive:

I suddenly feel like Alderaan.
Noesis wrote: »
I'm working on publishing a full news post on this right now, everyone. It should be up in the very near term (within 30 minutes) unless I do something horribly wrong that utterly borks the news post system.

I don't THINK i wrecked anything, news post is now up.
Vysse wrote: »
clfarron4 wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »


Wow, the Flaming Banhammer spares no-one, TERA employees and players.
Welcome Noesis! Any pictures of Azathoth? I really do love the names for your cats =^.^=

The thing is...shouldn't he have...prophesied this? :^)

That's the prophet's curse. To glimpse the one-eyed vision of the past, the one-eyed vision of the present and the eye-eyed vision of the future-all combined in a trinocular vision that permits him to see time-become-space. DonkeyProphet knew he'd be banned, and he knew he was powerless to prevent it.
I'm working on publishing a full news post on this right now, everyone. It should be up in the very near term (within 30 minutes) unless I do something horribly wrong that utterly borks the news post system.

Welcome Noesis, TERA's new Product Manager! We're so happy to have him onboard. Time to celebrate, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!



... alright, that's enough kissy kissy. Time to get serious. I'm going to grill this new guy on the air and find out what he's made of. Where's the Feedstock at? Where are Etching components at? How long is it going to take to make FWC unequalized, and then equalize it again, then UNequalize it again? Where's alice dress? When the [filtered] is Canyon Clash (oh [filtered] wait, that's the question I've been avoiding). I've been watching Noesis very closely over the last couple weeks. Very closely. And I believe he alone knows the answers the TERA community seeks. It's just a matter of applying the right amount of pressure in the appropriate places.

The show begins at 3 p.m. PST on the En Masse Entertainment Twitch channel. Join for item raffles and glory.
Welcome to TERA Neosis.
Just giving you a heads up you'll be hearing a lot of complaints and rarely any thank yous.
What's annoyed you the most during your time leveling in TERA?

I expect I'll get thank yous sometimes, and there will be lots of forum posts about all sorts of things. It comes with the job. But on to your question: The thing that annoyed me the most while leveling in TERA was outlevelling the story quests. I was in my groove, trucking through story quests, and then hitting the anchor quest at the end of a long chain that ended in a dungeon, so I'd hit up dungeon finder, get a group, finish my quests in the dungeon, and start the next story quest chain. But I hit one where I outleveled the dungeon just before I got the dungeon quest, and then I couldn't use dungeon finder to get into the dungeon, and my gunner wasn't stronk enough to solo the dungeon herself, so I had to walk away.

Then I found out that the 'optimal' way to level is just to queue for dungeons. I'm bound and determined to just work through story quests, because I enjoy the ride and getting to see the world. Plus since my life tends to lend itself to short windows of gaming, or long windows with possible breaks where I have to get up at a moment's notice, doing 5-mans is tough for me to do, because I hate to afk and ruin other people's fun.
WELCOME NOESIS. Our new TERA Product Manager has been hard at work over the last few weeks, ramping up, learning the ins and outs of TERA operations. I am 100% positive that TERA is in excellent hands!

I'll have Noesis on the air tomorrow during the weekly TERA Twitch stream so you can see him with your own eyeballs. If you've got super secret questions you want him to answer during the show, PM them to me ;D
RIP Denommenator.

But seriously, Noesis has proven to be extremely capable in his short time here thus far. I am confident that TERA is in good hands.

We'll be shipping a build together early next year, after which I'll hand off the reins.

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