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The Rootstock Festival returns! Beginning after server maintenance tomorrow (Aug 23), swing by Rootstock Fairgrounds in Freeholds to take part in the festivities!

See the full announcement here:
Heads up. Some people filled out the survey, but didn't answer all the questions. I've edited the survey making them required. Please go back and edit your survey response and answer all the questions if you want to be eligible.
For those of you planning to make the trip to Seattle to attend PAX West, we have a very limited amount of space for office visits on Friday, September 2 starting at 9:50am PDT. Visitors will meet & greet with En Masse staff and will get a brief office tour. The whole event will end at 1:00pm PDT.

If you're coming in for PAX and want to be considered for this group, please fill out this survey:

Again, this will be a pretty small group, so please understand that we won't be able to accept everyone. On the plus side, a number of En Masse staff we be at PAX itself, so there's always a chance to meet up there :)
Ketoth wrote: »
So will have the last crusade raffle on the stream?

I'll announce the winners and show off the prizes, yes :)
Also... you can always sense a true PvP player just by their presence. They have keen, murderous eyes, and smell faintly of innocent blood. That stuff never really washes off.
pooni wrote: »
Geared for pvp on av ;^). At least the mobs u spawn inside will die faster.

Hey, every server has PvP players. I'll AT LEAST expect crystals to be correct.

It's time to throw some Ascension Valley players into THE SPACECATS ARENA!

We'll be going to Skyring 5v5... with my own personal twist. To begin, I'll need at least two groups of 5 expertly-trained level 65 PvPers on AV. Possibly more, depending on how we do on time.

If you're on AV and you're interested, meet me outside Scythera Fae in channel one and stand together as a group (I thought it was only fitting to begin in a peaceful and serene location before sending people to battle to the death.) I'll select who goes into the arena based off of how organized you look. I'll be favoring groups that have a theme. A synchronized battle chant and pose wouldn't hurt either. Then again if your theme is just to look really badass and deadly then you'll probably make excellent combatants. Basically try to appear as cool as possible.

Oh, and I'll expect you to actually be geared for PvP. If I smell PvE crystals anywhere near your team, you'll be DISQUALIFIED from entering the arena!!! Once I've selected groups, I'll ask that the party leaders message me so I can GM magic us into the Skyring. I'll return to Scythera Fae after the match ends to select additional teams (and if we run out of time, a dance party).

As usual, those who aren't on Ascension Valley should hang out with me in the Twitch chat channel where we'll have some fun with commentary, trivia, and item raffles. See you (8/19) at 3:00pm PDT! https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
Here's the Slayer I made for the stream I did with Kaai. I really like how he turned out! Seen here in his home turf, Allemantheia.

Removed some content from this thread. Please don't advertise or discuss the use of game mods.
Sorry to hear you can't get into your home anymore! I'm guessing you don't have Elite status, otherwise you would have bookmarked the location inside the house with your travel journal. Are there any other cabins in the area you can fly to now?
@Devilzweed still having trouble? What region are you playing from?
Here you go.

Please direct message me screenshots that show what you're talking about, @HarpsDeathSong.
It comes in item claim. you don't need to be online. everyone should have theirs now. let me know if not and we can investigate.
Lessiem wrote: »
6 hours, 1 minutes, right ascension, declination 14 degrees, 22 minutes .... No prizes found

I'm sending out prizes today for those who found me in-game. Sorry for the wait.

Those who won Twitch raffles already got their prize. If you're one of those people, and you didn't, please message us on Twitch.
This thread has turned into non-stop arguments and bickering. Not the kind of stuff that leads to answers. It's hard to come into a thread like this and give any kind of meaningful information without it getting buried.

There are still questions about Crusades, obviously. We'll post info soon, likely in the form of a separate forum post. Please respect each other, stay constructive, be polite or get ban hammered in the face THANKSSSS!
See Treeshark's answer here: http://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/5551/last-crusade-waddlewing-mount-reward
Apparently everything on this site looks photoshopped. But it's on SALE!
Checking on this with production. Thanks guys.
Woah woah... woah... [filtered], of all the thread notifications to miss. -_-

Now give me a link.
Hi Everyone,

It's taken us a bit longer than expected to gather and check the data for the players to get the Waddlewing reward. We have all that done now, but given the time of day we are going to wait until tomorrow morning (8/17) to deliver the item so that we have full support for anything that could go wrong.

Crusades is over, but the UI remains, yes that is true. Scores are not being tallied though. It was done this early to give guilds some last time to be in their skycastles and what not before the server merge happens. We'll be getting the new GvG content soon after.
Issue has been resolved! Shoutout to our Operations team for their hard work.

Items are now being delivered to Item Claim again. If you're waiting on something you purchased in the last couple hours, give it 30-60 minutes or so for the system to catch up.
We're working on this now. Thanks for posting about it! I'll leave this stickied until it's resolved.
this is real (well, it will be one day). it's not as big as the current dracoloth sovereigns but it's still pretty big especially with the wings.
Jace21 wrote: »
Treeshark wrote: »
also, like we stated from the very beginning, and on the webpage (http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/the-last-crusade/), the waddlewing mount is not tradable.

Will this pig be on the TeraShop(in the near future) ?

also, like we stated from the very beginning, and on the webpage (http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/the-last-crusade/), the waddlewing mount is not tradable.
the pigs will be rewarded sometime today.
Mobius1 wrote: »
Those are the days the office runs out of coffee. Blame the coffee buying lady, not Spacecats.

What if I AM the coffee buying lady?!

If you didn't notice, calendar rewards were added a little bit ago. Sorry for the delay!
We'll consider doing another one soon. Triple drop is like... umm... a slushy! A single slushy is awsome, especially on a hot day. A second one immediately after, and you risk major brain freeze. Nobody wants brain freeze.
I mentioned this to both Spacecats and our Lead Producers this morning, so hopefully there will be additional rewards added very soon. :chuffed:
Voting is over! We'll visit Tempest Reach, Highwatch, and Mount Tyrannas today! Maybe not in that order, though... -_-
The invisible walls are there FOR YOUR PROTECTION! Those who approach the invisible walls will be met with lethal Baraka force.
Nopi wrote: »
Repair from launcher or ticket. Your friend may not all the required files, yet the game still ran. Though yeah, it looks just like when people have mods. That's why some people say it's mod related.

Good advice using the repair tool in the launcher. If it doesn't work, put in a Customer Support ticket so they can help troubleshoot. Nobody wants to look like a decapitated head being carried by a floating panda.
Look how long it took people to find Highwatch, and that was an entire city!

Little known fact: BARAKAS are the best in TERA when it comes to hide & seek!

I'll be visiting multiple servers, hiding out in weird locations until players find me for a prize. Barakas tend to play hide & seek a little differently than other people, so there are bound to be odd rules and tricks involved.

Vote on the server you'd like me to visit: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BarakasRule

If you can't play along, join us in the chat channel for the usual hang out, TERA trivia, and raffles! The stream begins Friday, August 12 at 3:00pm PDT on the En Masse Twitch channel! https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
Threads like these always devolve quickly into flame wars and arguments. Next time you decide to come to the forums to vent frustration, please take a few minutes to cool off and think about the outcome you're hoping to achieve (this is directed at everybody, not just Sirekappa. We all get frustrated sometimes). You'll never get justice against another player you don't like because of a forum thread. At the most you'll get some sympathy from other players that have had a similar experience. More likely than that, you'll end up spreading around the negative experience you had, causing other players to get upset either for or against you (or just giving trolls ideas on how to troll more).

If you think a player is harassing, report them with a Customer Support, but things like the example given by Sirekappa are always gray area because playing badly isn't against any TERA rules, and neither is arguing. However, if a player is consistently toxic and disrespectful of others, there is a possibility of GM moderation at the support team's discretion.

Here's a llama:
Rayleen wrote: »
Try this

Your video was better. Mine's a picture of three ladies trying to figure out how to wear a single outfit.

... still got Bangkok stuck in my head though :p
If you loop this enough, you can live several lifetimes in Bangkok!

It's all Lawllipops' fault that I'm evening listening to this. Now I spread the curse to you!
Ginjitsu wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
I'm at a total loss for words. I watched the greenlight trailer and it shook me to my core.

Why are you starting a war against Spacedogs!?


...but we will finish it.
It would be interesting to do a PvP one, I think. I know I'd personally enjoy it!

I think before I get someone on the air, I would ask them to show me personally first. At least to get an idea of what a stream would consist of for a PvP how-to.
Sorry about that. We normally update the Steam client and the launcher patch at the same time during maintenance. We missed updating the Steam client during maintenance yesterday and we didn't realize how it would affect players when we finished uploading it this morning. This was an unusual circumstance that we are working to avoid in the future.
The version on Steam was running a version behind so we updated it to the live version.
It is the same update that came through the launcher yesterday. We updated the build hosted on Steam to the live version.
Thanks for the replies, everyone. Please keep the info coming, and remember to include what area you're playing from and what in-game activities you're doing so we can try to find out what's going on. Knowing that some people have high ping is information we already have :p
voidy wrote: »
While we're talking about post maintenance issues, my launcher takes much longer to start the game than it used to.

We're just talking about lag here. What you're describing is another topic and the best thing to do is contact Customer Support so they can help you troubleshoot: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/tickets/submit
We could use a little more info. What world region are you playing from? Does it seem like you're the only one lagging? A jump of 40 milliseconds should be barely noticeable. What's your total ping at?
We're looking into this and it's not immediately clear what's going on. Our server settings show that there should be more channels, only they aren't showing up in-game. This is a new one for us!
I'm at a total loss for words. I watched the greenlight trailer and it shook me to my core.
Moving to off-topic since this isn't TERA related.

Prepare to fly across the skies of Southern Shara after tomorrow's server maintenance (from 7am to 9am PDT)! New flying mount zones will be added, along with the new story-driven dungeon Castle Aranea!

You can find the Castle Aranea update page here.

The patch notes can be found here.

Please note that the Last Crusade is set to end the same time of the month that crusades normally end: 10pm PDT on the 15th. That's 8/16 at 1:00am EDT, and 8/16 at 5:00am UTC.

We realized that while a lot of players probably realized this was the case, the Last Crusade page listed 8/16 without giving an exact time, so we wanted to clarify in order to eliminate any confusion it may have caused.

One week remains in the Last Crusade, so there's still time to battle your way to the top. Good luck!
Catservant wrote: »
Thank you, Spacecats, this was very useful. My BFF and I will be studying the footage, but we've made more headway on understanding our skills in one day than we have from three months of play.

That's awesome to hear!
We experienced an issue last night/this morning with some credit card and PayPal purchases not being delivered. The time frame for the outage was between roughly 12:00 AM and 9:00 AM PDT.

I'm issuing refunds for those purchases that did not deliver, which you should see within 2-3 business days depending on your financial institution.
I'll update this post once I've completed sending the refunds out.
On August 6 from 8 p.m. to midnight PDT, email service will undergo maintenance. Account armor, support updates, purchase receipts, and account sign-up emails will be delayed until after maintenance.”
Nopi wrote: »
Well I DO have a slayer and I like it AND I'd like to learn a bit more about it once in awhile, but I never join in these twich things. And since I'm not at home either, can't join this one. Do you guys leave a recording of it somewhere? not a social media person so I dunno even how to twich. Blame my foreveralone nature. :3

Absolutely! You can see our past broadcasts here:
Kanane wrote: »
This event was in KTera and Taiwan version as well at least. You can except it in NA as well imo.

Each publisher controls what events they run. I have no plans to run this event.

Today I'll be joined by KaaiYu to learn the latest tips on playing a Slayer! As many of you know, Tonka did a Slayer guide with Kaai last year. A lot had changed since then! Time to get an update from the master Slayer himself.

The stream will begin today at 3:00 pm PDT on the En Masse Entertainment Twitch channel. Come hang out in the Twitch chat, ask Kaai your Slayer questions, and join in on our weekly raffle!
As for the Bamarama text, I'll let our production team know. The announcement is supposedly tied to the activation of the event, so it's odd that there are ongoing notifications.
The name of the Castanica box should be changed after the next maintenance. It requires a server restart to change things like that.
I've let our platform team know so they can look into the issue. In the meantime please submit a support ticket if you experience this problem. Thanks!
MoeBunny wrote: »
@Treeshark will people from other servers be able to transfer free to the new server?

meomeo26 wrote: »
So for the free server transfer, only AV people can get free transfer to the new server?

So, This is the new server transfering to AV. This is a one way trip.

Fey Forest in the lead right now, where my Savage Reach peeps at?
vkobe wrote: »
Yawgi wrote: »
Fey Forest is LIFE!

zozo or zolyn or paesyn are good name for a server B)

personally i prefer zozo <3

Our server names are named after zone names. Like Fey Forest, Savage Reach, Blessing Basin, Timeless Woods, etc..
Madoif wrote: »
So I noticed that the poll was changed. If I vote again will it count?

I don't know? Spacecats informed me that given Thrallhold's literal meaning, it was not a wise choice to have up there. Not sure what google will let you do though.
Treeshark wrote: »
Ginjitsu wrote: »
Savage Reach >.>? There's already a Tempest Reach :\

What about Colossal Ruins ;P?

But this one is more Savage.

Ginjitsu wrote: »
Savage Reach >.>? There's already a Tempest Reach :\

What about Colossal Ruins ;P?

But this one is more Savage.
First, thank you all for the feedback on the server merge on the forums. I also visited each of the three servers to talk with the players on them to get their feelings about the merge directly. . It was great to hear everyones opinions for and against the idea, but it was good to hear that it mostly aligned with the feedback already received from our internal feedback and the Player Council.

While we know this will not appease all the players, we are going forward with the decision to merge Highwatch, Lake of Tears, and Valley of Titans into a new server, which will be a new PVP65 server. This means that it will be a PvP server, but it will be purely PvE until you reach level 65. We will also allow free transfers from this new server to Ascension Valley after the merge takes place. Exact times and dates of the merge and the transfer window will be provided mid-August, but I can say that we are targeting an early September window for all of this. We hope by offering this free transfer window afterwards, you can see how the server feels to you, and at least give it a chance before transferring. We believe that the merger of these three servers will create one that is healthy and with a population even greater than any other server, even with this transfer window.

As far as name conflicts go, we are still following the process I outlined last week of doing a name wipe, and then any conflict will be automatically decided by which name had the longest playing time. All other details will be provided in the next week or two.

In the meantime, we will need to decide the new server’s name! Personally, I like Savage Reach, but Fey Forest has also been proposed by some players. I’ve collected available names to choose from, so please vote here! https://goo.gl/forms/XyHPaJMKDa3FAuWt1

TWMagimay wrote: »
Well, you see, they want you to stop watching the stream so you can get the code before it expires.

... wat?
Anyone else running into this problem? Sorry you're having such a hard time, Tenshi.
Because codes are usually meant for people who have participated in an event of some kind, like watching our Twitch stream, following us on Twitter or Facebook, or taking part in some kind of contest (like FreePeppyPreppy, which was a reward for the whole community. We announced that code pretty much everywhere.)
I think this thread has run its course. Sorry to those who missed out on Mongo loot.
Hmmmm... that's a pretty convincing screenshot. Check your parcel please!

FYI not much can be done about Mongos spawning in weird locations. It's just something unfortunate that happens when the game spawns monsters randomly. If I can find out before the next TERA Mongo event which areas are more prone to this happening, I think it would be fair to increase the overall Mongo count to compensate for the ones that inevitably get stuck. That's the best solution I've been able to think of.
We haven't been able to track down what is causing lag for everyone yet, but the information you are providing helps us.

We saw a spike this week in an error that happens when it takes longer than 5 minutes to get from logging into the launcher to getting into the game (authorization tokens expire after 5 minutes). We extended the timeout yesterday to 15 minutes and we are monitoring it today to see if that helps reduce that type of error.

We will continue to monitor the game servers and make adjustments to reduce disconnect errors.
Hi everyone. We are still looking into the number of disconnects that people are experiencing. I have a few questions:

1. Is TERA also taking a really long time to start?
2. Are you running Windows 10?
3. Do you have an exception in Windows Defender for TERA?
4. What are you doing in game when you disconnect?
5. Are you kicked completely out of the game or are you kicked to the server or character select screen?
Tatakiwaru likes to play jokes. :awesome: Notice how he typed before each one of these "notifications".
LancerJiva wrote: »
I just dc'd 5 minutes ago in the open world. Wasn't doing anything at all. Playing from an hour from the servers, north of Chicago.

Thanks for posting. That info might help the situation.
Mazina wrote: »
This time round I am not getting disconnected. But it happened last week and the week before. It is a persistent problem. Something must be done on this matter.

If we're having trouble identifying the cause of today's disconnects, we almost certainly can't identify a disconnect from one or two weeks ago. There are a lot of things that can interfere with internet connectivity. All we can do for now is identify if today's problem has anything to do with TERA servers.

You see... the Internet is a series of tubes... and... ah, nevermind. We'll do whatever we can to solve this.
Sorry for the lack of response. This is something the ops team was looking into yesterday but failed to find a specific cause. TERA server stability was fine on our end, showing no spikes.

Is anyone experiencing this problem from inside the NA region? Because so many people seem to be having this trouble while playing from outside NA, It's possible that this is an overseas connectivity issue - ie a hacker blue whale swam into an underwater internet cable or something similar that we don't have any control over. I'll continue to check for updates in case there is some factor that has not been explored yet.
Srosa wrote: »
the scamm is real, dont be fool by that box, now thanks to that im not trusting any smartbox anymore the scam is on

There's absolutely no reason to distrust other smart boxes. Normally, temporary costume boxes are renamed to something like "weekend box" but for some reason this one wasn't. The Castanic Demons Smart Box is the only smart box players should be weary of.
That's... really unfortunate. :/

Thanks for posting about this, you guys. The box has been removed from the calendar. We'll work on dealing with this item since people are taking advantage of the situation, but in the meantime please spread the word that people might not want to purchase a Castanic Demons Smart Box from the broker.
They should bring Blue Box event "Or Caiman eggs event " with same drops as mongos ..

So yeah, the mongo event was similar to past blue box and caiman events, but wasn't the mongo event more fun?

tase wrote: »
Legendary Mongos sucked. As a new player I was excluded from anything concerning them. No one was sharing locations, they just kept it to themselves. I don't even know how the legendary mongos work.

I'd like to hear more thoughts on this. First off, how new are you? Do you have a guild? I'm afraid there might not be a way to spawn big rare monsters in a way that makes them easy for everyone. They are, after all, rare (Legendary, even :p), and have way better loot than a common Mongo that anyone could find out in the wild. I'm open to ideas, though.
Cjar wrote: »
I would like to put forth some suggestions/feedback for the event!






Just want to say this is fantastic and well-organized feedback. Thanks for taking the time to write this, Cjar.
Is anyone still seeing the same issue as what was reported by the OP ? If yes, what is your geographical location ?
We should be able to get items on there today. It can be done without server maintenance.
Necroscope wrote: »
- Frog Rider: Dropped - Chilly Little Cloud.

Also where did you farm most. For me It was Fyrmount to start, Then Bleakrock.

That's a pretty good way to end your hunt. Congrats!
:pleased: :pleased: :pleased: :pleased: :pleased: :pleased: :pleased: :pleased: :pleased:

You're welcome!
I'm having another department look into this, and will hopefully have more information to provide once they get back to me.
So let me get this straight, it's the last day of the event, you wait until it's nearly over to finally announce 1 last legendary Mongo and it drops...

an ugly hat, masterwork alk, feedstock, embers, and some MES.

GG EME. Way to troll the community.

Definitely wasn't meant as a troll. Mind you whatever reward is added to a Legendary Mongo, hundreds of people are going to receive. Was there a specific reward you were really hoping for?

That question goes for everyone, of course. Even those who really enjoyed the event. Always looking for suggestions!
TERA Mongo won't be extended... BUT...

I think after a short period of time, it should be started back up using some of the things we've learned from this TERA Mongo. For one thing, it's true we didn't unlock all the Mongos and I think that's totally fine. We played around with the way Legendary Mongos work and definitely learned a few things there. I also like the suggestions people have been posting in this thread. I think in the next iteration of TERA Mongo, it wouldn't hurt to have more frequent Mongos with less loot, but chances to get jackpot drops from them. That way people are finding more Mongos and feel like they're a part of the event instead of searching around for a long time and finding none.

Anyway I just wanted to post before the event ended to make sure nobody is expecting an extension. There's still a full day of Mongo goodness ahead. Good hunting!
New Mongos have been introduced into the wild!

BHTrellis wrote: »
And when are you going to dye your beard blue to match your hair?

Haha, that would be so odd. I don't know if I could do it!
Sooo... there's a reason it's taking me longer than usual.
  1. I've been sick most the week :/
  2. I decided to change the show at THE LAST SECOND!

Today's Twitch stream will be Popo Soccer on Celestial Hills!

We begin at 3:00 pm PDT on the En Masse Twitch channel! Huge shoutout to Player Council member (and Desire guild leader) Aulon who has been planning Popo Soccer over the past weeks. I remembered that it was taking place this weekend and decided to give it an on-air preview.

Check out their thread for details on what the heck Popo Soccer is and how to play:
Hey Everyone,

Thank you all for your opinions and feedback on this. I'll be back next week with a final solution. For those of you who are wondering about the details on what happens to characters, banks, etc... we will have a FAQ up on this sometime in August. I am closing this thread in the meantime because it has run its course.


The Mongo Master chart has been updated!

Dustehh wrote: »
So, can the purple and yellow mongos on the chart spawn anywhere in the open world, just with a smaller chance? Or, are they region specific?

They have specific areas they like to roam. I can tell you that rare Mongos will appear in the same regions as their uncommon and common versions!
Oh also...

Asbu wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
frostious wrote: »
Most people on my server stopped looking for the legendary mongos once they realized how bad their loot was.

What do you mean? How is the loot bad? Legendary Mongos have the potential to drop hundreds of feedstock, plus cosmetic items.

Spacecats, the two before this had a guaranteed per person drop of about 3k in materials yesterday and quite a bit in costumes on tuesday, I think. Today my raid killed a fimbrilisk and got two stars of wonder, a dragon's hoard backpack, and 300-400 feedstock ranging from t7 (which to make useful for the average player, has to be combined twice) to t10 (which is actually useful). The average gold worth of the materials gained from the bam were about 300 gold per person, considering the people with the costumes didn't want to share the sell price. To give you an example, if you walk up to a t1 mongo and smack it, and it drops 2 titan's embers, you'd have made double what the average people in a 20 man raid did. Now think that some of my raid dropped out of an SSHM for this and they now had to reset.

Now I hear the "but you could always split up and go solo" but frankly that's not very fun in an event like this. You end up somewhere where nothing's going on and hear about people getting loot while you walk your slow [filtered] around a zone with no hints on locations and not even an indication of when all the legendary mongos are killed. The whole point for us is that you work together so that you get some sweet loot. If the loot's bad enough that you don't want to raid up, and the search is frustrating, then where's the fun in the event?

Good feedback, thank you very much!
LancerJiva wrote: »
We should have an extension considering:

Sometimes when you kill a mongo, you get no loot so you miss out.
Not all of the mongos are even unlocked yet and theres 3 days left of the event.

Still figuring out the details, but it seems like party members can possibly get your Mongo drops.
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